How to Style Burnt Orange for Your Wedding Party

Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses: How to Use This Striking Shade for Your Wedding Party

Burnt orange is taking the wedding world by storm right now. This bold, earthy hue is a more modern alternative to traditional bridesmaid dress colours like pastels. Not only does burnt orange make a statement, it also complements a wide variety of skin tones. If you're looking for a way to give your wedding party a stylish, cohesive look, burnt orange bridesmaid dresses are the perfect option. In this blog post, we'll explore ways to incorporate burnt orange into your bridesmaids' attire for big impact.


Let's take an in-depth look at how to pull off this head-turning shade for your wedding party:

Choose the Right Undertone

Burnt orange encompasses warm red and brown undertones. When selecting burnt orange bridesmaid dresses, opt for warm terra cotta hues rather than colours with too much brown. The red undertone gives burnt orange its striking, vibrant nature. Bridesmaid dresses in shades like rust, pumpkin and amber will make sure your maids stand out.

burnt orange hues

Avoid orangey tones that are too bright and lean neon. The best burnt orange dress colours are richer and more muted. Look for shades labelled as ochre, spice, flame, cinnamon or copper. Hold fabric swatches up to your maids' faces to ensure the burnt orange flatters their complexion.

Complimentary Colours

Pairing burnt orange with navy blue or dark purple creates a bold, complementary colour scheme perfect for modern, stylish weddings. Navy suit jackets for the groomsmen will look sharp against burnt orange bridesmaid dresses.

For a warmer, softer look, burnt orange also goes well with shades of yellow, blush pink and ivory. Try a burnt orange and yellow colour palette for a bright, cheerful theme. Blush pink flowers and accents will soften the burnt orange for a romantic vibe.

Earth tones like olive green, grey, brown and timber can provide an organic, natural looking background for burnt orange dresses. Emerald green tropical leaves or eucalyptus would complement burnt orange bridesmaids. Just avoid combining burnt orange with red, which can look too clashing and autumnal.

Consider Season and Venue

A burnt orange wedding party will pop beautifully against the blue skies and fallen leaves of autumn. It's the perfect seasonal shade for September, October and November weddings. Photographers love capturing the rich colours of an autumn wedding, with burnt orange bridesmaids and burgundy floral arrangements.

Outdoor farm and barn venues are also ideal settings for showcasing burnt orange bridesmaids. The rustic, earthy environment complements the bold hue. Try gourd and pumpkin centrepieces on wood tables to tie in autumnal details.

farm-burnt orange bridesmaid dresses

For beach weddings, burnt orange bridesmaid dresses will look stunning against the ocean blue backdrop. Add starfish, seashell and coral accents to complement the seaside theme. Just avoid pale pastel backdrops, which can make burnt orange look harsh.

Burnt orange can work for any season, but it will really stand out and feel special for autumnal celebrations. The hue evokes warmth, harvest and falling leaves.

Finding the Perfect Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

Now that you know how to style burnt orange bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, it’s time to find that perfect burnt orange hue and silhouette for your maids. Here are tips on searching for and selecting flattering burnt orange dresses:

finding the burnt orange bridesmaid dress

1.Fabric Considerations

The fabric of the burnt orange bridesmaid dress affects its overall look and formality. Matte chiffon has an airy, laidback aesthetic for outdoor weddings. Sleek crepe looks more elegant and modern. Satin provides a glamorous finish. Lace makes for ornate, vintage-inspired dresses. Select fabric based on your wedding’s style.

2.Test Swatches

If ordering dresses online, first request fabric swatches to see burnt orange shades in person. Colours can vary on different screens. Be sure the burnt orange flatters your maids’ skin tones. Place swatches near their faces to test.

3.Shop Early

Popular bridesmaid dress shades sell out quickly as the wedding season approaches. Shop for burnt orange dresses 6-9 months in advance to make sure you find the perfect options in stock.

4.Mix Styles

Consider mixing burnt orange dress styles to flatter each bridesmaid. An A-line works well on some figures while column styles suit others. Offer 2-3 burnt orange dress options for maids to pick from.

5.Read Reviews

Read reviews of bridesmaid dress brands carefully for sizing and quality notes. Some companies run small while others have quality control issues. Reviews provide insight before ordering.

6.Leave Time for Alterations

No matter how meticulously you measure, some alterations are often needed for the perfect bridesmaid dress fit. Leave room in the timeline and budget for tailoring.

Being strategic when dress shopping will help ensure you find beautiful, flattering burnt orange dresses for your whole wedding party. Trust the reviews and don’t rush the process.

Flattering Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

Burnt orange bridesmaid dresses can be glamorous, vintage, boho, elegant or modern depending on the fabric and silhouette you choose:

A-line chiffon dresses in burnt orange have a breezy, boho vibe perfect for outdoor weddings. The lightweight chiffon fabrication billows beautifully for dreamy dresses.

Ever Pretty UK, Sale Price: £49.99

For a sleek, modern look, slinky burnt orange dresses with minimalist lines and detailing will let the bold colour make the statement.

velvet bridesmaid dress

Birdygrey, Sale Price: $99

Form-fitting lace burnt orange dresses can provide a glamorous look. The ornate patterns of lace complement the burnt orange shade.

lace burnt orange bridesmaid dresses

Ever Pretty UK, Sale Price: £59.99

For a chic style, choose a spaghetti strap burnt orange dress. Sleek and shiny satin and a pleated, surplice bodice keep the look feminine and vintage.

satin spaghetti strap bridesmaid dress

Lulus, Sale Price: $76

Ruffled details give dimension and movement to burnt orange dresses. Cascading ruffles on skirts or fluttery cap sleeves soften the bold hue.

Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress with Lotus Leaf Hemline

Ever Pretty UK, Sale Price: £52.99

Off the shoulder and cold shoulder necklines complement burnt orange, showing off shoulders to balance the richer skirt shade. Strapless burnt orange dresses also have an elegant charm.

off the shoulder burnt orange bridesmaid dress

Ever Pretty UK, Sale Price: £52.99

cold shoulder burnt orange bridesmaid dress

David's Bridal, Sale Price: $152.96

strapless burnt orange bridesmaid dress

Ever Pretty UK, Sale Price: £59.99

Experiment with different bridesmaid dress silhouettes, necklines and fabric textures to give each maid a unique dress in the same burnt orange shade.

Style Tips(Accessories, Hair, Makeup and Shoes)

For Accessories:

When it comes to accessories, burnt orange pairs best with metallics like rose gold and copper. The metallic sheen helps make burnt orange shine even more. Here are some accessory ideas:

  • Rose gold shoes or jewellery
  • Copper belt, sash or hairpiece
  • Bronze makeup on eyes and cheeks

For makeup:

Have your bridesmaids wear their hair up to really showcase burnt orange dresses. The vibrant hue draws attention to their faces, so make sure makeup is glamorous and well-defined. Warm makeup shades like bronze, peach and brown eyeshadow will accent the burnt orange tone. Here are some makeup ideas:

  • Coppery bronzed cheeks
  • Peach or pale pink lips
  • Smoky brown eyeshadow
  • Defined brows
  • Lashes to make eyes pop

For shoes:

Consider ordering burnt orange shoes for your maids if you can find ones that properly match the dress hue. Be wary of orange clashing with orange. If you can't find perfect match burnt orange shoes, go with rose gold or metallic shoes instead. Nude shoes are also a safe bet that will allow the dresses to speak for themselves.

For hair:

  • Twists, braids, buns to show off dress
  • Curled and pinned upstyles
  • Bronze hairpins and clips

How to Style Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Season

Burnt orange bridesmaid dresses can work year-round with proper styling tailored to the season. Here’s how to style burnt orange dresses for spring, summer, fall and winter weddings:


For a spring wedding, pair lighter burnt orange shades with pastels. Think mustard orange rather than deep rust. Robin's egg blue, mint green and blush pink are pretty with burnt orange. Have maids carry bouquets of tulips, ranunculus, freesia or roses. Citrus accents will tie in the springtime feel.


Embrace bright, vibrant burnt orange hues for summer. Tangerine, coral and yellow create a tropical pairing. Add accents of palm leaves, pineapples and hibiscus flowers. More casual, lightweight burnt orange dresses suit the summer vibe. Have maids wear floral crowns in their hair.


Deeper, warmer burnt orange shades shine in autumn. Pair with evergreen, burgundy and blush tones. Transition to richer satins and velvets. Bring in autumn greenery like eucalyptus and oak leaves. Give bouquets a foraged look with wheat and berries for a fall harvest flair.


For winter weddings, make burnt orange dresses feel seasonal with faux fur shawls and wraps. Satin fabrics will add shine to dim mood lighting. Deeper auburns and rusty oranges pair beautifully with wintry whites and silvers. Add wintry floral details like amaryllis, ranunculus, anemones and sprigs of pine.

Incorporating Burnt Orange for Groomsmen

Burnt orange doesn't have to be reserved solely for the bridesmaids. Consider bringing in burnt orange hues for the groomsmen's attire as well. Here are some ideas:

  • Burnt orange ties and pocket squares
  • Burnt orange boutonnieres or floral corsages
  • Burnt orange suspenders or bow ties
  • Burnt orange socks
  • Custom converse sneakers in burnt orange hues

Burnt Orange for Groomsmen

Adding burnt orange groom accents helps tie the whole wedding party’s look together. It also enables great coordinated photos with the groomsmen and bridesmaids side by side. Just keep the burnt orange groom elements understated compared to the bridesmaids’ bold dresses.

Burnt Orange Wedding Decor Ideas

After selecting perfect burnt orange bridesmaid dresses, incorporate burnt orange throughout your wedding decor for a cohesive colour scheme:

  • Burnt orange napkins
  • Centerpieces with orange ranunculus, roses, dahlias or tulips
  • Burnt orange vases and votive candles
  • Pumpkins, gourds, oak leaves for autumnal touches
  • Burnt orange paper flowers as garland
  • Seashells, starfish and coral for beach themes
  • Burnt orange ribbons around chairs or tables
  • Burnt orange chairs sashes
  • Table runners in burnt orange hues
  • Burnt orange uplighting or string lights

burnt orange wedding decor

Keep decor simple and let the vibrant bridesmaid dresses be the focal point. Burnt orange flowers and textiles will tie everything together subtly. Use metallics like copper and rose gold for flatware, serving pieces and signage.

Burnt orange is such a fun, bold colour choice that works beautifully for modern weddings. With the right complementary colours and styling for the season, burnt orange bridesmaid dresses will ensure your wedding party looks fabulous. The striking shade is sure to wow your guests and photographs incredibly. So embrace this hot trend and give your bridesmaids an unforgettable burnt orange look.

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