Planning A Dark Blue Wedding Theme

Planning A Dark Blue Wedding Theme

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Elegant, sophisticated, and vintage; these are the words that reflect dark blue color. Other than being such a graceful color, another attractive aspect is that it complements all occasions and goes with various colors. Therefore, if you plan to encompass a navy blue color in your wedding, there's a plethora of ways to accomplish this goal. The best place to start is to plan out the bridesmaid's look.

When it comes to selecting navy blue attires, you will come across countless interesting options that cater to all styles and preferences. Before we get into the dark blue dresses that are ideal for bridesmaids, let's discuss some potential  color combinations for the wedding.

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Simple Color Combo Guides For A Dark Blue Wedding

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Dark Blue And Silver

A blue bridesmaid dress accompanied by silver accessories is a match made in heaven. Moreover, the silver can be a part of your dress itself, such as sliver waistbands or shoulder straps. If you have chosen a matte gown, then a touch of shimmery silver can ameliorate your glam quotient.

Navy Blue And Dark Green

Although this is not a conventional combination, but if you make it work you just might look ultra-glamorous. If the idea of adding green to the dress itself looks odd to you, there are other ways to make it work. For instance, you can wear dark green shoes, greenstone earrings, or bracelets to get a completed stunning look.

Navy Blue And Red

If you wanted to be more bold with your choices, a touch of red will take your simple bridesmaid's dress to the next level. How? Try adding a slim red waistband to your body-conforming bridesmaid dress to accentuate your curves. Moreover, pair it with by wearing hot red stilettos and make a bold statement.

Navy Blue And White

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It is one of the classic pairings that offers a clean, crisp, and sleek allure.  For a simple yet elegant look, you should opt for a navy blue dress with white lace trims. If it’s cold outside, you can add a while pashmina shawl to complete your look.

Navy Blue And Beige

If you are looking to create a sophisticated and elegant bridesmaid dress combination, then you cannot go wrong with navy blue and beige. The boldness of navy blue complements the subtleness of beige perfectly. You can pair your navy blue bridesmaid dress with beige stilettos or shawl.

Navy Blue And Blacks

Classic never goes out of style; navy blue and black is one of the most stylish and elegant combinations to go for. While people used to think that these two did not go together, you get an unusual combination that just works its magic somehow. Pair your navy blue bridesmaid dress with black accessories such as earrings, bracelets, or stilettos.

6 Dark Blue Dresses You Girls Will Love To Wear

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When it comes to finding bridesmaid dress in the navy blue color, there is no dearth of options. Whether you are looking for elegant, sophisticated, chic, or sexy, the countless possibilities will leave you confused. But here are the top choices of navy blue bridesmaid dress that caters to different style choices.

  • Long Empire Waist With Short Flutter Sleeves

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If you want to go for an elegant look, you must consider this beautiful evening dress. It touts an exquisite v neckline, flutter sleeves, empire waits, and a high-low hemline. The shimmer on the material further adds to the allure of the gown.

The flowy polyester fabric of this attire also ensures that you do not get comfortable throughout the wedding ceremony. Although it is marketed as evening wear, you can wear it for a morning ceremony as well.

  • Sleeveless V-Neck Semi-Formal Chiffon Maxi Dress

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This semi-formal chiffon maxi dress is versatile attire that can be worn on any special occasion. This dark blue bridesmaid dress will accentuate your distinctive personality, making you stand out from the crowd. Whether it is a day wedding or a night one, you cannot go wrong with this gorgeous dress. It is made using polyester with low stretch, but if you get the stretch, you will fit into it perfectly. 

However, the flowy design makes sure that you do not feel comfortable after wearing it for a long time. And the fact that there is no stuffy padding, you can rest assured of the comfort aspect.

  • Plus Size Women's Double V-Neck Fishtail Sequin Prom Dress

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For plus-size women, this dress is an elegant way to own your lovely curves. It is a gorgeous sequined tulle dress that features a V-neckline along with a fishtail skirt.

Moreover, the shimmery leaf design adds a romantic touch to this lovely attire. It is ideal for people who want to wear something elegant while keeping a touch of glam. With no padding, you can be rest assured of the comfort offered by this dress.

  • Women's Double V-Neck Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dress Featuring Short Sleeve

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Have your perfect bridesmaid moment with this flowy gown. It is striking, stylish, romantic, and everything that a bridesmaid would expect. The gown features a deep v-neckline, high-low tulle hemline, flutter sleeves, and empire waist. The fabric is polyester with no stretch, so make sure to get the size accurately. However, the lack of padding will not make you feel uncomfortable as well. If you get the size right, you can be rest assured of a comfortable and fun experience wearing this dress.

  • Floor Length Sexy Backless Prom Dress With Sequin

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If you want to make a bold statement, then this floor-length sexy backless dress is the one you should consider. It is beautifully designed with a flow tulle skirt and fitted sequin bust. This gown is designed to accentuate your curve and provide a sexy and elegant appeal. The most attractive thing is that it is a fun dress that will also add an oomph factor. The dress is slightly padded to provide no bra option. Additionally, the lining adds perfect finishing to this dark blue dress.

  • Classic Round Neck V Back lace Bodice Bridesmaid Dress

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This high neckline, along with a subtle floral lace bust, extends sophisticated glamour to this exquisite evening dress. Its classic design makes it a very sophisticated and glamorous bridesmaid dress. And the classic allure of this attire makes sure that you always remain in style, irrespective of the occasion. There is no pad to make you feel uncomfortable, and there is a little stretch for better accommodation.

Final Thoughts

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Dark blue is a color that everyone loves and for all the right reasons. There are so many ways to style a navy blue bridesmaid dress to look chic and stylish. Lastly, we have provided you with complete information on how you can wear a dark blue bridesmaid dress on D-day.

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