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Paris Fashion Week F/W 2020 Reviews

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If there is one week long fashion show that the entire world looks forward to every year, it's the Semaine des Créateurs de Mode or otherwise known as the Paris Fashion Week.

The Paris Fashion Week or PFW forms part of the "Big 4" global fashion events along with the Milan, London and New York fashion shows.

The Paris Fashion Week holds a couple of editions each year. The Autumn/Winter and the Spring/Summer editions. The latter was held this year from the 24th of February to the 3rd of March and as always it was an event full of glitz, glamour and razmataz. Enjoy this Paris Fashion Week review.

Reviews for Paris Fashion Week 2020

The PFW was awash with many fashion designers with famous labels like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Miu Miu all presenting their wares in typical glitzy fashion. Here's a Paris Fashion Week review of the highlighted fashion designers performance at the yearly event.

  • The Human Wall of Fashion History by Louis Vuitton

The 3rd of March saw the PFW come to a climax with a curious cinematic display by Louis Vuitton. During this Ready-to-wear category, there were as many as 200 people clad in eclectic fashion. Each person seemed to highlight the different eras of fashion design evolution and history.

Fashion designs from the 15th century spanning through to the 20th century were on display in the human wall of fashion history. However, runway models showcased a number of exclusive Louis Vuitton designs. These designs include loose, tiger print knee-length silk fabric dresses, pin-striped pants and multicoloured ski jackets. Models also displayed chic black leather ankle boots by Louis Vuitton.

  • CC Branded Face Masks

As the coronavirus scare continues to reverberate around the world. The Paris Fashion Week was not spared the heat as many of the regular fashion editors and VIPs that would ordinarily be at the event were conspicuously absent.

However, one of the ironic inspirations from Paris Fashion win 2020 was the wearing of Chanel branded face masks by some of those guests that did show up. It was clear that the coronavirus outbreak had an effect on Chanel as their designer - Virginie Viard had a simple and low-key presentation.

Definitely a far departure from the glitzy, razmataz that the late Karl Lagerfeld (mentor and predecessor to Virginie Viard) was known for.

  • Lots of Fun with Miu Miu

In contrast to Chanel, Miu Miu was somewhat of a breath of fresh air with a more lively display. With Raf Simons now hired as a co-creative director, a lot of people were curious to see what the Belgian had to offer.

Miu Miu did not disappoint with a display of brightly coloured garments, silky gowns and faux animal fur. The happy-go-lucky design style of Miu Miu was one of the standout  fashion designs at the PFW.

  • '90s Making a Comeback with Saint Laurent

The '90s was an era of daring outfits and Anthony Vaccarello of Saint Laurent drew inspiration from this period with some reinventions. With sharp shoulder-padded jackets, Bralettes, latex pants and thigh-high boots making the rounds on the catwalk.

According to Vaccarello, he wanted to bring back the sexy, elegant and in his words "well-behaved" look of the '90s night-life.  In truth, it seemed to work like a charm.

  • Givenchy Holds The Torch for Femininity

Flowing gowns and dresses was the theme of Givenchy's display at the PFW 2020. Claire Waight Keller emphasising the colours of red, white and black in her designs. Indeed this was a day were femininity was in full display on the catwalk.

A variety of outfits and styles were showcased. It was a day for women to be bold with stylish suits, sequins and feathers. There were even amazing accessories on show like large hats, fanciful bags and gorgeous looking sandals.

Learn the New Dresses Trends from Paris Fashion Week

The Spring/Summer edition of Paris Fashion Week may have come and gone, but the memories of the event are sure to live on long into 2020.

This PFW featured a number of well-known and relatively new fashion designers. What was interesting to note in this year's event was the sheer diversity and eccentricity of the designs on display.

Here are a few new dress trends in 2020 that you should look forward to.

  • Get Stuck In Net This Year

Fashion designs with one form of my or the other are bound to be trendy in 2020. Whether it is a netted skirt or blouse, you can be sure to more net inspired fashion this year. What's more, netted clothing accessories like netted crossbody bags are expected to be one of the inspirations from Paris Fashion Week 2020.

  • Stay Neutral If In Doubt

Clothing with neutral colours are more than likely to be trendy in 2020. You can never go wrong when you go neutral as you create a balance in your clothing style. It doesn't matter if you are formally or casually dressed, neutral colours will compliment your dress sense. Your clothing accessories including hand bags, shoes, head gears and belts can also come in neutral colours this year.

  • Bras?, Bralette Rules!

While bras are not likely to ever go out of style. This year the Bralette may just give bras a long overdue break. Those uncomfortable underwire bras can now take a back seat in 2020 for the more comfortable Bralette. Expect to see a number of Bralette designs made from all sorts of fabric from velvet to lace knit designs.

  • Footwear from Runway to your Home

If there was anything that was learnt from the PFW is that we should expect to see a resurgence of retro, funky style footwear. Furry style footwear seems sure to be a trend in 2020. Retro style black leather boots and  shoes with studs/brooches are sure to add some bling to your dresses this year.

  • Flowing Evening Gowns

Evening gowns are an evergreen clothing item in most women's wardrobe. Fortunately, the PFW saw designers showcase a number of elegant evening gowns. So if you are looking for a formal evening dress to match the occasion of your outing, then you could never go wrong with an ankle length gown.

  • Roughing it out with Ruffs in 2020

Ruffs have always been a classic. At the PFW, dresses with Elizabethan Ruffs were on show by different designers. This timeless design style seems to be making a comeback as one of the new dress trends in 2020, so you might want to take note.

Inspirations from Paris Fashion Week

When it comes down to the inspirations from the PFW, you do not have to look farther than the assortment of evening gowns that were on show from multiple fashion designers. If you were not at the PFW, but you would like a taste of evening gowns similar to those displayed at the event, you can take a look at these evening gowns from the stable of Ever Pretty.

  • Floor Length Sequin Evening Dress with Thigh High Slit
responsive image demo

Every woman wants to look stylish and elegant in an evening gown. That is what the Floor Length Sequin Evening Dress with Thigh High Slit offers you.

The thigh high slit makes this a truly provocative and daring evening gown. It comes with lining that is exquisitely done to accentuate your natural curves when this dress is worn.

This evening gown is made from nylon and polyester material. It is therefore light, comfortable and feels really good on the skin. Although on chilly nights you might want to accessorise by wearing an overcoat.

  • Shiny V Neck Long Sleeve Sequin Evening Party Dress
responsive image demo

The Shiny V Neck Long Sleeve Sequin Evening Party Dress is a classic gown that is sure to capture your imagination.

The glitz feel of this party dress guarantees that you will be noticed in a party setting. A lovely flowing ankle length dress made from both nylon and polyester, the Shiny V Neck Long Sleeve Sequin Evening Party Dress is simply gorgeous.

The fabric is mildly stretchy, has very good lining, but no padding. This means you would have to wear a bra or stylish bralette undergarment.

  • Women's One Shoulder Velvet Patchwork Mermaid Maxi Dress
responsive image demo

The Women's One Shoulder Velvet Patchwork Mermaid Maxi Dress is simply a work of art. There is nothing as soothing as the feel of velveteen on your skin. That cool, sensual feeling makes this dress one to be desired by any woman looking for an ultra-comfortable evening gown.

Walk out like a Roman goddess with this stylish and trendy evening dress. It comes with a fashionable single shoulder neckline with a flowing fishtail sequin ankle length skirt.

  • Deep V Neck Shiny Fishtail Evening Dress with Flutter Sleeves
responsive image demo

As the latest Bond movie premieres this year, you too can appear on the red carpet like one of the famed Bond girls with the Deep V Neck Shiny Fishtail Evening Dress with Flutter Sleeves.

The shapely Deep V Neck Shiny Fishtail Evening Dress with Flutter Sleeves shows off your cleavage while hugging your waistline to bring out your curves.

The fabric is stylishly textured with complex patterns that bring out the beauty of the dress. The fabric of the Deep V Neck Shiny Fishtail Evening Dress with Flutter Sleeves is made from polyester, it is not stretchy and has very good lining.

  • Women's Double V-Neck Fishtail Sequin Evening Maxi Dress
responsive image demo

For an exotic, sexy mermaid look this summer, you can go for the Women's Double V-Neck Fishtail Sequin Evening Maxi Dress.

The double V neck design means that you have a more pronounced cleavage. The intricate shimmering leafy pattern designs go a long way in highlighting the beauty of this dress.

The long flowing fishtail skirt streams down to your ankles to hide them from sight. This versatile evening gown can be worn to a number of formal occasions including; prom, weddings and evening parties.

So as 2020 is well underway, you can walk out with confidence knowing that you have a heads up on what is likely to trend this year. Also, you can start setting the pace by getting any one of the Ever Pretty evening dresses highlighted in this PFW review.

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