12 Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2024

12 Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2024

You must have seen a lot of amazing wedding dress pictures in 2022 and wonder how these brides came up with a selection. Were they motivated by their body size, skin type, or was it a conceived idea? It is always a tough choice to say yes to "the dress."

It would be best to consider several factors when settling for a wedding dress. Should you have a sophisticated design, a simple wedding dress, or a boho wedding dress? There are a lot of concepts on the internet that would make a bride feel like a princess. What is the best wedding dress for 2024 you should consider looking at?

This article will be looking at 12 top wedding dress trends for 2024 and how to choose a wedding dress in 2024.

In this article:

  • What style of wedding dress will be popular in 2024?
  • How to choose a wedding dress for your wedding style?
  • Top 5 wedding dresses you can't miss out on

What style of wedding dress will be popular in 2024?

"On her wedding day, a woman should be certain that she has found a dress that makes her feel confident and above all else, beautiful." – Carolina Herrera.

The year 2020 was a traumatic year for supposed-to-be brides and wedding dress designers, as many weddings were postponed due to the COVID 19 outbreak. However, activities started taking shape in 2021, with few styles hitting the stores and pictures of some wedding dress styles blooming on the internet.

However, judging by what we saw in 2021, brides explored their options shuffling from bold colours, adventurous hemlines, and conceived ideas in an attempt to bring their A-game to their wedding floors. A lot of brides challenged the wedding norms of wearing a white dress and flavored up their outfits to their preferences.

a bride with bouquet

With 2024 underway, ranking from simple wedding dress to boho wedding dress, there are tons of fascinating wedding dress styles to pick from. Brides are at liberty to choose what style works for them. Would they prefer to choose sleeves (Long and short sleeves), short or long?

According to our research, despite the changes in and the desire to look unique, most brides prefer to settle for long wedding dresses in 2024.

It is challenging to pick a perfect wedding dress for the variety of available options in the market. However, here are the top 12 wedding dress trends you won't want to miss out on:

  • Puff and bell sleeves

For most brides, their wedding day should be a memorable event with them being the sight of attraction in every picture. Although the puff and bell sleeves are not a new dress style, 2022 saw a lot of brides help make a trend, and the style already seems promising in 2024.

  • Off-the-shoulder

Since off-the-shoulder made its debut in the wedding dress genre, fashion designers have modified and transformed the style into a lifetime trend. 2024 will be another year to see how fashion designers can blend this style to make innovative simple wedding dresses and also boho wedding dresses.

  • Corset bodice

After all, one of the primary functions of wedding dresses is to make the bride look elegant, and corset bodice dresses have been renowned for their art. This dress will be a trend for wedding dresses in 2024.

  • Sexy silhouettes

As the name implies, the dress is designed to make a bride look sexy on her big day. It has a history among some renowned celebrities and in 2024, see the trend continue.

  • Bridal suits and separates

However, this came into the trend of wedding dresses; it is also a style that some brides have settled for in recent times instead of traditional wedding dresses. 2024 will see more brides adopting the new trend and rocking it on their big day.

  • Short hemlines

Although not most brides' favorite, the short hemlines despite their criticism have started receiving some recognition.

  • Bows

In recent times, the runway has been filled with brides making appearances with dresses fashioned with bows.

  • Square necklines

Square necklines are one way to exhibit elegance, and most brides have opted for that option in the search for making their audience go "wow" on them. According to most fashion designers, it will be a trending style for wedding dresses in 2024.

  • Thigh slit

Some brides feel proud to show off their sexy thighs. The thigh slit style has been a trend for ages and still looks promising and is a preferred option for some 2024 brides.

  • Embroidered florals

A bold step away from traditional wear, some brides have opted for the floral option, giving them a unique feel on their wedding day.

  • Asymmetrical ruffles

This dress helps provide some playful yet romantic scenes on the runway. Ruffle wedding dresses are about adding drama to the bride's taste, and it is most likely going to be a trend in 2024.

  • Minimalist styles

We have seen a lot of trends fade away, but one thing that remained is the minimalist style. Some bride wants to look simple and enjoy all that comes with it. This was and will still be a trend for many years.

How to choose a wedding dress for your wedding style?

a bride is choosing the wedding dress

As a bride, it is essential that you look beautiful as well as feel comfortable in whatever dress they put on. Unfortunately, selecting a wedding dress in 2024 that fulfills both tasks and much more is tedious, so the following criteria should be considered.

  • Research

The first thing a bride needs to do when choosing a wedding dress is research and explore their options. For example, should a bride choose a simple wedding dress or boho wedding dress? This way, they can find what works for them. When making a choice, the bride should also have in mind the theme and location of the wedding.

In addition, it will be helpful if at least three adjectives can be established that best describe your dream wedding dress. By doing that, the list will be narrowed down, and the bride can choose.

  • Body Shape

Another important thing a bride needs to note while choosing a wedding dress in 2024 is what style best suits their body shape. It's common to fall head over heels for a wedding dress you see online, but when you try it on, it won't compliment your shape or provide you with the best look for your big day.

  • Dress Style

The style of the dress you wear matters a lot. The bride should pick dresses that suit their style and personality instead of choosing new styles you won't be comfortable with. Apart from the bride's taste, it would be best to consider other factors like the wedding theme and the venue style. For example, the dress you wear at a church wedding will most likely be different from what you wear at a court wedding.

  • Budget

When choosing a wedding dress, the bride should make sure the dress they are interested in fits their budget. The bride should try as much as possible to consider their budget to avoid falling in love with a wedding dress that they can't afford as this will only break their heart. Also, avoid falling into debt in trying to buy a dream wedding dress.

Top 5 wedding dresses you can't miss out on

Our list of 5 wedding dresses you should consider getting:

  • Double V Neck Lace Bodice Floor Length Tulle Wedding Dress

Double V Neck Lace Bodice Floor Length Tulle Wedding Dress

This wedding dress is designed with a sexy deep V-neck. It is a sleeveless gown with some flower decoration that gives it a glamorous look. Characterized with an A-line silhouette, the tulle simple wedding dress is designed to make a bride feel like the prettiest bride in the world.

Built with polyester, the dress is concealed a Zipper Up the Back, and it is padded with lining so that bride does not worry about her skin being revealed, the Tulle dress fabric does not stretch.

  •  Flutter Sleeve Sweetheart Fit and Flare Wedding Dress

Flutter Sleeve Sweetheart Fit and Flare Wedding Dress

This stunning wedding dress showcases the sheer embroidered upper part. It comes with a keyhole back and flutters sleeves. Structured with a banded waist and ends with a firm fit and flare skirt. Made from polyester, the dress is Concealed a Zipper Up the Back and is padded with lining. The Fabric is High Stretch and will make a bride look outstanding.

  •  Long Sleeve Applique Wedding Dress

sheer long sleeve wedding dress

This stunning boho wedding dress is well-designed with applique. It comes with sheer long sleeves, and a low back. A long A-line skirt characterizes the dress to spice it up. The fabric is low-stretch and polyester.

  •  V Neck Off Shoulder Applique Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to be the talk of the day, so this dress is a reliable option. Despite being a simple wedding dress, the applique wedding dress is mind-blowing. It is designed with mesh sleeves that are cinched at the wrist and extra trim. In addition, this long dress is characterized by a glitter effect to add sparkle to the bride.

The wedding dress comprises polyester, and the fabric is no stretch. It is concealed a Zipper Up the Back and will make the bride look fabulous.

  •  Romantic V Back Mermaid Lace Wedding Dress

Romantic V Back Mermaid Lace Wedding Dress

Look and feel stunning with this boho wedding dress. The sheer bell cuffs long sleeves dress is designed with all-over floral lace and a low back. It is flavored with an amazing fit and flare skirt that displays elegance. The V Back Mermaid Lace wedding dress is an option for most brides.

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