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Fashion Alert: How to Style Bike Shorts 2020

Bike shorts: Comfy. Athletic…Stylish? Yes, it’s really true. Bike shorts have gotten very trendy lately, and there are so many different ways to wear them. It’s really no surprise, actually, that bike shorts have become trendy and fashionable. Over the last few years, we’ve seen leggings- what I consider to be the ultimate in comfort- make resurgence and become normal casual attire. Bike shorts, so similar to leggings, then made sense to take over, especially in the summer heat.

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Bike Shorts Trend

There are so many different ways to wear bike shorts that it’s really up to you to find your style. Due to Covid-19 women are spending more time in comfy lounging clothes and athleisurewear than they did before. With no need to dress up to go to work (or get dressed at all!) work from home women have been giving bike shorts a try.

Another reason bike shorts have become such a trend is also because of Covid-19. Because of the risk of contracting the virus, many people are opting to cycle to work instead of take public transportation. This, of course, means that they need something to wear that is not their work clothes (you don’t want to show up to a meeting in clothes you just bicycled in!). What you wear to ride a bike should be practical and functional, and bike shorts fit the bill perfectly.

As an added bonus, of course, bike shorts can be very stylish and come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns. This allows you to show off your personal style, and be on the cutting edge of this emergent trend.

Top 5 Ways to Style Bike Shorts

There are so types of cycling shorts fashion, but if you’re looking for inspiration, look no further. Check out our five favorite ways to style ladies’ cycling shorts.

  • With denim. Denim is one of the most versatile fabrics out there, and bike shorts are one of the most versatile shorts- it’s like a match made in multi-functional heaven! Try pairing high waisted black bike shorts with a classic blue oversized denim jacket for a simple but trendy look.
  • Under a dress. Bike shorts don’t have to be visible for you to take advantage of their great uses in fashion! Try wearing bike shorts under a dress. They’ll keep you covered when the wind gets blustery. They’ll also prevent the dreaded summer thigh chafing that can be so bothersome.
  • With a blazer. Bike short will look sharp and surprisingly professional when you wear them with a blazer. Oversize or standard fit both work. Opt for a placid summery color, like pink, and some chunky jewelry to keep a low key but sophisticated vibe going from day to night.

Bike Shorts With Blazer

  • With an athleisure top. What better way to join the bike shorts trend then to wear them with another piece of athletic clothing? I’m partial to quarter zip athleisure shirts, but you can find the style that suits you best. You can even wear them with your favorite racer back tank, or even just a sports bra. You’ll be ready for whatever summer throws at you with this outfit.
  • With a gorgeous blouse. Pair bike shorts with a beautiful, lightweight blouse for a great trendy summer look. You can mix and match colors and styles for all sorts of great outfits to last you all season long.

    The Best Bike Shorts for You

    Are you looking for some high quality fun bike shorts? Take a look at these three great options.

     1. Sexy Workout Bike Shorts for Women with High Waist. Check out these multi color tie dye bike shorts. They are everything you need to add an extra bit of oomph to your outfit.

    2. Looking for something just a little bit less flashy than neon tie dye? Thant’s okay, there are great picks for you, as well. Take these Women's Tight Quick-Drying Sports Leggings for Yoga, for example. They come in four colors: black, deep grey, purple orchid, and sapphire blue, so you can even buy one of each color. These bike shorts are especially great for yoga and working out, because they are made of quick drying material and have great stretch to move with you as you exercise.

    3. How about these Women's Short High Waist Elastic Yoga Leggings for Sports? These bike shorts hit just above the knee, and have a high waist, so they look very trendy. You have a choice of three colors for these comfortable shorts: green, black, and pink.

      While these are my favorite bike shorts, there are so many more options out there. Take a look at our full bike short collection – you are bound to find something at suits your style and the current bike short trend.

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