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How To Plan a Christmas Wedding

When planning a Christmas wedding, the possibilities are endless. Whether you choose to embrace the winter season and make it a winter wonderland with white decorations, or want to go for a classic holiday feel with festive red and green colors, your big day is sure to be magical with Ever Pretty dresses collection.


Why You Should Consider A Christmas Wedding In 2023

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Christmas weddings offer an eccentric and magical setting that many couples may not get to experience with a typical wedding and beautiful costume. 2023 is the perfect year to plan your special day as you will be able to fully immerse yourselves in the joy and wonder of Christmas by decorating your venue with lights, tinsel and other festive decorations. Here are some Ever Pretty considerations on why you should plan a Christmas wedding in 2023:

  1. Christmas weddings are unique and memorable. A winter wedding is an ideal option for couples looking to create a unique and memorable experience that celebrates the winter season. Christmas weddings are truly magical, as the holiday season provides an incredibly romantic atmosphere for couples to say "I do." 
  2. They're perfect for couples who want a winter wedding but don't want to wait until the end of the year. Besides, it often offers a sense of romance and celebration that isn't found in any other season.
  3. With so much festive-themed decorations already available, you won't have to worry about spending extra on making your venue look extra special - simply let your creativity flow and you can create the ultimate Christmas atmosphere.
  4. Guests will love the festive atmosphere and all the Christmas cheer: Make sure to let your guests know about the Christmas theme in advance so they can plan accordingly for their outfits and gifts! Create custom invites that capture the essence of your vision – send out Santa-inspired cards that feature holly designs or gold snowflakes glimmering against velvety navy paper – any design element is possible!
  5. Having your ceremony in a church decorated for Christmas can create an especially memorable atmosphere. Your guests are also sure to love being surrounded by a warm, joyful atmosphere on such a special day!


6 Steps to Plan A Christmas Wedding

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When it comes to weddings and celebrations, there is nothing better than a Christmas wedding. Many couples choose to have their weddings at Christmas time because of the time of year, which is traditionally associated with love, family and affection. Have a look at the given steps that will help you plan your Christmas wedding ideas wonderfully:


1. Select A Right Date 

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Choosing a perfect wedding date is an important thing not only for you or for your entire family, but also for your guests who might have their commitments. Though you cannot please everyone, selecting the right wedding date is something that needs proper planning. 

Generally, early December dates will be a good choice and allow for the festive atmosphere, hence these dates tend to be a little busier. You need to know that the first few weekends of December month and even the last few days preferably December 28th - 31st are the busiest dates, for venues & wedding vendors both. So, ensure you check the venue if they are already booked or not.  


2. Send Out The Invitation In Advance

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Sending out save-the-dates at least six months in advance is a good idea. This can help you to make sure that your guests know when they are coming, and it gives you time to plan the event itself. If you are having a wedding in an outdoor area, then it is best to send out these invitations at least six months prior to the event itself so that everyone can make sure they can get there on time.


3. Choose A Theme And Color Scheme

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Since Christmas is associated with specific colors – red, green, gold – incorporate these into the details of your wedding day. If you want to create a beautiful Christmas themed wedding for your special day, decide what style you want to go. You can have a traditional one with classic reds and greens or go all-out on decorations like a wintry forest filled with sparkles and white trees.


4. Decorate Your Venue

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A festive vibe is the perfect way to set the tone for your Christmas wedding. The best way to do that? Decorate your venue with festive decorations - garlands, wreaths, poinsettias.

Garnishing your place with some festive touches will make it feel like Christmas has come to town. You can even use different types of garlands and wreaths to add variety to your decorating scheme.


5. Serve A Traditional Christmas Dish

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The traditional Christmas dinner is a staple at many Christmas weddings. For buffets, you can serve a variety of dishes that can be mixed and matched according to individual preferences. This will help keep guests happy and engaged throughout the meal while also allowing them to sample a wide range of flavors.

For traditional dinners, you can consider serving turkey (or ham), mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing (if applicable), cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie for dessert.


6. Choose Your Music Carefully

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Have a band or DJ playing holiday music throughout the night: To really make your wedding memorable, get creative by incorporating fun activities such as a hot cocoa bar during cocktail hour or having a DJ playing holiday music during dinner where everyone breaks out their best jingle bell moves! There are countless ways to spice up your wedding with just enough festive flair – it’s just about finding what works for you!


Well, there you have it. Everything you need to plan your Winter wedding decorations in these straightforward steps. It does involve quite a bit of work and planning, but if you're passionate about the Christmas season and want to take advantage of what it has to offer during this magical time of year, then throwing a Christmas wedding might be for you. Best of luck!

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