The Best Wedding Dress Under £100 You Will Love

The Best Wedding Dress Under £100 You Will Love

Planning a wedding is unarguably expensive. The drinks, venue, food, and most importantly, THE Wedding Dress. Brides often forget how pricey wedding dresses are and leave them out of the budget plan. This can lead to overspending or buying an unsatisfactory dress due to the limit on the budget. At Ever-Pretty, we understand what it’s like to miss out a wedding dress you have been dreaming about since you were 5. So we have decided to bring you the most inexpensive yet admirable wedding dresses 2024 has in store for you. This way, your wallet will thank you in the end.

Tips on how to afford your dream wedding dress

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Still in a dilemma on purchasing that one wedding dress you’ve always wanted to wear? Here are a few professional tips on the best way to afford it:

1.    Keep an eye out for sample sales

Wedding boutiques are known for hosting yearly sample sales. They sometimes stock their boutique with unique designs and styles they need to sell after the collection’s season. They hold sample sales as they need to quickly dispose these. The sales often come with a huge discount so it will be 100% worth it. Don’t miss out on these sample sales and seize the golden opportunity.

The only downside to these sales is the possibility of not finding your dress size at the boutique, but there’s nothing a little tailoring can’t fix.

2.    Go for a custom-designed dress

Custom-made wedding dresses is a great option for brides with a specific taste in style. Surprising, they are not as pricey as you think. On the plus side, you get to make as many alterations as you like. Not only do you get to choose the density of beads, quality of fabrics, overall design but also a dress that complements your budget.

3.    Consider wedding dress rentals

You can still get to wear your dream dress as you say your wedding vows without having to buy it. Since you’ll most likely be wearing it once, renting isn’t a bad idea. You get to live your dreams and avoid spending so much cause rentals are way cheaper than the actual purchase. Most wedding boutiques offer this option, so finding a rental service isn’t as difficult as you might think.

4.    Try pre-owned gowns

Most brides sell their bridal gowns at huge discounts to boutiques since they never had a cause to wear them again. These dresses are still in excellent condition and cheap as well. Several websites sell gently-worn wedding gowns so the only thing you have to do is find the right dress for yourself.

5.    Enjoy referral benefits

Boutiques that newly wedded friends of family have purchased from often give discounts for referrals. This is a great opportunity to buy the dress of your dreams while saving a good amount. Make calls and get a reference, trust us, it will be worth your time.

5 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Gown

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 Looking for the easiest ways to spend less on your wedding gown, here’s 5 ways to do so:

1.    Opt-in for a simple design

Highly-embedded dresses are pricey. Heavy beadings and dresses made out of delicate laces can make a costly bridal gown. They are without a doubt gorgeous; you should try simpler designs if you’re on a tighter budget. Simple gowns are cheap and easy to style so you will still be fashionable.

2.    Buy a floor sample dress

Floor sample dresses are economical and a good alternative to purchasing a new dress. With good negotiating skills, you can get as much as a 50% discount on the bridal gown in question. This of course depends on the dresses’ condition and how long it has served as a floor sample.

3.    Corset-style dresses

Corset dresses are a classic. They are timeless and beautiful but you probably didn’t know how much they’ve helped brides save. With adjustable laces that can make the bodice fit perfectly, there would be no need to spend on alterations. They also make great options for brides that gain or lose weight after making this purchase.

4.    Limit custom alterations

Instead of selecting a dress that will require a lot of alterations, try gowns that you find suitable of your body type. This way, you won’t have to deal with going to the tailor.  

5.    Try shorter lightweight dresses

Shorter lightweight dresses make use of lesser fabrics and embrace simpler designs. They are perfect for summer weddings and last-minute elopement plans.

The 6 Best Wedding Dresses of 2024

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Being low on a budget means you have limited dress options, but it doesn’t mean you deserve to look anything less than stunning. Here are 6 cheap wedding dresses that you’d love:

Elegant Applique A-Line Wedding Dress

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Keep it simple and original in this minimal wedding dress. The applique design on its half-flare sleeves and bust are so appealing, your wedding dress would be the highlight of the day. Its A-line silhouette is also figure-flattering for an even sexier look.

Sweetheart Mermaid Style Wedding Dress

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Sweetheart neckline, cover sleeves, and a decorative waist belt. This mermaid tail dress is everything you need a wedding gown to be. With or without accessories, this amazing wedding dress will make you stand out, all thanks to its carefully laced bodice.

Sleeveless Lace Bodice Wedding Dress

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With a double v-neckline and lace bodice, this sleeveless wedding dress makes it easier to accessorize and look fancier as you celebrate your nuptials. It is simple, elegant, and has the perfect silhouette for all body shapes and sizes.

Romantic V Neck Mermaid Wedding Dress 

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Stun your guests in this sophisticated wedding dress with short ruffle leaves for extra comfort and a fishtail silhouette for an even sexier look. Walk the aisle in this bridal gown made with a floral net and charm your partner yet once again.

Dreamy A-Line Tulle Wedding Dress

The Best Wedding Dress Under £100 You Will Love

Want to be the prettiest at your wedding? With this romantic lace-decorated bridal gown, no one else will stand a chance. Its transparent long sleeve graced with a flower embroidery pattern will make you feel like a princess. You’d have your family and friends making reference to your dress every time they talk about weddings.

Strapless Mermaid  Eloping Wedding Dress

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Last but definitely not least, we have this exquisite fishtailed wedding dress. It is a combination of simplicity and class. It sure would make the perfect wedding dress for minimalist brides with plans on eloping.

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