How to Style a Prom Dress

It’s impressive that the women on the screen always gather the entire sight when their dress appeared. After returning to real life, most prom dresses seem to be a little ordinary, except that there is no deliberate setting on the screen, that’s because you didn't choose the one that really suits you.

In fact, choosing the right style is very important. Because each of us have a unique temperament due to different experiences and clothing will have different styles due to different cuts and detailed designs.

How Can You Style Your Prom Dress?

So what kind of clothing style is your temperament suitable for, and how can you make your prom dress and temperaments complement each other? We have sorted out five prom dress styles and paired them with hairstyle, makeup, accessory suggestions to style your prom dress. In this way, you could be the shiny star at any occasion and event.

Vibe: Sweet and Girly

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If you are a cute and sweet girl, this A-line prom dress can show your sweet temperament. There is no need to pursue mature and atmospheric feelings. You should stick to your characteristic and highlight your own beauty.

Tips: It is recommended that the accessories should be small and delicate, and then you need to do a clean and delicate makeup. The decorations on your prom dress can be cute little flowers, bows, wave dots, small animals, cartoon patterns, etc. It’s better to pair with small round toe shoes. 

Vibe: Cool and Fashionable

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Are you always in pursuit of trends and changes? Then this metallic dress is definitely yours. The metallic color is slightly exaggerated. The close-fitting gown can show your figure well.

Tips: Make a big wave curly hairstyle and put it on the chest side. When it was hanging up, you will look like the party queen and everyone just gives your way. Strappy heels and stilettos can be great because your legs will look longer. Dramatic smoky eye makeup is perfect for this dress to show your unique personality.

Vibe: Romantic and Dreamy

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If you prefer to more feminine style, please go for this dress. This lace prom dress fully shows your feminine beauty by highlighting your body curve and mature temperament.

Tips: Crystal headdress or shiny jewelry will add dreamy color to your prom dress. There is a lot of bare skin on the V-neck part and the chest needs a shiny necklace to ‘dress up’. Low elegant disk hair matches your dreamy temperament and makes you look more gentle and soft. Curly hair putting down is suitable as well. It can make you look more sexy and feminine.

Vibe: Graceful and Elegant

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Are you looking for something graceful and elegant? If you say yes, then this elegant style prom dress is prepared for you.

Tips: Up-do hair style is very suitable for elegant beauties. Paired with solid color high heels will refine your leg shape to be more slender. While walking with slow pace, you will catch everyone’s eyes. Look a little empty in your arms? Try a delicate shiny bracelet, which will add beauty to your whole look.

Vibe: Classic and Noble

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If you like classic and noble style, we highly recommend this modest dress. Wearing it and you will look perfect.

Tips: Meticulously dress is necessary and every hair must be neatly groomed. Exquisite curly hair and careful treatment on the head presents an atmosphere of elegance. Gorgeous jewelry accessories will add your noble temperament. Flower headdress is a great choice which matches the prom dress flower decoration.

How to Choose the Perfect Prom Dress?

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Dresses are of course an indispensable item for girls to attend some important occasions. Good-looking dresses can allow us to become the most beautiful girls. But there are also many girls who are very confused about choosing dresses, and do not know what style to choose. Then let’s share some tips of choosing prom dress with you today.

Step1:Choose Proper Prom Dress According to Occasions

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 Dressing is not only means beautiful and attractive, but also needs to suit the occasion. Therefore, you can choose the dress according to the atmosphere of the occasion. For formal occasions, it won’t get wrong to choose elegant white, black, navy blue, brown. For more relaxed occasions, you can try the playful style and the simple style that highlights the figure.

Step2Choose Proper Prom Dress According to Figure

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For girls with perfect body curves, you can choose fitted dresses, which can better show your advantages, highlight your body, and make you become the shiny star. For slightly fat girls, you can choose a corselet or pleated dress style, with some small decorations, giving a stylish, simple, confident look and impact. It can also play a modification role for some small defects in your body. When choosing a dress, you need to pay attention to the cutting characteristics of the dress. If your back is beautiful, you can choose a backless dress. If you are satisfied with your chest, then the corselet is your best choice. The key to choosing a dress is to highlight your strengths!

Step3Choose Proper Prom Dress According to Face Shape

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In addition to body shape, face shape is also one of the reference elements for choosing a dress. People with round faces or short necks are better with off shoulders, sweetheart or V-neck styles. People with square faces can try V-shaped or a peach heart collar style, but the four-corner collar design should be avoided; the inverted triangle face does not match the peach heart collar design, you can choose a boat shape or a large round neck style.

Step4Choose Proper Prom Dress According to Skin Tone

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If you have a fair complexion, basically any style can be worn. If you have dark complexion, it is recommended to choose some brightly colored dresses.

In addition to the style and color of the dress, what accessories to choose, how to make hairstyles, how to make up and what to wear with shoes and bags, you must consider the factors such as your age, identity, figure and occasion to truly create a glorious look. Just style your prom dress and get ready to be the focus.

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