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4 Super Popular Fashion Trends Spotted on TikTok

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The fall-winter 2021-2022 Fashion Week has kicked off. But on TikTok, fashion enthusiasts didn't wait until New York Fashion Week to post their videos containing their TikTok outfits. Because if there is one thing to know about trendy tiktokers, it's that they are always one step ahead of the fashion calendar. Logically, they do not even rely on it since they live in a (digital) world apart.

Fashion advise, anecdotes, clips sometimes calibrated as advertising spots: tiktokers translate their passion through videos that are "reposted" and reinterpreted by others. In no time at all, these clips usually become viral challenges at the origin of fashion trends, some of which do not even suspect the origin. Have you noticed the Y2K revival? We say thank you to Fashion TikTok.

As for its members? It is at the base of the anonymous ones which passed to the status of reference in the matter. Other times, it's fashion influencers landing on other platforms such as Instagram or YouTube, such as influencer Sherlina Nym.

And if fashion is now omnipresent on the application formerly focused on music content, the turning point was observed during the first confinement. 2 billion downloads of the TikTok app in Q1 2020. No wonder at a time when outings were banned, pushing us to (re) discover the nooks and crannies of our room or our kitchen ... and to find entertainment in TikTok challenges to change information on evolution of the Covid. From home, fashion addicts offered innovative digital content related to TikTok clothing trends while the fashion world was in slow motion.

The rise of TikTok over the past two years has really changed everything in the fashion world. With even more instantaneity than Instagram, TikTok has thus become the vehicle for micro-trends, i.e. small fashion trends that go viral very quickly, but which do not necessarily have medium or medium reach. long term.

But what is interesting to note is that even without lasting a long time, these trends have a certain link with wider currents - for example, this summer, the nostalgia for 2 very different eras: the Y2K (the fashion of early 2000s) and the 1970s.


Here are the 4 fashion trends of the moment on TikTok. As these trends are unlikely to last very long, instead of revamping your wardrobe, I simply suggest incorporating a few elements of these into your look, or even buy second hand.

1. The Coconut Girl style

fashion trends 2021 uk

The Coconut Girl look is inspired by Hawaii and is slightly retro. This style is inspired by surf / beach movies from the turn of the 2000s such as Blue Crush and Aquamarine. On the surface, at the very least, the typical Coconut Girl has nothing to worry about ... and she's making the most of the summer!

Some elements of the Coconut Girl style that you can adopt:

The Coconut Girl look is inspired by Hawaii and is slightly retro. This style is inspired by surf / beach movies from the turn of the 2000s such as Blue Crush and Aquamarine. On the surface, at the very least, the typical Coconut Girl has nothing to worry about ... and she's making the most of the summer!

Some elements of the Coconut Girl style that you can adopt:

  • Joyful colors reminiscent of the beach: pink, soft green, fluorescent yellow, turquoise blue, etc.
  • Tropical prints: palm trees, hibiscus flowers, etc.
  • Bucket hat style hats, also called Gilligan hats
  • Crochet clothes, for example swimwear tops
  • Cropped tops
  • Mini shorts and mini skirts
  • Butterfly and dolphin patterns
  • Tie dye
  • Terry cloth (the usual towel fabric)
  • Beach hair, with bleached locks, mini braids, beach waves, etc.
  • Shell jewelry
  • A shiny and glittery makeup

2. The tennis player look

2021 fashion trends casual uk

This look offers an image that is both refined and athletic, with a preppy feel. But to adopt this on-trend style, you don't have to be sporty either!
Some elements of the tennis player style that you can take back:

  • Lots of white, worn with "tennis" green
  • Little pleated tennis skirts (they're everywhere on TikTok!)
  • Sports "skorts"
  • Polo shirts in pale or pastel colors - even better if they are cropped
  • V-neck or hoodie sweaters, a little oversized, tucked into the skirt
  • High white sports socks, worn with white sneakers
  • Sports sweaters with a stand-up collar and zipper
  • The bucket hat is also perfect for this trend! Simply, it will be rather plain (and even preferably white) rather than with tropical prints like the Coconut Girl
  • Mini handbags


3. The gothic college look

smart black dress for funeral

The college girl look comes back periodically, so it's no surprise it's back this summer. But instead of being colorful and vibrant, this time it has a little something dark - not so much in the spirit, but more in the aesthetics: the gothic college girl is in full this girl who for years, dreamed that she would receive her letter to go to Hogwarts. Her image is therefore studious, but also a little punk at the same time. We're definitely more in the Scottish uniform style than Cher and Dionne in the movie Clueless.

Some elements of the Gothic college style that you can use:

  • The pleated mini skirt is also the heart of this look, but it's plaid / tartan, usually in a fairly dark fabric
  • Wool tank tops, including checkered
  • Corsets
  • Tops that tie in the neck (mini-buckle, mini-tie, etc.)
  • The mini-blazers
  • The badges
  • Black opaque or mesh tights
  • Chunky black shoes
  • Black accessories or even with chains
  • Dr. Martens style boots
  • Backpacks

4. The Cottagecore

elegant evening dresses uk

This style is the fashion equivalent of the "cluttercore" trend I talked about a few months ago. It is therefore a maximalist trend, but also and above all a trend whose essence is to bring up to date the aesthetic of "grandmother" (if your grandmother liked to have picnics in the countryside among wildflowers while reading a book by Jane Austen, anyway!).
Some elements of the Cottagecore style that you can use:

  • Little floral dresses
  • The ruffles
  • Puff sleeves
  • Lace and frills
  • English embroidery
  • Midi skirts and maxi dresses (especially those reminiscent of jackets)
  • Ribbons and scarves
  • Linen and other more natural fabrics like cotton
  • Pale colors (white, beige, old pink, pale blue, etc.)
  • Hats and straw bags
  • Loose silhouettes
  • Claudine collars

Moreover, thanks to TikTok, clothing houses even have an exceptional showcase due to videographers but also to this very particular algorithm. Spiral print pants that you saw in a TikTok video keep popping up over and over again in your feed? Logically, the algorithm of the Chinese application is tuned according to what you "like". Many fast-fashion brands therefore have every interest in landing on TikTok to capture their customers, and it's done. They "repost" the content of their customers there and even create their own hashtag, like the Italian Gucci who tags its videos with #GucciBeloved, where we find all the images of the launch of its Beloved collection. The English brand House of Sunny even shared a mini-video announcing "exclusive to TikTok" of a 30% discount code that can be used on its e-shop. The strength of the application is that its fashion tiktokers are more powerful than the brands. They express their own vision of fashion and each tackles the subject as they wish. In a theoretical, parodic, quite simply recreational, or hyper-worked way: the personalities of Fashion TikTok are even new 2.0 fashion icons acclaimed by brands and followed by the masses.

How to talk about Fashion TikTok without talking about Wisdom Kaye? He is the most influential fashion tiktoker, and even the most transcendent. His approach? It's about experimenting with layering, filming videos like a fashion show, or dancing challenges. With its 6.3 million followers, Wisdom Kaye can boast of being more followed than the official account of the houses Dior (followed by 1.3M Internet users) and Gucci (1.4M subscribers). The ultimate proof of his dazzling success, this king of Fashion TikTok signed to the model agency IMG Models. Just that.

In the end, TikTok is not just an ordinary social media platform. It goes further than that. This is a very effective fashion trend buzzer.



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