Ramadan Fashion Guide

Ramadan Fashion Guide: How to Dress Modestly and Fashionably?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and it is observed by Muslims worldwide as a time of fasting, prayer, and reflection. During this holy month, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, abstaining from food, drink, and other physical needs. It is also a time for spiritual growth, charity, and good deeds.

As part of the observance of Ramadan, Muslims are expected to dress modestly and avoid clothes that are tight or revealing. This is in keeping with the Islamic principle of hijab, which emphasizes the importance of dressing modestly and behaving modestly in public. For many Muslim women, this can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to finding clothes that are both modest and fashionable.


Special occasions during Ramadan, such as Eid al-Fitr (the celebration at the end of Ramadan), can present an even greater challenge when it comes to finding the right outfit. However, with some careful planning and creativity, it is possible to dress modestly and fashionably for these occasions. In this article, we will explore some tips and strategies for dressing modestly and fashionably during Ramadan, including where to shop for modest fashion and how to combine fashion trends with modest dressing.

When is Ramadan 2023?

The exact date of Ramadan may vary by a day or two depending on the sighting of the moon. This year, the holy month of Ramadan begins on March 22 and will end on April 21.

Dressing modestly

Dressing modestly during Ramadan is an important aspect of observing the holy month for many Muslims. Modesty is defined as dressing in a way that covers the body appropriately and avoids clothing that is too tight or revealing.

When dressing for Ramadan, it is important to cover the arms, legs, chest, and back. This can be achieved through wearing clothing such as long-sleeved tops, dresses or abayas that extend to the ankles, and loose-fitting trousers or skirts. It is also important to avoid clothing that is too tight or clingy, as this can accentuate the body's curves and draw unwanted attention.

Ramadan Dressing modestly

Layering is a great way to achieve a modest look while still keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Wearing a long-sleeved top or cardigan over a sleeveless dress or blouse can provide the necessary coverage while adding depth and texture to an outfit. Scarves and shawls can also be used to cover the head and neck while adding a pop of color or pattern to an outfit.

Accessorizing is another important aspect of dressing modestly during Ramadan. Jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets, can add sparkle and interest to an outfit while not drawing attention away from the clothing itself. Footwear is also important, with many Muslim women opting for closed-toe shoes or sandals to ensure their feet are covered.

Dressing Fashionably

Contrary to popular belief, dressing modestly for Ramadan does not mean sacrificing fashion or style. There is a common misconception that modest dressing is boring or unattractive, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

In recent years, there has been a rise in the modest fashion industry, with many designers and retailers offering a range of stylish and trendy clothing options for women who choose to dress modestly. Additionally, there are now many fashion influencers who showcase their modest outfits on social media, inspiring others to experiment with modest fashion and break down the stereotype of modest dressing being dull.

When it comes to combining fashion trends with modest dressing, there are many options available. Bold colors, playful prints, and luxurious fabrics can all be incorporated into a modest outfit. However, it's important to keep in mind that clothing should still cover the appropriate areas of the body and avoid being too tight or revealing.

Ramadan Dressing Fashionably

When dressing for a special occasion during Ramadan, it's important to choose clothing that is both fashionable and modest. This can be achieved through careful layering, choosing statement accessories, and opting for clothing with unique cuts or textures. Maxi dresses or skirts with elegant detailing, such as lace or embroidery, are a popular choice for special occasions, as are tailored blouses paired with wide-leg trousers.

Where to Shop for Modest Fashion?

When shopping for modest fashion, there are several options available both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Here are some tips on where to shop for modest fashion:

1. Online retailers that specialize in modest fashion: There are many online retailers that cater specifically to customers looking for modest fashion options. Some popular options include Modanisa, Hijab House, and Artizara. These retailers offer a wide range of modest clothing options, from abayas and hijabs to dresses and tunics.

2. Mainstream retailers that offer modest options: Many mainstream retailers, such as H&M, Zara, and ASOS, have begun to offer modest fashion lines in recent years. These lines often feature clothing that covers the body appropriately and is made from lightweight, breathable fabrics. If you're in search of stylish and modest dresses to wear on special occasions, Ever Pretty UK is an excellent destination to explore.

3. Tips for finding modest clothes in regular stores: Even if a store doesn't specifically offer modest fashion, there are still ways to find clothing that fits your needs. Look for clothing made from lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen, as these tend to drape nicely and provide good coverage. You can also layer clothing, such as a cardigan or blazer over a sleeveless dress or top, to achieve a modest look. Finally, don't be afraid to alter clothing to make it more modest - adding sleeves or lengthening a hemline can be done easily with basic sewing skills.

In conclusion, Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and celebration for many Muslims around the world. Dressing modestly during this time is an important way to honor the religious and cultural values of the holy month. However, this doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice fashion and style. By embracing modest fashion and exploring the wide range of options available, you can create a beautiful, stylish, and respectful look for any special occasion during Ramadan. With a little creativity and experimentation, you can find the perfect balance between modesty and fashion, and make a statement that reflects your personal style and values. So this Ramadan, embrace modest fashion and celebrate the beauty of diversity and cultural traditions.

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