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Top Handbag Trends of Summer 2021

As Summer 2021 collections debuted, designers remembered that we are still very much in touch with our handbags. They left us with an abundance of options albeit edgier and more practical. While summer collections have always been more inclined towards vacation staples; macrame shoulder bags and straw toes, most designers recalled that we only embark on a few days of outings these days.

Daily commutes have been replaced with farmer's market runs while boozy brunch picnics have taken over night-outs and weekend club hopping. Dressing our water bottles and PPEs to the nines has become more practical than last season's micro bag trend.

This is not to say that trends have completely shifted, if anything most designers revisited tried-and-true trends and gave them a real purpose. The summer 2021 handbag trends were more inclined towards fashion that not is not only up to our alley but also more sensible. Picnic-inspired bags and phone bags ruled the runways.

Roomy totes and boxy bags in pretty, splashy colors, structured silhouettes, and chained elements were among this season’s delightful options. The summer 2021 collection is quite inclusive; minimal to embellished, oval to square, raffia to leather, we have no choice but to marvel at these designers’ creativity.

Let’s take a deep dive into the hottest trends of Summer 2021 and take a sneak peek at the most sought-after handbags that you should be shopping for currently. Be keen already because these shopped out, arm candies are going to be in demand for a long time.

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  • Best 5 Designer Handbags Worth the Investment

4 Summer 2021 Handbags Trends you Need to Know

Color Splash

Color Splash Handbag

We are so obsessed with the vibrant shades and hues taking over our feeds while we dream of what our post-pandemic looks will be. The candy-colored bags came in all colors and sizes. Coming in all shades of the rainbow, these handbags are here to breathe new life into your sweatpant-filled pandemic wardrobe.

The bright and bold hues will brighten up your neutral outfits. You can even play around and experiment with a little bit of color clashing. Pastel hues of blue and striking cherry red were the kind of palettes most designers toyed with. However, the shade that stood out was dazzling, bubblegum pink.

Molly Goddard added a splash of red into its popular ruffled crossbody while La Medusa from Versace enjoyed bold chain upgrades. JW Pei, By Far, and Brandon Blackwood delighted in standout brights in different sizes, silhouettes, and monograms.

We are reliving the Y2K era in these exciting pops of color.

Chunky Chain Craze

Chunky Chain Craze

The acrylic chain –an extra-sized bag accessory was one of the refreshing trends during the Spring/Summer 2021 shows. The chunky chain which has traditionally featured on belts and jewelry became a key trend on handbags as well.

The chunky chain trend was pioneered by Bottega Veneta on their popular Cassette bag. For many of us, it was love at first sight. Bottega Veneta's Chain Cassette became a major hit and from that moment, the trend seemed to gain momentum overnight. Now they are a must-have accessory—they have taken the fashion world by storm.

Chains have been making appearances since the fall of 2019, but in 2021 colorful, chunky acrylic chains became the most famous trend for jewelry, shoes, and bag straps.

Bright chains can freshen up a boring casual look just like the Spring/Summer 2021 Versace Show demonstrated. DeMellier and Manu Atelier showcased lady bags and leather pouches with multi-colored links that might be heavy but still very feminine.

This trend is quickly becoming a favorite among fashion-forward girls in the street style crew. The chunky chain craze is a fashion bandwagon you must hop on immediately.

Pearls, Feathers and Fluffy embellishments

pearls handbag

Every season, pearls and jewelry are showcased on runways, but in Summer 2021, they were included on handbags as well. Chanel stood out with its stylish black bucket bag designed with contrasting pearls.

Feathers, fluffs, and pearls add excitement and glamor to plain outfits. Any day or night-time ensemble can look perfect when fluffed up the right way. For a bohemian look, you can work with fringe.

2020 being the year where people got comfortable at home because of the pandemic, the fluff trend that was already in full craze did not come as a surprise when it trickled down into 2021.

The fluffy handbags first exploded on TikTok last year and they aren’t showing any signs of letting up. They resemble totes a little bit, only these little furry cuties are simple accessories that you can throw on the go.

They may look too cute, but these embellished accessories have enough space to hold all your belongings; receipts, hair ties, phone, credit cards, and make-up. 2021 is full of functionality, shouldn’t your bag reflect just that?

Oversized Totes


What’s better than an oversized bag that you can fit in all your belongings?

We may be unable to travel at the moment, but we can still dream of packing up for our dream destination. Oversized totes were one of the more down-to-earth styles on the Summer 2021 collection. Designers included sleek shopper totes that can easily suit your needs when you are running daily errands on the runways.

Most of them came in angular, sleek, and sharp shapes. SUNNEI, Balenciaga, and Schiaparelli were among the fashion houses that showcased their exaggerated versions of the bags.

What Handbag Colors are in Style for 2021

  • Bubblegum pink

Bubblegum pink has finally made its way into the trendy world of handbags. Everyone can now experiment with this bright, bold accessory. The striking bubblegum pink will add a splash of personality and some interesting visual to an otherwise boring outfit.

Valentino, Chanel and Roksanda were the one who illustrated how this statement shade can be worn. Each of these designers kept this classic brilliant shade on a minimum by pairing it up with neutral colors.

With them endorsing bubblegum pink, it officially entered the fashion map and we are so obsessed with it already.

  • Saffron

This vivid shade of yellow was unexpected on the runways, but it is an absolute beauty that we are obsessed with. One the runways, designers were more than obsessed with this illuminating shade of yellow. Tod and Simon Miller were among the designers who showcased saffron accessories on their 2021 spring/summer collection

This vivid shade of yellow was unexpected on the runways, but it is an absolute beauty that we are obsessed with. One the runways, designers were more than obsessed with this illuminating shade of yellow. Tod and Simon Miller were among the designers who showcased saffron accessories on their 2021 spring/summer collection.

This shade of yellow brings sunshine into your closet, whether you are able to go on a vacation or not. Make a bold statement by carrying a yellow bag and pairing it with some yellow pants, dress or coat today.

  • Kelly Green

Last season’s lime green had to give way to an intense shade of Kelly green. The Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta and Michael Kors pioneered this color last fall, and it has continued its reign into this year.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Max Mara and The Attico quickly followed suit and convinced us that emerald green is truly one of the favorite shades of the season.

From the catwalk to the streets, green has just taken over spring/summer 2021 fashion. Kelly green symbolizes rebirth and it connects us to the bright greenery of nature which symbolizes freedom.

If you are not a fan of pastel colors, then emerald green/Kelly green could just do the trick for you.

  • Tangerine

Still holding on to 2021, tangerine remains a bold color that can spice up many of the plain outfits in your wardrobe this summer.

Burberry, Altuzarra and Sportmax were some of the designers who showcased their collection in this perfect, warm shade of orange. Whether you love bright marigold or earthly ochre, you can bet that all these shades of orange are on trend in spring/summer 2021

  • Crimson

A powerful shade, crimson is another color that took the runways by storm. Replace your black handbags with this shade of red and you become an instant fashionista.

Whether you prefer bright cherry or the deeper hues that swing towards burgundy, red is always trendy. An all red out fit could also work perfectly, just like Alberta Ferret, Max Mara and Proenza Schouler showcased on their runway looks.

Isabela Marat went further to showcase how the crimson outfits would look fantastic when paired with silver shoes.

  • Chartreuse

Bottega leaned heavily on this color to spruce up their handbag collection. Chartreuse’s electric yellow/green vibes are just the perfect choice for anyone looking for a statement accessory.

Marine Serre, Balenciaga and Nina Ricci light up the spring/summer 2021 runways with this brilliant, electrifying hue. Nina Ricci showed no restrain in Paris when she paired chartreuse bags with straight-leg cobalt denims.

Chartreuse blends perfectly with its opposites; purples and blues but if you want to pay it safe, you can pair it with submissive neutrals such as black tan and white.

Best 5 Designer Handbags Worth the Investment

1. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull

While the popularity of other tote bags declines, the Neverfull has continued to thrive over the years. It is one of Louis Vuitton’s most successful handbags to this day. It will retain 85% of its retail value which makes it a worthy investment.

It works best for women on the go. It has been celebrated for its craftsmanship for over 10 years. This bag is extremely durable, it can literally last for decades. It is also easy to maintain. For a designer bag, it is also well priced and considering how long it can last, it is definitely a worthy investment.

2. The Hermes Birkin

The Hermes is a powerful bag because it is highly valuable and it thrives on scarcity. The level of operational exclusivity Hermes operates on eludes even the most powerful brands. The Hermes Birkin is extremely rare and has become one of the most coveted bags in the fashion world.

Depending on the demand, leather, and hardware, a Birkin will either retain or increase its value. The exclusive Birkin's can pay you in spades if you happen to land them.

3. The Chanel Classic Flap

The same Chanel Classic Flap that retailed for $1,600 10 years ago now costs nothing less than $4,900. That’s an approximate 206% increase in its nominal return. It will either increase or retain its value depending on the type of leather and hardware.

Rita Ora, Demi Lovato, and Alexa Chung are some of the influential people charmed by this classic.

4. The Hermes Kelly

The best thing about this Grace Kelly-inspired bag is that it either retains or increases in value. It is a timeless classic, loved by the affluent and fashionable such as the Kardashians, Beyonce, and Emma Watson.

Hermes Kelly bags are made of the finest leather in the world and the most expensive premium metals. The keys and buckles are usually made of either gold or palladium which are extremely rare metals.

Custom made Hermes can have diamonds put in by default or someone can ask for them if they wish to have them. To make them even more extraordinary, these bags are usually handmade to perfection. The attention to detail and high-brow craftsmanship makes the Hermes Kelly bad one of its kind.

5. The Channel Boy Bag

It may be a new kid in the block, but the Boy Bag is quickly gaining ground since its introduction in 2011. It cost $2,500 5 years ago; today, this Channel has joined the ranks of reissue and classic flaps and costs a whopping $5,100.

It retains up to 90% of its initial value. Taraji P. Henson, Bella Thorne, and Jessica Biel are some of the few celebs obsessed with the Boy Bag.


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