Prom vs. Graduation: Your Ultimate Guide to Dressing for the Big Events

Prom vs. Graduation: Your Ultimate Guide to Dressing for the Big Events

June and July are just around the corner. For UK students, this means two things: prom and graduation. Are they the same? What's the difference? Which comes first, prom or graduation? What is the difference between prom dresses and graduation gowns?····This article will answer all your questions and help you find the right outfits for these most important school events.In this article: Is the Prom Same as Graduation? Is the Prom Same as Graduation? No, prom and graduation are distinct events with their own traditions and dress codes. What is Prom? The prom, short for "promenade," is a formal dance or party usually held towards the end of the final year of secondary school (high school). It's a celebratory event that marks the end of secondary education for students, typically around the age of 16-18. The prom is a tradition that has been adopted from the United States, and it's a popular social occasion where students dress up in formal attire and enjoy a night of dancing, dining, and celebration with their classmates and friends. What is Graduation? Graduation, on the other hand, is a formal ceremony that marks the completion of a course of study or level of education. In the UK, graduations are typically associated with higher education, such as universities or colleges. Differences Between Prom and Graduation Aspects Prom Graduation  Purpose social event, make memories with peers academic ceremony, marks the completion of a level of education Timing takes place towards the end of the final year of secondary school (high school) at the end of the academic year Venue hotels, banquet halls, or other event spaces the university or college campus,a dedicated auditorium or hall Attire more formal, glamorous, and varied more conservative and follows a specific dress code, cap and gown regalia Attendees high school juniors and seniors, along with their dates or friends. graduating students, along with their families, friends, and academic staff Atmosphere festive and social, with music, dancing, and photography formal and ceremonial What Comes First, Prom or Graduation? Here's the typical order of these events:1. Secondary School Prom: This event usually takes place towards the end of the final year of secondary school, before the final exams. 2. Secondary School Exams: After the prom, students take their final exams, such as GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) or A-Levels (Advanced Level General Certificate of Education), depending on the educational path they have chosen. 3. University/College Graduation: After completing their undergraduate or postgraduate studies at a university or college, students attend a graduation ceremony where they receive their degree or diploma. This event typically occurs after the completion of the final year of study. Main Differences Between Prom Dresses and Graduation Dresses Main differences between prom dresses and grad dresses are:  Aspects Prom Dresses Grad Dresses Formality Highly formal and extravagant, Floor-length gowns More subdued and conservative, Midi/Knee-length dresses Designs Elaborate, glamorous, attention-grabbing Understated, modest designs, clean cuts Popular Styles Ball Gowns, Mermaid/A-Line Dresses Shift/Wrap/ Midi Dresses Popular Colours Bold colours, like red, black, navy, & pastels and metallics White, black, blue, purple Fabric Luxurious, vibrant fabrics, sequins, beading Softer, breathable materials Accessories Statement jewelry, shoes, and a clutch Minimal and elegant accessories Occasion-Specific Considerations Reflects party atmosphere, fun Comfortable for long ceremonies, wear under the gown You may be interested in: The Best Colours for Graduation Dresses in 2024 Trends in Prom and Grad Dresses 2024 As with any fashion season, trends in prom and grad dresses evolve. For 2024, some key trends to watch out for include: Prom Dresses: - Vibrant, jewel-toned colours like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red- Feather and fringe embellishments for a touch of glamour- Cutout designs and asymmetrical hemlines for a modern twist Graduation Dresses: - Minimalist, slip-dress silhouettes in luxe fabrics like silk or satin- Subtle floral prints and patterns for a touch of femininity- Elevated fabrics like lace or organza for a touch of eleganceShopping Tips for prom and graudation dresses Best Places to Shop for Prom Dresses UK ASOS: ASOS offers 800+ prom styles, including their own affordable designs as well as designer collaborations(priced from £15 to £325). Debenhams: Debenhams is a well-known department store that offers 100+ prom dresses from various brands(priced from £10 to £200). ClubLLondon: This online retailer is known for its beautifully crafted prom dresses, featuring intricate embellishments and unique designs(most priced from £75 to £100). Best Places to Shop for Graduation Outfits UK ASOS: ASOS also offers a diverse selection of graduation outfits, including dresses, suits, and separates from their own line as well as other popular brands(priced from £15 to £325). Ohpolly: Ohpolly is an online retailer that offers bodycon graduation outfits(most priced around $60). PrettyLittleThing: Great for finding trendy and budget-friendly choices(most priced under £60). Although we at Ever-Pretty UK are a specialist retailer of bridesmaid dresses and wedding related dresses, we also offer prom dresses and graduation dresses in a variety of different designs and sizes, most of which are priced at around £50, and there are also size-customized models available, so if you're interested, you can check them out here and here.
father's day 2024

30+ Father's Day Gifts & Present Ideas to Make Dad's Day in 2024

Father's Day 2024 is just around the corner, and you know what that means - it's a day to show our fathers how much we love them and how much they mean to us. What gift to choose? They often claim they don't want anything or that they already have everything they need. Keep reading this article to get some inspiration. We also wrote an article about Father's Day Message ideas, if you're interested, you can check here. In this article: When is Father's Day 2024? When is Father's Day 2024? Father's Day in 2024 falls on Sunday, June 16th. Plan something awesome gifts for your beloved dad now! First, Who Is This Gift For? Before we talk about specific gifts, let's figure out who you're shopping for. The perfect gift may depend on whether it's for a new dad, a beloved grandpa, an awe-inspiring stepdad, or that classic father figure you'll never forget. Here are some ideas based on fathers: First Father's Day Gifts If this is his first Father's Day as a new dad, make it extra memorable with: A personalized dad &baby matching outfit set A dad-themed bobblehead with the baby's birthdate A daddy diaper bag fully stocked with new dad essentials Father's Day for Grandad Grandpas love gifts focused on family. Consider: A custom etchedfamily tree picture frame A grandparents' brag book to showcase pics of the grandkids A personalized outdoor glass ornament with grandkids' names Gifts for Step Dads Celebrate the bond with a thoughtful gift like: A personalized stein or pint glass with a touching message A grilling spatula or BBQ tool set with his name engraved A classy pocket watch or money clip engraved with a meaningful date Gifts for Classic Dads For the dad who has everything, go with classic ideas he'll actually use: A premium tool set or power tool upgrade for his workshop A high-end outdoor grill set or smoker A solo stove or backyard firepit for making memories What Kind of Gift Do You Want to Buy? If you have a kind of gift in mind, it can help you do the shopping easier: Simple Father's Day Gift Not every dad wants or needs some wildly extravagant gift situation. Sometimes simple is the move:  A new wallet and money clip set A soft,plush robe to relax in His favorite snacks or a gourmet food basket Unique Father's Day Gift On the flip side, maybe you want to go totally off the beaten path with a unique gift he'd never think to buy himself. A personalized, 3D-printed selfie sculpture A monthly craft beer club subscription box Sports tickets or a portable radio to take anywhere Personalized Father's Day Gift You know what makes a gift instantly 100x more awesome and meaningful? When it's completely personalized and one-of-a-kind. A custom photo blanket showcasing kids/family pics A soundwave art print visually depicting a recording of your voice A personalized golf ball Cool Father's Day Gift Does your old man fancy himself a pretty modern, hip and on-trend kind of guy? Then:  A high-tech grill or smoker with wifi/app capabilities Wireless headphones or portable speaker A GoPro camera or drone for adventuring Meaningful Father's Day Gift You know what makes a gift instantly 100x more awesome and meaningful? A charitable gift made in his name to an organization he cares about A photo book highlighting cherished family memories A customized birthstone necklace/ring with kids' birthstones Funny Father's Day Gift Dads are notorious for their epically terrible, cringeworthy jokes. Why not fully lean into that with a hilarious gag gift that'll have him laughing till he cries? A gag gift like dad joke popsicle sticks or dad pun socks A tacky yet hilarious "Dad" tie or polo shirt A toilet golf game to poke fun at his obsession with the sport Sentimental Father's Day Gift Of course, even the toughest, most macho dads have major soft sides that they constantly deny (we see right through you, old man!). A hand stamped keychain with a meaningful message A DIY craft like a framed tie applique A custom-made kids' handprint/footprint art piece Happy Father's Day 2024!
glastonbury festival 2024

Glastonbury 2024 Outfit Inspirations: Looks to Turn Heads on the Festival Grounds

Gals, as the summer solstice creeps up, you just know festival season is about to kick into high gear! And let's be real - for all us fashion-obsessed music lovers, Glastonbury (happening June 26-30 in Somerset) is the event we've been waiting for. This iconic extravaganza is so much more than just a killer music lineup. It's a full-blown playground for self-expression and style experimentation at its finest! Securing tickets was likely an epic battle, so now the next crucial mission is planning out looks that'll slay on the fields of Worthy Farm. Let's be honest, nearly as much effort goes into curating a standout Glasto wardrobe as getting those golden ticket passes! That's because this festival is a straight-up runway for debuting your boldest, funkiest, bohemian-inspired fits. In this article: Retro Rock Chick Retro Rock Chick Channel your inner rock goddess this festival season by putting a groovy 60s/70s spin on classic edgy staples. A perfect Glastonbury twist on the retro rock babe look: an ultra-cropped vintage band tee over a luxe velvet or silk slip dress with lace accents. Burnished combat boots give it a tough edge, while a fringed waistcoat pulls the boho vibe together. Pile on stacks of bangles, layer chunky rings, and adorn with a ring of wildflowers in your teased waves to fully embrace the glamorously grungy aesthetic. Shop Lulus Shop Zara Shop Ralph Lauren 90s Grunge Glam When it comes to serving looks in 2024, one trend that's scorching hot right now is the 90s grunge glam revival. We're talking the quintessential androgynous aesthetic of that era - maybe an oversized thermal or fitted plaid buttondown worn over a slinky slip dress. So deliciously disheveled yet amped up with glam touches. Deconstruct the look with fishnets, scuffed Dr. Martens, and a beaten-up denim jacket. Then play up the glam factor with a glossy nude lip, black smudged eyeliner, and a dusting of shimmery body glitter. Finally, top it off with a knit beanie or baseball cap and eclectic chains and chokers to exude an air of effortless rebel spirit. Shop ASOS  Shop PrettyLittleThing Shop Dr. Martens Bohemian Rhapsody For those who live for the opportunity to channel full bohemian goddess energy, Glastonbury provides the perfect festival setting. Construct a free-spirited, flowy ensemble by layering on a breezy embroidered peasant top or ruffled off-shoulder number over a wildly printed maxi skirt. Accessories are key - lace up gladiator sandals; an oversized slouchy bag; stacks of wooden bangles; an artfully knotted longline kimono in rich jewel tones; and of course, a floral crown of fresh blooms to adorn long, tousled waves. Don't forget a shimmering body dust to highlight your glow and the piece de resistance - a stylish body chain to leave a lingering trail of ethereal sparkle in your wake as you dance amid the crowds. Shop Nastygal Shop Macy's Shop UrbanOutfitters  Hypebabe Sport Luxe For the ladies who are equal parts sporty and chic, Glastonbury is the ultimate event to showcase athletic fashion at its most elevated and unique. Start with a sleek matching workout set in highlighter brights - we love old school Addidas pieces updated with modern details like mesh cutouts and metallic logos. Slip on casual sneakers and layer it up with an oversized moto jacket in a complementary pop of color. Then add your signature festival elements - maybe a sequined fanny pack, futuristic wrap sunglasses, and high-shine face gems for extra glam factor. Top it all off with space buns and plenty of dramatic lashes and glossy lip to maintain urban edge. Shop Adidas Shop Adidas Shop ASOS  Y2K Regalia Another vibe that's having a major moment? The iconic Y2K styles! Those funky, playful fashions from the early 2000s feel practically made for a fashion-forward fest like Glastonbury this year. Ladies, dig out those mid-rise butterfly low-slung jeans and crop them into culottes or shortie shorts. Pair with a slinky chainmail tank and stack of colorful plastic butterfly clips in your hair. Knee-high go-go boots give the look playful flair. Or ditch the jeans entirely for a denim skort and fishnets combo with chunky platform sneakers and a playful tee emblazoned with 2000s pop culture iconography. Don't forget the velour zip-up hoodie slung over your shoulders and lashings of frosty lipgloss and glittery bronzer. The wackier and more nostalgic, the better! Shop ASOS Shop Nastygal Ageless Festival Fashion While Glastonbury may be a playground for youthful rebellion, ladies in their 30s, 40s and beyond deserve to let their freak flags fly high too! The key is to curate looks that toe the line between boho chic and sophistication. For the 30-something set, an embroidered denim skirt paired with a crochet top gives just the right dose of earthy festival edge. Slip on some lace-up sandals or boots. Those in their 40s could rock a curve-hugging macrame dress with cheeky peekaboo cutouts. Layer a suede fringed waistcoat over it and add dangling turkoman earrings and over-the-knee boho boots for maximum swag. And fabulous 50-somethings, don't hold back from wearing that gorgeous gauzy kaleidoscope-printed kaftan as a dress! Cinch it with a metallic plate belt and pile on stacks of bangles up to the elbow. Strut your stuff in platform espadrilles and tie a printed silk scarf bandana-style over tousled curls for peak bohemian glamour. No matter your age, confidence and creativity are the biggest assets in serving free-spirited festival fashion. Shop Nordstorm Shop Intrend Shop H&M Whatever glamorously retro decade you want to channel, just let your creative juices flow, ladies! Don't hold back from assembling the most showstopping looks - we're talking vibrant colors, shimmery embellishments, funky embroidered pieces, all the fringe. This is your moment to push your sartorial boundaries. If you're interested in rocking this festival with sparkly mini dresses, check here.
bridesmaids with different body types

Best Summer Bridesmaid Dresses for Different Body Types 2024

If you're in the midst of summer wedding planning, finding bridesmaid dresses that make your favorite ladies with different body types look and feel absolutely amazing may not be easy. Some dresses that look killer on your tall, willowy bestie might be way too long or clingy on your petite maid of honour. And while your curvy bridesmaid rocks that sheath dress, your apple-shaped friend may feel self-conscious in something so curve-hugging. Fear not, though! Mix and match. We'll dive into gorgeous warm-weather dresses designed to elongate petite frames, whittle down apple shapes, and highlight hourglasses. Your pear ladies will love flowing A-lines that glide over hips and thighs. We've found stunning maxis and hi-low styles for statuesque figures. And we'll cover curve-clinging yet breathable plus size frocks with flattering ruching and wrapping details. The best part? Budget-friendly. In this article: What Are the Best Colours for Summer Bridesmaid Dresses? What Are the Best Colours for Summer Bridesmaid Dresses? The colours you choose for summer bridesmaid dresses set the overall tone and vibe for your wedding celebration. Lighter, more vibrant hues tend to work beautifully for warm-weather nuptials. Soft, romantic pastels like peach, sage, lavender, and blush pink evoke a dreamy, whimsical feel perfect for spring and summer weddings, especially lovely for outdoor garden ceremonies and rustic chic venues. For a cheerful, high-energy look, turn up the brightness with coral, fuchsia, canary yellow, emerald, and turquoise bridesmaid dresses that practically radiate summer vibes. If you prefer a more pared-down palette, creamy neutrals in champagne, sand, dove gray, and slate blue create an understated, sophisticated look for summer bridesmaid dresses. Let the simple neutral shades be the canvas for ornate lace, embroidery, or sparkling embellishments. Neutrals also easily mix and match for a tonal ombre effect. For more detailed colour choices, please refer to The Best Bridesmaid Dress Colours for Your Summer Wedding 2024. What fabrics work best for hot weather? When summer temps start to soar, lightweight, moisture-wicking materials are must-haves. Chiffon is a lightweight, sheer fabric perfect for bridesmaid dresses. Chiffon's delicate hand allows it to hang in beautiful folds and movement. With a crisp, slightly stiff hand, organza offers beautiful structure while still being very lightweight. This sheer fabric works especially well for full-skirted bridesmaid dresses that won't cling. Georgette is another lightweight crepe fabric with a gorgeous drape and floaty movement. Its semi-sheer finish keeps things breezy while disguising clingy areas. Satin and silk are also increasingly popular. They are another luxurious yet breathable option for summer bridesmaid dresses. Should grils wear long or short dresses for a summer wedding? The dress length you choose for your bridesmaids can dramatically impact their overall look and comfort level at a summer wedding. Both long and short styles have their advantages depending on your venue and vision. Let's explore the pros and cons of short bridesmaid dresses and long bridesmaid gowns: Short Dresses (Cocktail, Midi, Knee-Length) Long Dresses (Maxi, Floor-Length) Pros - Less fabric for optimal airflow - Glamorous and romantic look - Ability to show off shoes - Elongates and flatters most figures - Easier mobility for dancing - Effortless sophistication for formal affairs - Playful and youthful aesthetic - Beautiful movement and flow in light fabrics Cons - May feel too casual for formal events - More fabric can feel heavy in extreme heat - May be tripping hazard for outdoor venues - Not as breezy as shorter lengths   Venue Pairings Short Dresses Long Dresses Rustic/Boho ✓ ✓ Garden/Outdoor ✓ ✓ Beach ✓ ✓ Casual ✓ Formal/Black-Tie ✓ What are some trending summer bridesmaid styles 2024? 1.One-Shoulder Necklines One-shoulder bridesmaid dresses emerged as a major trend in 2023 and the asymmetrical neckline is still going strong for summer 2024. These romantic, Grecian-inspired styles create an alluring, draped effect that flatters many figures. Look for one-shoulder details embellished with fluttery accents, ruching, or dainty straps for added interest. 2. High Slits Sultry yet breezy, bridesmaid gowns with soaring side slits up to the thigh provide great movement and ventilation for summer weddings. High slits visually elongate the leg and allow plenty of airflow. This sexy-meets-effortless look pairs perfectly with lightweight fabrics like chiffon or georgette. 3. Floral Appliques Three-dimensional floral accents bring a romantic, whimsical touch to summer bridesmaid dresses. From delicate embroidered vines to lush blooms adorning sheer bodices and shoulders, these botanical embellishments add an exquisite touch of artistry. Look for detachable floral appliques that can be repurposed after the wedding. 4. Off-the-Shoulder The perennially flattering off-the-shoulder neckline continues dominating bridesmaid dress trends for summer 2024. This femme fatale style draws the eye to toned shoulders and collarbones while creating a lengthening effect. Off-shoulder bridesmaid gowns strike the perfect balance of sexy and timeless for warm-weather "I dos. Where to buy summer bridesmaid dresses? Here are some of the best places to buy summer bridesmaid dresses at every price point: Lulus While better known for everyday styles and occasion wear, Lulus' bridal collection has steadily expanded to include gorgeous bridesmaid dresses in of-the-moment summer colours and trends. You'll find black and floral bridesmaid dresses here. Their Bridesmaid Edit generally ranges from $30 to $158. ASOS As one of the largest uk online retailers, ASOS offers an extensive selection of bridesmaid dress styles and colours perfect for summer weddings. You can filter bridesmaid dresses by season, fabric, length, size range and more. ASOS carries moderately priced options(£25-£190) from their own line as well as designer bridesmaid labels. Ever-Pretty UK This online bridesmaid dress retailer specializes in mix-and-match styles made from premium, summer-friendly fabrics. Ever-Pretty UK offers flattering chiffon, tulle, and satin designs in over 40 colours(the most popular one is sage green) - ideal for summer palettes. Their collection can be customized for each bridesmaid's body type(ready-to-ship petite and plus size bridesmaid dresses are retailed around £59.99, for final sale item, under £10). Six Stories Six Stories does not have hundreds of bridesmaid dress listings. But it is an incredibly satin bridesmaid dresses online shopping destination. If you’re a fan of satin fabric, shop it. Their dresses are priced around $150. Best Summer Bridesmaid Dresses for different body types For Petite Frame Show off a petite and feminine shape in a fitted bodice with ruffles or lace detailing on the skirt. A shorter cocktail or tea-length dress will elongate the legs. Try a chiffon A-line dress with a cinched waist or look for skater dresses with flirty box pleats. Pleated Midi Dress, Price: £49.99 For Apple Shape An A-line or fit-and-flare silhouette that nips in at the natural waistline is ideal for balancing a fuller midsection. Look for styles with a deep V-neckline to create an elongating effect. Empire waist dresses that flow past the tummy area also flatter apple shapes beautifully. Empire Waist Tulle Dress with Slit, Price: £59.99 For Pear Shape Styles that highlight the narrow shoulders and slender upper body work best on pear shapes. An embellished or draped halter neckline draws the eyes up. Go for an A-line skirt that provides movement away from fuller hips and thighs. Spaghetti Strap Maxi A-line Dress, Price: £49.99 For Hourglass Embrace an hourglass silhouette in a figure-hugging sheath dress that skims your curves. Belted or wrapped waistlines cinch the narrowest part of the figure. An off-the-shoulder neckline adds flirty femininity to balance out curves. Bodycon Sequin Dress, Price: £49.99 For Tall Lengthier maxi dress styles make the most of a tall, statuesque frame. A sleek column gown elongates and streamlines. Or opt for a sweeping hi-low or high-slit skirt to showcase legs. Floor-grazing lengths work best to avoid awkwardly short hems. Square Neckline Long Gown, Price: £48.99 For Plus Size Ruched waists and wrapping details create a flattering gathered effect to define the waistline on plus frames. Curve-hugging cuts in thicker jersey or structured crepe hold their shape beautifully. Off-shoulder straps add romantic femininity. Classic Faux-wrap Plus Size Dress, Price: £48.99
wedding photos

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the UK 2024

Want to book a photographer to cherish the happy moments of your big day in 2024? Here, we've put together a list of the UK's top wedding photographers and their wedding pricing(starting from £500) for your choice. 1. Heather (Surrey) Heather's Portfolio: Heather Sham Photography Pricing: Couple & Engagement Sessions from £500 Intimate weddings & Elopements from £1500 Full day weddings from £3500 Heather, based in Surrey, specializes in romantic and timeless wedding photography. Her packages cater to various wedding sizes and budgets, making her a popular choice for couples seeking elegant and emotive imagery. 2. Kristian Leven Kristian's Portfolio: Kristian Leven Photography Pricing: on request (For destination weddings in Europe, he will add £750 to cover travel and accommodation costs, and £1500 for the rest of the world.) Kristian Leven's photography is characterized by its documentary-style approach, capturing candid moments and emotions. His pricing is on request, offering flexibility and options tailored to different wedding needs. 3. Jo (South East London) Jo's Portfolio: Joasis Wedding Photography Pricing: Contact for details Jo's photography is celebrated for its creativity and attention to detail. She offers bespoke packages and personalized service, ensuring each couple's unique story is beautifully documented. Couples can expect comprehensive coverage starting at £2350 for London collections, with complete packages typically ranging from £3000 to £4000. 4. Emma Jane Emma's Portfolio: Emma Jane Photography Pricing: View Pricing LACE(6 hours of photography coverage): £950 CRYSTAL(8 hours of photography coverage): £1700 PEARL(10 hours of photography coverage): £1900 GOLD(12 hours of photography coverage): £2100 Emma Jane specializes in fashion-inspired wedding photography, crafting romantic images that stand out. Her flexible coverage options cater to varying wedding lengths and preferences. 5. Ami Robertson Emma's Portfolio: Ami Robertson Photography Pricing: View Pricing Micro Weddings in London: Starting £750 6HRS COVERAGE £2000.00 (LONDON & THE SOUTH EAST ONLY) 9HRS COVERAGE £2500.00 12HR COVERAGE £3000.00 Ami's work spans from intimate town hall ceremonies to majestic castle weddings. Her pricing is clear and concise, reflecting her dedication to capturing the essence of each wedding uniquely. 6. Nick Nick's Portfolio: Nick Ray Photography Pricing: £1650 – £4500, View More Nick's wedding commissions offer a range of options, ensuring couples find a package that suits their needs and budget. His hourly rate provides flexibility for events of different durations. 7. Helen Helen's Portfolio: Helena Abraham Photography Pricing: £3850 + optional extras, View More Helen's photography style is elegant and sophisticated, focusing on creating timeless images that tell a story. Her work reflects a deep passion for capturing genuine emotions. 8. Wojtek Wojtek's Portfolio: London Wedding Photographer Pricing: starts from £2495, View More Wojtek offers comprehensive wedding packages that include coverage, edited photographs, slideshows, and more. His attention to detail ensures couples receive a complete and beautiful documentation of their wedding day. 9. Natalie Natalie's Portfolio: Natalie J Weddings Pricing: View More  Collection 1 (Value of £5400) – £5200 Collection 2 (Value of £4200) – £4000 *her most popular collection* Collection 3 – £3200 Collection 4 – £2500 Natalie's approach is warm and personable, focusing on building a connection with each couple. Her photography style combines classic elegance with modern storytelling. 10. Peach Peach's Portfolio: Peach Portman Photography Pricing: View More  2024 PRICES - Photography Only Full day from morning prep to the dancefloor 8 Hours: £1900 Full day from morning prep to the dancefloor 10 Hours: £2,200 Or 10 Hours Photography AND a 1 minute film: £2,600 Or 10 Hours Photography, 1 minute film and a fine art wedding album (20 Page Spread): £3,000 For micro weddings or shorter weddings pay by the hour up to 8 hours, MONDAY TO THURSDAY ONLY Peach's pricing is designed to simplify the decision-making process for couples. She offers photography-only packages as well as options that include videography and fine art wedding albums, catering to different preferences. You may be also be interested in: 20+ Best Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses for 2024 15 Gorgerous Pink Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Shade 17 Beautiful Wedding Dresses for Mature Brides 2024
five grey bridesmaid dresses from ever-pretty

Grey Bridesmaid Dresses Perfect for Weddings in Any Season

As you meticulously plan your wedding day and consider the colour scheme for your bridesmaid dress, you might want to sit on the fence and just go neutral. Bridesmaid dresses with neutral colours are destined to be a huge hit in 2024. Grey in particular is a versatile neutral colour that can be used as a standalone or in combination with other colours. Grey bridesmaid dresses offer both classic and contemporary styling at the same time. Grey colour is stylish, dynamic, and very flexible. If your wedding falls in Autumn or Winter months, you can choose a tone of grey for your bridesmaid dresses, one that will blend with your proposed wedding colour theme. The venue for your wedding really doesn't matter when it comes to the use of grey for your bridesmaid dresses. Whether it is out on an open field, on the beach, in a glamorous ballroom or even in a vineyard, grey complements any indoor or outdoor wedding setting. Even if your intention is to have bridesmaid dresses that combine a couple of colours, you can do no wrong by having a neutral colour as one of the combined colours. In this case, grey is one colour that will really supplement any other colour, no matter how loud the other colour may be. You have the choice of a variety of grey tones to play with. From dark grey to blush grey, charcoal, and light grey, you can decide on the shade of grey for your bridesmaid dresses. All you have to do is to select that grey tone that will be best suited for your wedding theme. In this article: Grey is a Hot Trend: Feel Free to Shine Grey dresses are one really hot trend of late. For wedding colour schemes, many wedding planners are now recommending the use of grey in combination with other colours. Some common examples include: Grey and Blush: This colour combination for a wedding theme is just great. The bridesmaid dresses can come as a sleeveless all grey dress while they wear a blush (a shade of pink) silk belt or hold up a bouquet of blush synthetic flowers. Grey and Green: Another colour match-up that comes as earthy, breezy and cool. You can have grey bridesmaid dresses with a hint of green. The accessories of your bridesmaids like their purse and shoes may come in a shade of green. Grey and Lavender: The colour scheme for your wedding can be a combination of grey and lavender. From your little bridesmaid and bridesmaid dresses to your wedding invitation card and even wedding cake. These two colours go well with each other. Grey and Navy Blue: With a grey and navy blue, you have a neutral colour and secondary colour combining to give a really mature and sophisticated look to your wedding theme. Your bridesmaid dresses can also combine these two colours perfectly to brighten up your wedding. Grey and Orange: Orange is a bright and daring colour. However, combining with a neutral colour like grey has the effect of toning down the colour (orange). Your bridesmaid dresses can be all grey while the bouquet of flowers can have shades of orange. How to select Cheap Grey Bridesmaid Dresses that fit Perfectly If you are looking to get cheap grey bridesmaid dresses that will fit all your bridesmaids perfectly, then there are a few things you really need to know. #1: Do some online research: It is always good to do some online research of what bridesmaid dress to buy. If you are not certain about the bridesmaid dresses you come across and you need advice, you can try bookmarking and sharing those you prefer with family and friends. You can start your research today by visiting Ever-Pretty UK. #2: Go less on features and accessories The less the features and accessories on a bridesmaid dress, the cheaper it is likely to be. Avoid those dresses sold with bridal accessories like hand bags, purses, necklaces and bangles. If your bridesmaids need to accessorize, then that's up to them. #3: Buy simple fabrics You should also go for bridesmaid dresses made from synthetic material like polyester. This fabric is lightweight, comfortable to wear, durable, and easy to maintain as well. In addition, you can go for those grey dresses with non-stretchy and loose fabric. #4: Versatility is key You do not have to buy traditional bridesmaid dresses. You can actually go for multifunctional gowns. Those dresses that can be worn to a number of other occasions should be what you should look out for. There are lots of affordable dresses that are not specifically designed as bridesmaid dresses that you can choose from Ever Pretty UK. These versatile dresses can also be worn on more than one occasion. When you visit Ever Pretty site, you will get to see different designs of bridesmaid dresses and how they would appear in grey. In addition, you will see the different available sizes of grey bridesmaid dresses in the UK as well as their current prices. There are bridesmaid dresses that cost under £50 that you can choose from. You can also order for your choice of bridesmaid dresses by making safe, and secure online payments directly on the website. Latest Grey Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas 2024 Looking for grey bridesmaid dresses for your girls? Then take a look at these cheap grey bridesmaid dresses for 2024 that you will get to see include the following: Maxi Long Lace Cap Sleeve Elegant Evening Gown This is an elegant bridesmaid dress with floor length chiffon and lacey cap sleeves. The neckline is decorated by rhinestone and delicate lace. There is also a ruching at the waistline and bust to highlight the natural curves of your bridesmaids. This dress comes with both lining and padding, so your bridesmaid can explore the no bra option. The fabric is made from mildly stretchy polyester material and this dress costs just £59.99. Round Neck V Back Lace Bodice Bridesmaid Dress This is another bridesmaid dress with sufficient padding and lining. Also, it is great for bridesmaids deciding to ditch their bra for the wedding day. It comes with a lace bust and high neckline which gives this dress a classic appearance. The fabric is non-stretchy and made from cotton, nylon and polyester. This dress can be purchased today at the rate of £52.99. Sleeveless V-Neck Semi-Formal Chiffon Maxi Dress The chiffon of this polyester fabric dress allows you to try out a number of accessories. This bridesmaid dress comes in grey as well as other colours. Elegant, versatile and simplistic, the Maxi dress is just right for your bridesmaids. However, this dress is not padded, so your bridesmaids would need to wear a bra or bralette. This mildly stretchy bridesmaid dress is available for £54.99. Women's Double V-Neck Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dress with Short Sleeve  The features of this elegant bridesmaid dress include a deep V neckline, empire waist flutter sleeves, and a gentle high-low tulle hemline. This polyester based dress does not come with any padding and the fabric is not stretchy. For a sum of £49.99, you can purchase this bridesmaid dress today. Sleeveless Applique Flowy Tulle Dress Finally, you can get the Sleeveless Applique Flowy Tulle Evening Dress. This bridesmaid dress is made from polyester. In addition, the dress is not stretchy, but it is perfect for a no bra option as it is fully padded. With a lace top and flowy tulle skirt, your bridesmaids are bound to stand out with a romantic and ultra-feminine look, all at the cost of only £56.99.
Best Ever Pretty Bridesmaid Dresses Reviews 2024

Best Ever Pretty Bridesmaid Dresses Reviews 2024

When it comes to affordable yet fashionable dresses for bridesmaids and maid/matron of the honour in the UK, Ever-Pretty is a go-to online store. We offer a vast array of styles, colours, lengths and fabric choices out here. Having trouble deciding which one to buy? No worries. In this article, we've put together our top bridesmaid dress options for 2024, complete with honest customer reviews and gorgeous real-life photos from brides and their besties. Let's go shopping! 1. Best Classic Short Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress at Ever-Pretty Price: £49.99 | 8-30 UK Size For the bride seeking timeless elegance and sophisticatsion, this beautiful floor-length chiffon gown is an exquisite choice. It features delicate short sleeves and can be found in over 40 rich, luxurious colour options ranging from classic hues like burgundy and navy to of-the-moment shades like slate blue, dusty rose, blush and lavender. The lightweight, flowy fabric drapes beautifully while the short sleeves and V-neckline create an undeniably flattering silhouette suitable for all body types. This crowd-pleasing favorite is consistently praised by ladies for its superior quality, true-to-size fit and fairytale-worthy look. What Others Say About This Bridesmaid Dress Fan Photos Of This Dress 2. Best Pleated Tie Waist Bridesmaid Dress at Ever-Pretty Price: £49.99 | 8-30 UK Size Brides in search of a more contemporary yet equally stunning look need look no further than this dress from Ever-Pretty. This sleek, minimalist design gets an elegant update with a chic faux-wrap bodice that flatters every figure. But the real stars are the gorgeous pleated details that add lovely dimension and movement to the lightweight chiffon fabric. A tie waist belt allows each girl to customize her fit, while the no-zipper design makes for effortless dressing. With a range of over 10 beautiful hues including the increasingly popular sage green shade, this dress manages to feel both modern and timeless. What Others Say About This Bridesmaid Dress Fan Photos Of This Dress 3. Best Sleeveless V-Neck Bridesmaid Dress at Ever-Pretty Price: £54.99 | 8-30 UK Size Sometimes simple is best, and this classic sleeveless chiffon dress from Ever-Pretty proves it. The perfect choice for the low-key, minimalist bride, this gown features a timeless V-neckline that flatters all chest sizes along with a gorgeous A-line chiffon skirt that feels lightweight yet luxurious. With nearly 20 lovely colours from rich jewel tones to soft pastels, there's something for every colour palette. It's the type of versatile dress design that works for any wedding setting from casual beach to formal ballroom. What Others Say About This Bridesmaid Dress Fan Photos Of This Dress 4. Best Spaghetti Strap Bridesmaid Dress at Ever-Pretty Price: £49.99 | 8-20 UK Size For women dreaming of an understated yet head-turning bridesmaid look, this spaghetti strap dress from Ever Pretty is sure to deliver. This romantic, figure-hugging design features a showstopping sweetheart neckline that enhances the bust area in a classy, tasteful way. But the real wow-factors are the intricately pleated bodice details that create beautiful dimension along with the dramatic draped open back. Despite these gorgeously glam elements, the flowy chiffon skirt keeps the overall look light and airy rather than over-the-top. With a palette of 8 colours ranging from bold brights to soft pastels (including a brand new ethereal ice blue shade), there's something for every wedding colour story. What Others Say About This Bridesmaid Dress Fan Photos Of This Dress 5.Best Romantic Lace Bridesmaid Dress at Ever-Pretty Price: £59.99 | 8-30 UK Size For brides with a romantic, vintage-inspired vision, this lace dress from Ever-Pretty is sure to make your heart swoon! This ultra-feminine design combines a beautifully intricate lace bodice and cap sleeves with a dreamy, flowing chiffon skirt that feels incredibly lightweight and airy. Available in a rainbow of over 10 colours to suit any palette, this dress walks the line between timeless and trendy thanks to subtle modern touches like the semi-sheer lace details and sheath silhouette.  What Others Say About This Bridesmaid Dress Fan Photos Of This Dress 6. Best High-Low Bridesmaid Dress at Ever-Pretty Price: £56.99 | 8-30 UK Size For brides putting a playful, contemporary spin on their wedding, this high-low dress from Ever-Pretty is a wonderful option. The ruffled high-low hemline makes this dress feel youthful and trendy while the fitted bodice keeps it looking polished. An array of 20 colour options includes some gorgeous floral printed motifs along with of-the-moment shades like blush pink and sage green. But what sets this dress apart is its high-quality chiffon fabric that provides beautiful drape and movement that translates into a dance-floor ready look ideal for receptions. What Others Say About This Bridesmaid Dress Fan Photos Of This Dress 7. Best Long Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress at Ever-Pretty Price: £52.99 | 8-30 UK Size For brides having a more modest, traditional affair like a religious ceremony, ensuring bridesmaids have a tasteful yet stylish option is key. Enter the long sleeve dress from Ever-Pretty! This lovely A-line style features long sleeves with a high neckline for ample coverage while the flowy chiffon skirt keeps things feeling light and airy rather than dowdy. Available in over 8 colours from rich jewel tones to soft pastels, this versatile dress can go formal or semi-casual and can even do double-duty as a guest dress for future events.  What Others Say About This Bridesmaid Dress 8. Best Short Bridesmaid Dress at Ever-Pretty Price: £49.99 | 8-30 UK Size For a fun-loving bridal party look, the adorable asymmetrical short dress from Ever-Pretty is a surefire winner! The flirty, asymmetric ruffled hemline keeps this mini feeling playful yet appropriate while the sleek fitted bodice lends a touch of sophistication. The shorter length also makes this a fantastic option for petite bridesmaids or those who prefer to show off their legs. With pops of colour ranging from bright orange to rich navy, there's something for every wedding palette. Accessorize with cute sandals and you've got the ultimate casual, carefree warm-weather look. What Others Say About This Bridesmaid Dress Fan Photos Of This Dress You may also be interested in: 20+ Best Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses for 2024 The 19 Best Long Black Bridesmaid Dresses We Handpicked (2024) 15 Gorgerous Pink Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Shade The 9 Best Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses to Enhance Your Wedding Day Bliss
pink gowns for wedding guest

12 Best Pink Wedding Guest Dresses to Wear to This Season's Nuptials

Summer wedding invitations start piling up. If pink is the shade you tend to wear this season, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of our most popular and well-reviewed pink dresses from our collection. Plus, prices are also noted for easy shopping(you don’t need to spend hundreds to be elegantly dressed and turn heads). Shop 12 pink dresses for wedding guests below: Hot Pink Wedding Guest Dresses Hot Pink Wedding Guest Dresses The Barbie movie brings hot pink to a new trend. Turn up the heat in a look-at-me hot pink dress. Go for flirty femininity in this ruffled high-low hot pink dress(£56.99)s- its flouncy ruffles and punchy hue imbue a touch of whimsy. The sleeveless pink gown(£56.99) features classic v-neck and side slit for an eye-catching but not overstated approach. If more coverage is what you need for the wedding, try our hot pink midi dress with long sleeves(£52.99), a popular bright pink wedding guest outfit. Light Pink Wedding Guest Dresses Light pink dresses are one of Ever-Pretty UK's best-selling wedding guest dresses this season. A chic pleated chiffon pink dress(£54.99) with spaghetti straps is effortlessly elegant. Or turn heads in our cold-shoulder pink dress(£49.99) featuring trendy high-low hemline and ruffled sleeves. For the fan of a modest look, a round neckline pink dress(£56.99) with midi length works great on different body types, especially for petite frames. Dusky Pink Wedding Guest Dresses Another popular wedding guest dress hue, dusky pink, offers timeless styles that won't look out of style in a few years. Embrace sweeping grace in a floor-grazing dusky pink tulle maxi(£59.99) .The embellishments and pleats add extra interest.  An A-line chiffon pink dress with shorter hemlines (£49.99) would fit in perfectly at a vineyard wedding. For an ethereal, dreamy entrance, a tiered rose dress(£49.99) with V-neckline floats down the aisle. Pink Floral Wedding Guest Dresses Botanical beauties will adore Ever-Pretty's floral print confections. The multi-way floral pink dress(£63.99) offers adjustable neckline adorned in a delicate floral motif - perfect for garden "I dos". A floral pink gown (£49.99) combines feminine print with a figure-flattering skirt---a perfect presence of romance. Equally enchanting is the spaghetti strap(£63.99) , blooming floral print dress with flattering V-neckline.
Colour Ideas for summer bridesmaid dresses

The Best Bridesmaid Dress Colours for Your Summer Wedding 2024

Summer is the hottest season of the year and one of the most popular seasons for weddings. How to choose a refreshing colour that captures the beauty of summer and aligns with your distinct wedding style? Here’re some summer bridesmaid dress colour inspiration for modern, beach, garden and coastal brides. Let’s get started! Sage Green A pale, dusty sage green possesses an incredibly soothing, timeless quality perfect for setting a romantic tone. Sage bridesmaid dresses in lightweight chiffon or charmeuse will bring an airy, delicate presence to warm summer settings. The subtle green-gray hue looks exquisite alongside crisp white or blush bouquets. Shop the look: Flutter Sleeve A-Line Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress in Sage Avocado For a richer, more dramatic twist on green, avocado or olive toned gowns create an luxuriously earthy, organic vibe for your girl squad. The yellow-green avocado shade has an unmistakable vibrance that complements virtually all complexions. Shop the look: High Slit Empire Waist Evening Dress Blush Pink No summer colour story is complete without blush. Sweet and romantic blush pink channels an utterly ethereal feel. Blush bridesmaid dresses look positively dreamy, especially when rendered in gauzy fabrics like chiffon or tulle with whispers of lace applique. Shop the look: Cap Sleeve Lace Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress in Blush Lilac Lilac is another on-trend pastel that screams summer. The soft and delicate purple shade makes beautiful summer bridesmaid dresses, perfect for 2024 beach and garden weddings. Shop the look: Off-the-shoulder Chiffon Bridesmaid Gown in Lilac Hot Pink Hot pink bridesmaid dresses are all about making a moment. If you want a splash of colour to the bridal party and ensure your girls stand out from the crowd, don’t miss out on vivid and confident hot pink. Shop the look: Ruffle Sleeves V Neck High Low Dress in Hot Pink Yellow A dose of dazzling, delightfully cheery yellow hues will have your maids jumping for joy. From soft buttercream to radiant sunflower shades, yellow looks amazing at different themed weddings. Shop the look: Tulle Bridesmaid Dress with Short Sleeve in Yellow Coral Coral is truly lively and glowing, especially when styled in drapey chiffon or shantung bridesmaid dresses. It looks fantastic at a traditional celebration as well as a contemporary nuptial. Shop the look: Empire Waist Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress in Coral Champagne Few colours exude luxurious elegance quite like a glistening champagne bridesmaid dress hue. The buttery, softly shimmering metallic neutral possesses both warmth and sophistication, plus an undeniable radiant glow perfect for warm evenings. Shop the look: V-Neck Sleeveless Glitter Evening Dress Lavender Lavender is a top 2024 bridesmaid dress colour trend that feels fresh and romantic for summer. Flattering lavender bridesmaid gowns are great for rustic barn and manor house ceremonies. Shop the look: Leaf Design Tulle Bridesmaid Dress in Lavender Dusty Rose Dusty rose is a summertime must for dreamily romantic bridesmaid moments. This muted nude pink possesses a sweetly wistful quality, channeling ethereal whimsy when rendered in fabrics like gauzy chiffon, tulle or sprinkled with delicate lace appliques. Shop the look: Spaghetti Strap Pleated Bridesmaid Dress in Dusty Rose Dusty Navy Rather than drab or dull, smokey dusty blues are ideal for candlelit ceremonies or tented receptions. Pair dusty navys with sparkling metallics or soft pastels for depth. Shop the look: Open Back Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress in Dusty Navy Floral Fresh and vibrant, floral bridesmaid dresses are fashion-forward this season. Incorporate hues of freshly cut roses, peonies, ranunculus and wildflowers into your bridal party's botanical-inspired looks. Choose bold floral prints, lush embroidery or gowns in vivid botanical tones for an effervescent, naturalistic zest. Shop the look: Multiway Floral Bridesmaid Dress in Ice Blue Grey For a truly fresh, modern bridesmaid palette, shades of soft, powdery grey impart an understated chic contrast to summer's vivid punches of colour. Easy versatile greys allow vibrant bridesmaid accents and bold floral embellishments to pop while feeling contemporary. Shop the look: Applique Long Tulle Evening Dress in Grey Fuchsia Vivid fuchsia bridesmaid attire makes an undeniably bold statement of confidence and glamorous femininity. This head-turning pink-purple hybrid hue exudes audacious charisma in sleek, figure-flattering silhouettes cut from sumptuous fabrics like satin, crepe or brocade. Shop the look: Halter Maxi Bridesmaid Dress with Slit   You may be also interested in:20+ Best Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses for 2024
four stylish summer evening dress gowns

15 Summer Evening Dresses Stunners Under £100 You Need This Season

Summer evenings are great for styling an unforgettable look that turn heads. But finding a stylish gown without breaking the bank often seems difficult. What if I told you that you could elevate your warm-weather style with 15 gorgeous formal dresses under £100(even under £50)? Get ready to add these stunning yet affordable summer evening stunners from Ever-Pretty UK, Boohoo, ASOS and other online retailers to your closet this season.  1. Floral Dresses Romantic florals adorn the darling dress. This multiway design lets you change up the neckline between one-shoulder and off-the-shoulder - for an instantly new look. Size range: 8-20 UK, Price at time of publish: £63.99, Shop Ever-Pretty If you prefer a more bold colour and interesting detail, this cut out maxi dress is here to elevate your wardrobe this season, especially perfect for petite women. Size range: 6-16 UK, Price at time of publish: £30, Shop Boohoo There are also many beautiful floral evening dresses in midi length, like this halter neckline midi in light blue. It also has a ribbon tie to accent the waist. Size range: 6-14 UK, Price at time of publish: £36.99, Shop Silkfred 2. Maxi Dresses Sleek and streamlined, this ankle-grazing maxi stuns with its modern square neckline. The pastel sage hue creates a vibrant, elongating effect. Size range: 8-16 UK, Price at time of publish: £48.99, Shop Now This sleevelss maxi dress is eye-catching for its magenta colour. The medium-weight crepe fabric ensure breathability and comfort. Size range: XS-XL, Price at time of publish: $98, Shop Lulus A draping cowl neckline lends elegance to this chiffon maxi. The flowing and figure-skimming fabric movees effortlessly and the cool blue lends a soothing effect.  Size range: 8-20 UK, Price at time of publish: £57.99, Shop Now 3. High Low Dresses  Let's not forget that classic black and white floral print—it's effortlessly classy. Those charming ruffles and high-low hemline add a touch of fun. Size range: 6-14 UK, Price at time of publish: £30, Shop Now Bare those sun-kissed shoulders in this sky blue festive high-low stunner. The dramatic asymmetric hem kicks things up a notch. Size range: 8-30 UK, Price at time of publish: £59.99, Shop Now Swirls of vibrant botanicals decorate this flowy high-low dress. As you walk, the shorter front hem reveals a peek of leg. Size range: 8-30 UK, Price at time of publish: £56.99, Shop Now 4. Printed Dresses How about try an adorable pink swirl print?  It adds just the right amount of playful charm to any occasion, whether you're soaking up the sun or hitting the town with friends. Size range: 8-16, Price at time of publish: £32, Shop ASOS A bold, multicolored(black&beige) print takes centerstage on this chic print dress. Cap sleeves provide just the right amount of coverage. Size range: S-4XL UK, Price at time of publish: £39.99, Shop Now 5. Irregular Hem Dresses This unique cocktail dress gets its wow factor from the asymmetric, handkerchief hem. A party-perfect pick for summer! Size range: 8-30 UK, Price at time of publish: £54.99, Shop Now 6. Metallic Dresses This black gown pulls out all the stops with its mermaid silhouette that flares dramatically from the knees down. Sheer glamour! Size range: 8-20 UK, Price at time of publish: £44.99, Shop Now Romance abounds in this regal, empire-waist gown overlaid in gauzy chiffon. The maxi length delivers head-to-toe drama. Size range: 8-30 UK, Price at time of publish: £70.99, Shop Now All eyes will be on you in this scene-stealing, ruffled dress covered in glittering embellishments. Talk about show-stopping sparkle! Size range: 8-30 UK, Price at time of publish: £55.99,Shop Now
petite gowns for wedding guest

12 Stylish Petite Wedding Guest Dresses For Ladies Over 50s

Being the chicest wedding guest at any age requires the perfect dress. But finding that flawless frock gets trickier when you're a petite woman over 50. A wrong dress can overwhelm your smaller frame or simply miss the mark on taste and appropriateness. Not to worry, we've searched high and low to uncover 20 of the most stylish and flattering wedding guest gowns designed for the over 50 petite woman.  We've also highlighted some online retailers making it easier than ever to shop dresses tailored specifically for petite proportions. Many now offer dedicated petite ranges or have truly mastered those perfectly proportioned cuts and hemlines that hit right on a smaller frame. In this article: 12 Top Petite Wedding Guest Dress Picks for Over 50s Where to Shop for Petite Guest Gowns for Over 50? 12 Top Petite Wedding Guest Dress Picks for Over 50s 1. ASOS - TFNC Petite Wrap Front Maxi Dress This modern wrap dress cinches at the waist for shape before flowing into a flattering skirt. Rendered in lightweight chiffon fabric. 2. Roman - Floral Chiffon Skater Dress This pretty chiffon dress features a fit-and-flare silhouette that works well on petite frames. The blue floral print feels fresh for spring/summer weddings. 3. Karen Millen - Embellished Georgette Woven Gown A glamorous option, this flowy off-the-shoulder dress is adorned with tonal sequins and beading. The flattering blouson bodice camouflages any midsection concerns. 4. Whistles - Diagonal Ripple Shirred Dress A sophisticated dress with striking diagonal ripple print and plunging v-neckline. The midi length flatters petite frames. 5. Hobbs - Carly Floral Dress This form-fitting midi dress with floral print offers a chic, fun option for occasion events. 6. Oasis - Lace Sleeveless Midaxi Dress An exquisite lace dress with a sweet pink hue and flattering silhouette made for petite sizes. 7. Wallis - Pearl Trim Pleated Midi Dress A chic pleated cocktail dress with lace accent that flatters the shoulders and bust area for petites. 8. Boden - May Cotton Midi Tea Dress For a playful look, this cotton midi tea dress is perfect for a summer event.  9. Phase Eight - Daisy Lace Dress This lace dress has a flattering placed print that visually elongates petite frames. The mesh overlay provides a delicate touch. 10. Quiz Clothing - Bardot Skater Midi Dress For evening weddings, this bardot midi dress makes an elegant statement while the skater silhouette underneath flatters all body types. 11. Ever Pretty UK - Dusty Blue Pleated Midi Dress An elegant midi dress featuring a v-neckline with pleated details. The sleek fit-and-flare skirt hits at the perfect knee length. 12. M&S - Pleated V-Neck Midaxi Wrap Dress This modern wrap dress cinches at the waist for shape before flowing into a flattering midi skirt.  Where to Shop for Petite Guest Gowns for Over 50? 1. ASOS With an extensive dedicated petite section at affordable prices, ASOS is a great one-stop shop for on-trend wedding guest dresses in a range of petite sizes.  2. Next Next carries a wide selection of dresses from premium brands available in petite proportions through their online petite shop. 3. Karen Millen Karen Millen offers many of their classic dress styles in dedicated petite sizes through their inclusive petite collection. 4. Ever-Pretty UK Ever-Pretty UK's line of feminine dresses comes in petite sizes, making it easy for petites over 50 to find affordable yet stylish options. You may also be interested in:Top Wedding Guest Dresses for Women Over 60(from Ever-Pretty UK)
well wishes for the couple

What to Write in a Wedding Card: 60+ Wishes Examples

Considering what to write in the wedding card to your sibling, bestie, parent, or coworker? Here are some examples to help you convey your well wishes better. In this article: Simple Wedding Wishes Simple Wedding Wishes Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. Congratulations and best wishes! May your love story be endless. To a life full of love and laughter. Wishing you forever love and joy. May your marriage be truly blessed. Love and light for your new journey. Wishing you everlasting love. Love, laughter, and happily ever after. A lifetime of happiness to you both. Funny/Witty Wedding Card Wishes Marriage means saying "yes dear" for the rest of your life. Best of luck! Congratulations on your decision to never sleep alone again. Enjoy the snoring! Marriage isn't just a word; it's a life sentence. (Just kidding!) May your love be hotter than a jalapeno and sweeter than honey. Congratulations on finding someone to share your Netflix password with! Two became one, and your wallet just got a lot lighter! Wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter, and remote-control battles. They said "forever," not "for every day." Better take a few days off here and there. Marriage: One time you can pay for the rest of your life. Let the bickering, I mean banter, begin! What to Write in a Wedding Card for a Friend? Love and laughter fill your lives always. To love and friendship. Let the "happily ever after" begin! Wishing both of you all the best! Thank you for including me on this special day with you and your family. Congratulations. Remember that night the [funny anecdote about you as friends]? At that moment, I knew you had found "your person". Best wishes to you both! Two of you are made for each other, I’m so glad to see my oldest friend(bride’s name) and my newest friend(groom’s name) tying the knot. What to Write in a Wedding Card for a Best Friend? May you be forever together on the way to the finish line of life. Wishing a lifetime of love, laughter, and making fun of [Groom's name]'s awful dancing together! Wishing you two soulmates a lifetime of Netflix bingeing and Friday night takeaways. Don’t mind me, I’ll be the one sobbing uncontrollably during the ceremony. When we were 16, we were dreaming of what we would do when we grew up, when and who we would marry. Today is the day. You two are meant to be. I couldn't be happier to share in your joy. I'm so proud of you, bestie. [Bride's name] and [Groom's name], I can’t wait to watch you turn into the cutest old married couple. Here’s to love and marriage getting better with every year – and that we all end up in the same nursing home! Over the years, we've been here for each other through countless sleepless nights, sharing all joys and sorrows. We've played together, celebrated birthdays, proms, first kisses, nights out, and travels. We've dismissed sad things and annoying people and things, from studying to working. I'm so happy we've been here for each other. Today is your big day. I hope all the joy in the world awaits you in your later life (if not, most of it). And don't forget, I'm still here. Give me a call if anything. Hey, [Bride's name], I still remember the day we sang together on my childhood bedroom floor. Time flies, and today it's time to walk down the aisle. I'll cherish those days we spent together forever. Of course, hope you two can create more happy memories together. [Bride's name] and [Groom's name], as I look out at your beaming faces surrounded by the loved ones who have witnessed your beautiful romance blossom and evolve, I can't help but dream about the lifetime of memories you have yet to make together. May your days be filled with more joy, intimacy, and laughter than you can imagine. And may your nights never lose that signature spark of flirtatious fun you've always embodied as a couple (just don't have too much celebratory fun tonight - there are families with children present!). You two are the real deal when it comes to soulmates. I can't wait to watch you grow more obsessively in love with each passing year until you're that inseparable, undeniably cute old married couple we all aspire to be. What to Write in a Wedding Card for a Son or Daughter? Hey, [Bride or Groom’s Name], it's time to start learning how to be a good partner. Remember, marriage requires mutual understanding and tolerance. Sometimes you need to bow your head or wash the dishes first. I believe you two can do well. [Bride or Groom’s Name], you have finally found the one who wants to spend his/her life with you. I hope your life is filled not only with sweet cakes but also with the wisdom and courage to work together to overcome life's 'hiccups'. May your married life be both sweet and joyful. Sarah and David - Our family always teased that Sarah was too picky and might never find her perfect match. Then you came, David. She was waiting for a kind, gorgeous guy, and it is you. You and Sarah are made for each other. Jenna and Marco - From the moment we first saw you together, your connection was undeniable. Marco, you're patient and show so much care, supporting all of Jenna's dreams. Jenna, we also see how you help Marco step into more adventures and have more fun. Natalie, you have been the daughter every parent dreams of - accomplished, ethical, beautiful inside and out. Tyler, we've watched you grow into a man of integrity who matches Natalie's spirit and passion. We know you will make an unstoppable team, uplifting each other to achieve amazing things. Sarah and Mike, from the moment you started dating in high school, we knew your bond was lasting. Seeing that childhood sweetness blossom into a profound, selfless love has been one of the greatest joys of our lives as parents. May your marriage be as steady as your decade-long loyalty to each other. Dear Amy, you have always followed your heart purely and bravely, leading you to Sam. Sam, you match Amy's authenticity and passion every step of the way. What an incredible privilege to find your other half in this life. We know your future together will be brilliant and filled with purpose. What to Write in a Wedding Card for a Brother or Sister? For a Sister: Wishing my beautiful sister a lifetime of love and happiness on her wedding day. May your marriage be filled with joy, laughter, and wonderful adventures together. To my amazing sister on her wedding day: Your love story is one for the books. Many happy anniversaries. From first steps to that magical first dance today, you've been the one by my side through all of life's moments, [Sister/Brother]. Your unconditional love for [Spouse's Name] gives me faith that kind of devotion exists. I'm so proud to call you my [sibling]. Sis, growing up I could never have imagined you'd end up marrying my best friend Patrick! But your spirit of adventure and his calm nature are the perfect balance. I can't wait for all the couple fun ahead. For a Brother: To my incredible brother on your wedding: You two are a perfect match. Here's to a lifetime of laughter, adventures, and growing old together. My dear brother, seeing the love you and your spouse share fills my heart with joy. Wishing you both an eternity of marital bliss. Our family has watched you blossom into the incredible person standing here today, [Sister/Brother]. To witness you vow yourself to your One True Love, [Spouse's Name], has been the greatest joy. May life gift you both with endless happiness together. What to Write in a Wedding Card for a Parent? Not many get to witness their parent's love story begin anew, but I'm so grateful to share in this joyous occasion with you both today. Mom, I know Dad is smiling down on us, overjoyed to see you've found happiness again with Graham. Wishing you an eternity of laughter and love together. Anna, thank you for bringing so much light into Dad's life. We're blessed to welcome you into our quirky family today. Here's to making countless new memories! To my wonderful parents - your love has been my greatest example. May this new chapter overflow with even more love and adventure. Over the years, your wisdom has guided me through it all. Now let me return the favor: Never stop pursuing what sets your soul on fire. Love boldly! With hearts as caring as yours, your marriage is already off to an amazing start. Wishing you both immeasurable happiness! Marriage looks great on you two lovebirds! Thanks for showing us all that you're never too old to write your next love story chapter. To my incredible parent(s) - thank you for opening your heart(s) once more and sharing this profound love with us all. Cheers! Dad, remember when I was 8 and you let me perform those made-up wedding vows for you and Mom? Who knew years later I'd actually get to officiate as you married your soulmate, Maria. It's an honour to play this role. Nana, after Pops passed, we worried we'd never see you that vibrant again. But James lit up your world in the most beautiful way. Your joy is infectious - we're so thrilled to officially welcome him into the family. What to Write in a Wedding Card for a Colleague? While I've never met Hannah, I can see your love for her every time you space out daydreaming at your desk. I wish you two lovebirds a long and blissfully distracted life together. Looking forward to the photos to see what all the fuss is about! At least now I'll have an excuse when you start slacking off at work - "Sorry, can't stay late, gotta get home to the wife!" Have fun with that marriage responsibility stuff. We've worked some long nights and crunch times together, but nothing could prepare you for the biggest crunch time of all: marriage. Best of luck to you both! Well, it's finally happened - you've become one of "those" people who can't stop talking about their spouse. Prepare for me to start tuning you out during those "husband this, husband that" monologues! I've enjoyed our subpar bachelor lifestyle while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end. Congrats on wifing it up! They say you lose a boyfriend or girlfriend when they get married, but you gain a nagging mother-in-law-type friend. Which would you prefer from me? You may be also interested in: 1. Get Inspired: 20+ Maid of Honour Speech Examples and Ideas 2024 2. The Ultimate Guide to Groom Wedding Speeches: 25+ Examples,Jokes and quotes for Inspiration 3. 15 Best Examples of Father of the Bride Speeches to Inspire You