Style Guide: How to Wear White Lace Dresses

Style Guide: How to Wear White Lace Dresses

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If you are looking for top tips on how to wear white lace dresses this summer, you’ve come to the right place! There are so many options of styles of dresses and ways to accessorize them. Check out some great ideas for your white lace dresses below!

Why White Lace Dresses are Perfect for Summer

Plain and simple, white lace dresses are perfect for summer. There are so many reasons for this. Long dresses or short dresses, with sleeves or without, the styles of these dresses are practically endless. Not to mention that the lightweight fabric of lace dresses and the light color of the dress are sure to keep you cool on a hot summer day, so you can look your best all day long.

White lace dresses are also super versatile, and you can dress them up for a formal event, or dress down for everyday wear. White lace maxi dresses are particularly perfect for summer. They can transition from day to night seamlessly, or you can switch up your accessories to change your look from your afternoon with friends to a formal cocktail party in the evening.

Tips to Wear White Lace Dresses

There are so many different ways to wear white lace dresses that I doubt I could go through all of them here. But I do have some personal favorites that I’d love to share with you.

  1. With a jean jacket. There’s just something about wearing a classic denim jacket with white that makes it instantly stylish. Try different colors of denim, like pink, for a twist on the classic blue jacket.
  2. With chunky jewelry. Make a statement by adding some chunky, bold jewelry to your outfit. This will really mix up your look and look extra sophisticated.
  3. With dainty accessories. Let the dress do the talking, and try wearing it with dainty accessories. A perfect style for a white lace maxi dress, small gold or silver accessories are just the right additions to your outfit.
  4. With booties. Going to be out and about? Try pairing your white lace dress with cute booties. Match the color with your purse or clutch, and instantly you’ve elevated your look into something that looks both put together and chic.
  5. With anything! Like I mentioned before, white lace dresses are just so versatile. This means that they are a great way to take a fashion risk- so go ahead, wear that hat or those shoes that you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to wear- that time is now! As long as you are comfortable and confident, there’s just no way that you won’t look perfect in a white lace dress this summer.

Our Top White Lace Dresses You’ll Love

Looking for more white lace dresses to add to your closet? Look no further! Here are our top five picks for this season that you are sure to love. In a range of styles and sizes, you will definitely find at least one (probably more!) that you will absolutely fall in love with.

  1. Elegant Simple Deep V Neck A-Line Lace & Tulle Wedding Dress

Elegant Simple Lace & Tulle Wedding Dress

This elegant dress is, of course, perfect as a summer wedding dress. You would look gorgeous walking down the aisle. But it’s not limited to that by any means. As a long white lace dress, it is great for a summer outdoor cocktail party. Accessorize or leave plain, it will look great either way.

  1. Romantic White V Neck A-Line Tulle Wedding Dresses with Floral Lace

Tulle Wedding Dresses with Floral Lace

This is another wedding dress that would look great at other events, too. Perfect for a summer formal event, the long skirt makes it look sophisticated, while the lace cap sleeves will make sure you stay cool.

  1. Double V Neck Maxi Long Lace Wedding Dresses with Ruffle Sleeves

Maxi Long Lace Wedding Dresses

This stunning dress has a double v neck and gorgeous ruffle sleeves. In sizes 8 through 26, this dress will look great on absolutely anyone. It would look perfect at any outdoor festivities that you are planning on going to this summer.

  1. V Neck Long Lace Wedding Dress

V Neck Long Lace Wedding Dress

Another v neck dress, this is a just right for a summer wedding, or even for a formal cocktail party, especially if hosted outside. It has a lacey bodice, sheer lace back design, and long lacey train. You’ll be sure to turn heads in this dress.

  1. Spaghetti Straps Sweet Heart Neckline Lace Wedding Dresses

Sweet Heart Neckline Lace Wedding Dresses

Check out this beautiful white lace dress. With a sweetheart neckline and an A line shape, it looks stunning on anyone. Try pairing this goregeous dress with your favorite accessories- it is so versatile that anything will go well with it.

What do you think? What are your favorite ways to style your white lace dresses in summer? Let us know in the comments!

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