8 Stunning Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2024

8 Stunning Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2024

First of all, Happy New Year to you all! 2024 has finally arrived and with it come many postponed parties and celebrations including weddings. Speaking of weddings, we want yours to be the best in every possible aspect, and that includes, of course, your bridesmaids.

This blog has the objective of helping you select the most appropriate dresses for your girls team, including some trends for bridesmaid dresses in the UK and a selection of eight beautiful picks that are not only affordable but also absolutely fashionable!

In this article:

  • The 8 Stunning Bridesmaid Dress Trends That Will Rule in 2024
  • How to Create the Most Gorgeous Girls Lineup at Your Wedding
  • 8 Dresses That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

bridemaids in navy blue bridesmaid dresses

The 8 Stunning Bridesmaid Dress Trends That Will Rule in 2024

Before introducing you to the 8 stars of the blog we’ve especially picked for you, let’s see the 8 trends for the ideal bridesmaid dress in the UK which will help you decide what dress best fits your girl friends.


  • Green bridesmaid dress: this beautiful tone is perfect if you want your bridesmaids to look different and original. A dark yet elegant colour, olive green is harmonic and looks good both on light and dark skins, making it a perfect choice if your group of friends are of a variety of skin tones.


  • Dusty rose bridesmaid dress: yeah, we know! Dusty rose bridesmaid dresses shout classic, but it’s a classic colour for a reason, isn’t it? What better way to make your bridesmaids look sweet than with dusty rose dresses? Besides, the colour matches white (your dress, of course!) perfectly well. What’s more, it goes well with every skin tone.


  • Satin bridesmaid dress: Satin is a delicate fabric that always looks so sexy! With its natural shine, satin dresses do not need any addition to decorate them. They are just enough to make your bridesmaids look wonderful!


  • Pleated bridesmaid dress: pleated styles are on trend this 2024, especially in the bust area. The magic of pleated dresses lies on the fact that they add decoration to the dress and there’s no need to add much. If you don’t feel like wearing jewelry, then here are some good news for you: you don’t need to!


  • One shoulder bridesmaid dress: bold, sexy, elegant…all in one. One shoulder dresses are not for everyone: you should be ready to embrace that strange feeling of wearing your outfit in an irregular style. For this style, it is not recommended to add necklaces, but you can totally go for some striking earrings!


  • Sequined and shiny bridesmaid dresses: if you want your bridesmaids to be on the spotlight, then some shine will do the job. Shiny fabrics always make dresses look impressive, but if you want to take a step further, then sequins are the answer. Again, no need to add much decoration here: the dress will do it all!


  • Mix-and-match: this is a great option if you want to impress your guests with your bridesmaids! It is also a great choice if your team is varied in terms of age, height, body shape, etc., because by mixing and matching the dresses, every maid will be able to choose their own style. Choose a colour and let them do the rest! Easy task, isn’t it?


  • Sleeveless bridesmaid dress: fresh, comfortable and sexy. Sleeveless dresses are perfect for hot weathers. They are classic and never get old!

    bridesmaids in pink bridesmaid dresses

    How to Create the Most Gorgeous Girls Lineup at Your Wedding

    We’ve read so far about the 2024 trends for bridesmaids: from the classic pink bridesmaid dress to one-shoulder dresses to sequins. You can analyze those 8 trends and choose the ones that are more appropriate. So now, how can you create a gorgeous girls lineup at your wedding? Well, of course everything has to do with the dress, but before choosing it, here’s a list of tips to take into account:

    • Ask your girls what they’d like. Before making the final decision, take them into consideration. They will guide you towards the best choice. Remember that a woman in a dress that doesn’t feel comfortable, will not shine. You don’t want that, right?

    • The dress colour is vital, but you should let them choose. Again, if your bridesmaids wear a colour they don’t like at all, it will show. If the colour they choose is not what you like, you can always negotiate on different tones! Typical colours are pink, sage, burgundy, lavanda, light brown.

    • Accessories need to match. The dress is not everything: jewelry, shoes, purses and hairstyle need to match so that there’s harmony. For that reason, everything should be considered beforehand. If the dress is simple, you can select attractive jewelry. If you chose sequined or shiny bridesmaid dresses, then you can opt for simpler jewelry or even none at all. With makeup and hairstyle is similar: colourful styles for simpler dresses and basic, nude tones for brighter and attractive dresses.

    • The underwear is important as well. This might sound silly, but there’s nothing worst than wearing the wrong bra or panties during a celebration. Depending on the dress style, make sure your girls wear comfortable underwear. For example, for one-shoulder dresses, they need to make sure the bra is supportive yet comfortable.

      bridesmaid dresses

      8 Dresses That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

      We’ve now seen it all: sage green bridesmaid dresses, double V-neckline bridesmaid dresses, long bridesmaid dresses…and the list goes on and on. You should now be more than ready to take a look at out picks for you. Come join us!


      Women's Double V-Neck Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dress with Short Sleeve
      • This romantic and elegant dress comprises a beautiful empire waist style, a double V-neckline and ruffle sleeves with a high-low hemline made of tulle. It features a concealed zipper and it is not padded. A great option for your bridesmaids!

        Cold Shoulder Pleated A-line Bridesmaid Dress
        • This option offers another elegant choice: it features cold shoulders with spaghetti straps and a pleated bodice which adds decoration by itself. The layered skirt provides the dress with elegant volume. This impressive dress is not padded and it has a concealed zipper up the back.

          Chiffon One Shoulder Maxi Long Bridesmaid Dresses for Women
          • Another stunning bridesmaid dress option is this one-shoulder gown with many details: a ruched sweetheart neckline, a flowery strap and a layered floor-length skirt. With so many details, there’s no additions needed, right? The dress has a concealed zipper and is padded enough, so let’s tell your bridesmaids to forget about uncomfortable bras!

            Fashion Long Chiffon One Shoulder Evening Dresses
            • Continuing with one-shoulder styles, here’s another option! This one’s a bit simpler than the previous one, but not less elegant. This beautiful dress features a ruched bust and a lace that goes from the shoulder to the floor, adding a very special effect. The dress has a concealed zipper and can be worn with no bra as it’s padded.

              Women's Double V-Neck Fishtail Seuqin Evening Dress
              • Let’s get it started! I’m talking about sequins, of course. This sexy bridesmaid dress is made of tulle and has a shimmery leave design that adds an elegant yet romantic touch to the outfit. The double deep V-neckline and the mermaid skirt also add to the beautiful style. The dress is not padded and has a concealed zipper up the back.

                Sleeveless Grecian Style Formal Evening Dresses for Women
                • What’s not to love about this Greek-style bridesmaid dress! It features a deep V-neckline, cap sleeves, a sequined belt and a flowy skirt. Everything we love is here! The dress comprises a concealed zipper and it is padded.

                  Women's Sexy V-Neck Shiny Evening Dresses with Long Sleeve
                  • Here’s our favourite choice! As we mentioned before, long sleeves made your bridesmaids look totally elegant, especially if they are puff sleeves! The dress also comprises a V-neckline, a delicate ruching in the waist area and is made of shimmery fabric. Your bridesmaids will love it too! It has a concealed zipper.

                    V Neck Sleeveless Pleated Chiffon Evening Dress
                    • A solid, simple yet elegant bridesmaid dress is never outdated, right? This beautiful gown is made of chiffon and features a V-neckline and a ruched waist area. If you want to keep it simple, this is the way to go!


                    As you can see, there are many different options for you to choose your favourite. Available in different colours and sizes, all our dresses are designed with high-quality fabrics and, of course, with love!

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