What to Wear to a Summer Wedding 2020

by Rachel Lawrence March 18, 2020 4 min read

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If you have been invited to a summer wedding this year, you’re probably starting to think of the guest outfit to attend the party, am I right? Unless there’s a specific dress code in the invitation, you can choose the color that best suits your personality, be it dark or bright. There’s only one color restriction: white, of course.

This article works as guides for choosing wedding guest dresses uk, giving you a panoramic idea of the most fashionable summer wedding guest dresses 2020 and some tips on how to choose the perfect dress for your summer wedding 2020.

Guides for choosing perfect summer wedding guest dresses

With the objective of helping you choose the perfect summer dress for the wedding you’ve been invited to, we designed these guides for choosing wedding guest dresses uk for you follow and achieve your mission: getting the best dress for the summer party! Take a look at the rules for choosing a dress:

  • Choose light fabrics: don’t choose dresses that are too warm and could be perfect for winter. Remember that you will dance, drink and eat, and therefore your body temperature will be higher than usual so the lighter the fabric, the more comfortable you’ll feel.
  • Dare to choose short dresses: in general, we tend to choose long dresses when invited to a wedding, but bear in mind that short dresses can be as elegant and appropriate as long dresses if combined correctly with the shoes and accessories.
  • Choose the right color: Although most weddings are celebrated at night, many summer weddings take place during the day. For this reason, choosing the right colors is essential. For the day try to go for light or pastel colors and leave the darker and brighter colors for night parties.
  • Stick to your style: don’t try to fit into a dress that doesn’t match your likes and personality. The first rule for a dress is that it makes you feel yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable or feel awkward, it’s not for you. Next!

Wedding Guest outfits trends 2020: Perfect Summer Looks

Looking for some ideas for your next summer wedding party this 2020? Here’s a list of 2020’s party dress trends and some examples for different styles of stunning wedding guest dresses for the summer.

  • One of the most common dress trends this 2020 is embroidery or sequined torsos on the bust or back. Nowadays we see more and more dresses featuring a plain skirt with no special details since it is the top part the one that carries all the glamour.
  • Fully Sequined dresses are also a fashionable trend this year. Although it can be a bit too much for some women, dresses completely covered in sequins are usually the star of the night.
  • Thigh slits are another trendy style. Apart from adding a sexy touch, they provide a comfortable style for freely walking and dancing in the party.
  • Tulle and gauze are two typical fabrics this year: the more, the better.
  • V-neckline, a never-ending classic. This type of neckline is coming stronger than ever this year.

Top summer wedding guest dresses 2020

Now that you’ve already had a look at some summer wedding outfits and at the essential rules for choosing a summer dress, let’s see some available summer wedding guest dresses 2020 for you to choose from.

  1. Romantic V-Neck Tulle Dress

This gorgeous dusty blue floor-length dress features a lovely sequined bust with a double deep v-neckline and a romantic flowy tulle skirt. As it is padded, you can wear this gown with no bra. You can wear this sweet, romantic dress for both day and night parties and one thing’s for sure: you’ll feel like a princess from a fairytale.

  1. Classic, Elegant Knee-Length Dress

As classic at this dress is, it can be a life-saver when you have no idea what to wear and your style is classic. You can comfortably wear it with no bra since it’s slightly padded. It features an elegant V-neckline and a flowy, tulle skirt. Dare to wear this elegant short dress that will make you feel absolutely comfortable! You can choose between burgundy, lavender, peach, sapphire blue, white and more.

  1. Sexy One Shoulder Long Dress

Ethereal and flowy, this sexy yet sweet dress features delicate ruffles that enhance the movement of the design with a one-shoulder neckline. Fully lined and padded in the bust for no bra option, this dress has an adjustable tie around the waist that can be removed. All in all, it’s a very adaptable design for you to wear the way you like it better. Choose from grey, sky blue, navy blue and burgundy.

  1. Dream-Like Double V-Neck Dress

Want to feel like a princess from a fairytale story? Apart from the first option, this is another one: a floor-length tulle dress with a full skirt, a double V-neckline and a belt that enhances your waist. Simple yet stunning. What makes it even more sophisticated are the blush tones from which you can choose: purple orchid, blush, grey, burgundy, lavender, teal and more.

  1. Elegant Cap Sleeve Evening Dress

This stunningly elegant chiffon floor-length dress features delicate lace cap sleeves, a sweet lace decoration around the neckline and a runching in the bust and waist that creates a figure-flattering shape together with the floor-length skirt. With the wide variety of colors this dress offers, there will be no reason to say no: sky blue, mint green, sapphire blue, blush, red, dusty blue and more.

Rachel Lawrence
Rachel Lawrence

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