Why Are Autumn Weddings So Popular 2020

Why Are Autumn Weddings So Popular 2020

Autumn is a beautiful time to have a wedding. The leaves are changing into golden and red hues and the stifling hot humidity of summer gives way to the crisp, refreshing autumn breeze. It is no wonder, then that autumn weddings are steadily gaining in popularity. Combine that with this year’s corona virus pushing back spring and summer celebrations into the fall, and the stage is set for a robust wedding season. Check out some reasons behind autumn’s wedding popularity, and get some great autumn wedding ideas below.

Reasons Why Autumn Weddings are So Popular


Autumn weddings are becoming more popular in nature. So what reasons are there that autumn weddings are so popular?

1. The weather. As mentioned above, autumn has great weather. It is not hot like summer, so it can be more comfortable to have a wedding outdoors. The season is very beautiful, as well, so it always looks great when wedding theme matches the season. Fall usually doesn’t have much rain, either, so the weather is likely to be good.

2. The effect of the corona virus. Like previously mentioned, because of the corona virus, many people who had scheduled their weddings for the spring and summer of this year could not hold them. Instead, they’ve pushed them to the fall. Thankfully, autumn is a great time for a wedding, so this is not all bad news.

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3. The DIY possibilities. The DIY options for an autumn wedding are practically endless. There is so much autumn wedding inspiration in nature. You can incorporate leaves, pinecones, and more into your wedding décor, and even include seasonal flowers in your bouquet. Incorporate beautiful leaves in everything from the invitations to the place cards and thank- you notes. Adding real pieces of nature really liven up some otherwise plain options, and as a bonus doesn’t cost you anything.

4. Fewer schedule conflicts. With graduations, summer vacations, and more out of the way, the fall is a great time to plan for a wedding. There are bound to be fewer conflicting events in the fall compared to earlier in the year. This is great for your schedule and the schedule of all of the guests you would like to invite to join you on your special day.

5. An autumn wedding can be great for your wallet, as well. Often there are deals that you can get on venues or services in the fall, because as great as autumn is, summer still reigns supreme as wedding season. Use this to your advantage and seek out any sales, deals, discounts, or rebates you can find.

6. More dress options. One of the great things about the cooler weather for an autumn wedding is that your options for dresses are expanded. It is much more practical to wear long sleeves in the autumn instead of the summer, if you are looking for a dress with sleeves. Additionally, you have a wider variety of fabric options, including luxurious picks like velvet, which would not work out well for a wedding that took place in spring or summer.


Amazing Autumn Wedding Ideas

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why autumn weddings are so popular. Need some inspiration for your autumn wedding? Check out these amazing autumn wedding ideas.

1. Autumn wedding decorations. Decorations for your autumn wedding can incorporate the rich, warm color scheme of fall leaves. From bold reds to summery yellows, there is a perfect hue there for your color scheme. This means things like incorporating these colors into your centerpieces and flowers. Bring in pumpkins and gourds as, well, to decorate with, to really get into the fall feeling of it.

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2. DIY opportunities. As mentioned above, autumn is a great season for DIY because there are so many useful and beautiful things to be found in nature during this season. Try using leaves that you find as part of your centerpieces- this is a practical and economic way to liven up your décor and it looks great, as well.

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3.Autumn bridesmaids’ dresses. The cooler season opens up a wide variety of options for beautiful bridesmaids dresses that complement your wedding colors and theme. Try bridesmaids dresses at Ever Pretty that come in rich jewel tones, like burgundy, or luxurious colors like gold and orange. Like the bride’s dress, autumn affords more options to bridesmaids’ dresses, as well, like sleeves and rich fabrics.

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4. Seasonal food. Pumpkin soup, hot cider, delicious root vegetables, and more, autumn is great for seasonal foods. You can incorporate these seasonal foods and more, into your wedding reception, and the theme of the food will keep with the overall autumnal feel of your wedding. Try out richer foods, like macaroni and cheese, and offer up seasonal pies, apple cider donuts, and more as dessert.

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