How to Wear a Shirt Dress In Style

As Winter makes way for Spring and Summer gradually eases in, it is about that time when heavy clothing is substituted for light, comfy and stylish dressing.

One popular casual dress admired for its simplicity in the warmer months is the shirt dress. Also known for its versatility, a shirt dress can be worn with a number of alluring accessories to make you truly stand out from the crowd.

There are many inspiring ideas for shirt dress in 2020. This article gives you a sneak peek into some awesome designs. You will also get to know how to wear a shirt dress in a pragmatic, yet stylish way.

Latest inspiring ideas for shirt dress 2020

In 2020, you can expect a blend of the timeless and more modern look when it comes to shirt dresses.

Here are some inspiring ideas for shirt dress in 2020 to look out for.

  • Retro Shirt Dress

If you want to have that retro look for your shirt dress, you can go for those with cute, feminine details such as ruffles, puffed sleeves, bib pleats and belted waists. Loose fitting retro shirt dresses are definitely going to be trendy in 2020 simply because they are timeless, classy and pro-feminine.

retro shirt dress

  • Shirt Dress Printed Designs

What is so cool about shirt dresses is that they can come in a number of different fabric and prints. Those prints expected to dominate 2020 include old faithfuls like polker dots, plaids, and stripes. For a more contemporary, hip look - you can also look forward to psychedelic retro prints and colour splash designs.

printed Shirt dress

  • The Devil Is on the Detail

Shirt dress with even more detail should rock this year as ladies become more adventurous with their dressing. Shirt dress designs with crochet, tassels and fringes should be more common in 2020. As ladies take a bold leap on their dress sense, expect to see even more creative add-ons to shirt dress designs.

  • Minimal is More

Have you ever heard the saying -'little is more' (or something like that)? Well, that is literally the case with shirt dress designs in 2020. A simple, shapeless, mono-colour design preferably a neutral colour is likely to be highly trendy this year as ladies focus more on their matching accessories.

minimal shirt dress

  • Everyone Loves Uniforms

Shirt dresses are expected to take on a slightly more formal look in 2020. The uniform look is likely to be trendy this year as shirt dresses take on a nurse, navy, airforce and army  uniform look. These shirt dresses will come with a creative button down look and elastic waistlines to give a fitted feminine silhouette.

  • Knee High Shirt Dress

The mini-skirt was a popular design back in the day. This design may be re-enacted with a shirt dress. Knee high shirt dresses are bound to be a common theme particularly in the summer months. These outfits can be worn as a standalone or with leggings, jeans or shorts.

  • Long Shirt Dresses

While short shirt dresses will reign this year, we are also likely to witness an upsurge in long shirt dress designs. Ankle length shirt dresses will be a common theme and these outfits can be worn on their own with fitting accessories like handbags, shoes, wristbands, bangles and other jewelry.

How to wear a shirt dress in style

Who the Hat Fits…

The way to fully enjoy wearing a shirt dress is to accessorize. Wearing a simple straw or bowler hat with your shirt dress can really make a difference in your outlook.

If you wear a knee length shirt dress for example, having a hat to match could be a welcome distraction for onlookers. 

Shirt Dress over Leggings

If you are not comfortable wrong a shirt dress all on its own, then you can accessorize with a pair of leggings. You could wear full length black leggings on your knee length or retro shirt dress.

Alternatively, the three-quarter leggings is also a good choice especially if you want to wear a pair of sneakers. There are many designs for leggings, but you could look hip with ripped style leggings this summer

Elegant High Heels

High heels will look really good on a uniform style and long flowing shirt dress.

That's not to say that you can not try on high heels on a classic, knee length shirt dress if you want. 

With high heels worn, your shirt dress will take on an elegant, sophisticated appearance without you looking out of place.

Evergreen Jeans

You can do no wrong when you wear a pair of denim jeans with a knee length or retro shirt dress.

You don't have to wear your typical blue jeans. There are a number of delightful jeans colours that you could choose from. Also, if you feel a bit underdressed for the occasion with your knee length shirt dress. Pulling on a pair of jeans will help you blend right in with your dress shirt with jeans.

Accentuate your Waistline with a Belt

When you wear a belt on your loose fitting shirt dress, you instantly appear to have a slender waistline.

Belts are great accessories to have when you adorn a shirt dress especially if you are finicky about your shape and curves.

Boots it Is!

If you are still wondering how to wear a shirt dress in 2020. One favourite way of dressing up with a shirt dress especially amongst young ladies is with thigh-high boots.

The thigh-high boots compliment a knee length shirt dress. You can get to cover your legs while still keeping an in-vogue and stylish look.

Handbags...Never Leave Home without Them!

Handbags are truly a ladies best friend. If you ever want to go out in a shirt dress, then having a cute handbag on your shoulder or arm is a nice accessory to have.

You can never go wrong when you have a handbag with a colour that matches your ankle length shirt dress.

Neutral colour handbags are your best bet if you find it difficult to decide what colour of handbag to choose.

Accessorise with Jewelry

One other way to appear stylishly dressed whenever you put on a shirt dress is to wear a bit of jewelry. A long neck chain, a pair of bangles and large earrings are quite stylish without being too flashy and loud.

Whether you wear a knee length shirt dress with jeans or leggings, you can adorn a gold or silver neck chain and truly look hip.

Sneakers never go out of Style

Finally, you could also spot a pair of sneakers with your retro and knee length shirt dress. You would not only look athletic, but you would also feel sporty. Wearing sneakers with your shirt dress gives you that casual look and freedom, especially in the hot summer months.

Whatever shirt dress you choose to wear, you can be sure that it is dynamic enough to be worn with a variety of accessories. Whether you wear leggings, jeans, jewelry, sneakers, thigh-high boots, high heels or handbags with your shirt dress, you would still look and feel stylish.

Shirt dresses are unique in the sense that they can be worn in a variety of ways that suit your personality. If you want to step-out on a warm day feeling free and at ease, then wearing just a knee length shirt dress should suffice.

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