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Ever-Pretty's Black Friday Preparations: Unveiling Spectacular Deals and Discounts!

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As the festive season draws near, it's time to get your winter wardrobe ready for the grand celebrations. Ever-Pretty has already kicked off its Black Friday pre-sale extravaganza from October 21st to November 9th, offering a sneak peek into the upcoming spectacular deals and discounts.

In this blog, we'll take you through the exciting offers and promotions that you can expect during this pre-sale period, from elegant winter evening dresses to bridesmaid gowns, and even exclusive customer rewards.


1. Winter Evening Dress Specials

Winter Evening Dress Specials

Looking for the perfect dress to make a statement at those winter soirées? Ever-Pretty's Black Friday pre-sale brings you fantastic discounts on winter evening dresses. Purchase any 2 dresses and enjoy a 15% discount with the code "WEE15." But wait, there's more! If you decide to glam up your winter wardrobe with 4 dresses, you'll get an even more remarkable 20% off using the code "WEE20." Don't miss this opportunity to shine bright during the festive season while saving big.


2. Expanded Flash Sale Selection

Flash Sale

Flash sales are all the rage during the Black Friday season, and Ever-Pretty is no exception. With the pre-sale, the selection of flash sale dresses has been expanded to include 15-20 stunning styles. Whether you're seeking a classic, chic look or something more glamorous, you'll find the perfect outfit at unbeatable prices. Keep an eye on these flash sales to snag your favorite style before they're gone!


3. Bridesmaid Dress Promotion

Bridesmaid Dress Promotion

For those planning a wedding, Ever-Pretty has something special in store for you. During the pre-sale period, when you purchase bridesmaid dresses totaling £200 or more, you can enjoy a generous 20% discount by using the code "SES20." This means that you can dress your bridal party in style without breaking the bank, allowing you to allocate your budget to other aspects of your dream wedding.


4. Exclusive Customer Rewards

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Ever-Pretty values its customers, and during the Black Friday pre-sale, they're showing their appreciation in the form of exclusive rewards. Customers who place orders during the pre-sale period will receive a 5% off coupon, which can be used without any minimum spending requirement.

The best part? This coupon can be stacked with other discounts and promotions. Mark your calendars, as this incredible offer is only available on Black Friday (November 24th), giving you the opportunity to maximize your savings.


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Ever-Pretty's Black Friday pre-sale is the perfect opportunity to enhance your winter wardrobe, find the ideal bridesmaid dresses, or simply take advantage of exclusive rewards. With discounts on winter evening dresses, an expanded flash sale selection, and a generous offer for bridesmaid dresses, there's something for everyone. Plus, the 5% off coupon available exclusively on Black Friday allows you to save even more on your favorite fashion pieces.

Don't miss out on these amazing deals and prepare to shine during the upcoming holiday season. Shop smart, and make the most of Ever-Pretty's Black Friday pre-sale!

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