Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses from Real Weddings

How Real Brides Styled Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses for Their Weddings

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Burnt orange has become one of the hottest colours for bridesmaid dresses in recent years. This rich, warm hue adds a unique pop of colour that manages to be simultaneously sophisticated and fun. If you’re considering burnt orange for your bridesmaids, you’re not alone! This striking shade is having a major moment.

To showcase the versatility and beauty of burnt orange bridesmaid dresses, we’re sharing photos from real weddings of our customers. Keep reading to discover how real brides styled burnt orange dresses for their wedding parties across all seasons and dress styles.


  • The Colour Psychology Behind the Burnt Orange Trend
  • Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses from Our Real Customers
  • How to Style Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Conclusion

The Colour Psychology Behind the Burnt Orange Trend

Before we reveal the stunning real wedding photos, let’s examine what makes burnt orange such a fashionable bridesmaid dress choice.

Orange is often associated with energy, happiness and warmth. The burnt orange colour palette takes these qualities and tones them down into a more mellow, vintage aesthetic. It’s brighter than a neutral tone like blush but not as bold as a fire engine red. This allows burnt orange to act as a neutral that packs a punch.

Burnt orange adds a retro, 70’s inspired vibe to any wedding. It’s an alternative for brides who want to think outside the box of traditional pink or purple hues. Especially for autumn weddings, burnt orange bridesmaid dresses tie in seamlessly with the changing leaves and seasonal decor.

The shade is flattering on most skin tones, from light to dark complexions. Depending on the material and dress silhouette, burnt orange can take on an earthy,relaxed vibe or appear quite elegant and formal. It’s also a way for the bridesmaids to stand out without clashing with the bride’s white gown.

Overall, burnt orange hits the perfect balance between fashion-forward and timeless. It’s no wonder so many brides are drawn to its warm, inviting energy.

Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses from Our Real Customers

Now let’s look at how real customers have styled burnt orange bridesmaid dresses.

#1: Outdoor Garden Wedding Ceremony

First let's delve into the picturesque outdoor garden wedding of our lovely bride, Emily. She graced the occasion in a stunning see-through tulle gown, adorned with delicate appliques and featuring a flattering V-neckline.Outdoor Garden Wedding Ceremony

Emily's Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dress:

For her bridesmaids, Emily made a captivating choice by adorning them in our exquisite burnt orange chiffon bridesmaid dresses. These dresses boast:

  • Chic cold-shoulder design
  • Graceful side slit
  • Airy spaghetti straps
  • Sweeping floor-length silhouette

The bridesmaids effortlessly embodied modern elegance in these dresses, perfectly suited to the whimsical garden setting. The cold-shoulder design exuded sophistication, while the side slit added a touch of allure. The dainty spaghetti straps maintained an ethereal and relaxed vibe, aligning beautifully with the natural surroundings. Together, these dresses harmonized flawlessly with Emily's bridal ensemble, resulting in a truly enchanting bridal party.

Shop the Bridesmaids Look: Cold-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress with Side Slit in Burnt Orange

#2: Hotel Ballroom Wedding

The opulent ambiance of the hotel ballroom set the stage for Becky's unforgettable wedding day. She graced the occasion in a chic V-neck wedding dress, adorned with delicate flutter sleeves, perfectly complementing the ballroom's elegant color scheme, highlighted by an abundance of regal purple blooms in her bouquet.Hotel Ballroom Wedding

Photos by Boutiquefilms

Becky's Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dress:

Becky's bridesmaids donned our exquisite burnt orange tulle bridesmaid dresses, impeccably designed to match the grandeur of the ballroom. These dresses featured:

  • Illusion short tulle sleeves that added a touch of grace
  • Flattering empire waist that accentuated their figures
  • Deep V-neckline that exuded sophistication
  • Floor-length silhouette for an extra dash of glamour

To complete their ensemble, each bridesmaid wore burnt orange hair accessories, including a bridesmaid with short hair who elegantly pinned it near her ear. The eye-catching burnt orange shade beautifully contrasted with the ballroom's lavish decor, leaving a lasting impression on all in attendance.

Shop the Bridesmaids Look: Double V-Neck Bridesmaid Tulle Dress with Short Sleeve in Burnt Orange

#3: Rustic Autumn Wedding

In the heart of rustic elegance, the bride captivated all with her enchanting sweetheart, off-the-shoulder wedding dress, gracefully adorned with a long trailing train. The bouquet she held mirrored the wedding's rustic charm, predominantly featuring hues of warm, rustic oranges that seamlessly enhanced the overall theme.rustic autumn wedding

Her Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses:

For her bridal party, the bride made a captivating choice by selecting two distinct burnt orange bridesmaid dresses, one of which we've already introduced in Emily's outdoor garden wedding. The other dress featured:

  • Illusion short tulle sleeves that added a touch of delicate grace
  • An empire waist, accentuating the bridesmaids' figures with timeless elegance
  • A deep V-neckline, radiating sophistication
  • A sweeping floor-length silhouette, offering a dash of allure and style

The combination of these two dresses effortlessly embodied the essence of rustic charm, perfectly aligning with the wedding's theme. The burnt orange hue, echoing throughout the bridal party, beautifully complemented the bride's radiant vision.

Shop the Bridesmaids Look: 
Cold-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress with Side Slit in Burnt Orange
Sleeveless V-Neck Plain Chiffon Maxi Bridesmaid Dress in Burnt Orange

In addition to these enchanting real weddings we've explored, it's important to highlight the diverse range of styles and options we offer in our burnt orange bridesmaid dress collection. We understand that each wedding is unique and calls for a bridesmaid ensemble that perfectly complements its distinctive setting and ambiance.

For those dreamy beachfront weddings, we proudly present our boho-inspired burnt orange bridesmaid dresses. These dresses embody the carefree spirit of beachside celebrations, with flowing fabrics, relaxed silhouettes, and bohemian details that harmonize seamlessly with the sun, sand, and surf.

If you're planning a traditional church wedding, our lace-adorned burnt orange bridesmaid dresses are the epitome of elegance. The intricate lace patterns lend an air of grace and sophistication, perfectly suited to the solemnity and grandeur of a church ceremony.

How to Style Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

As you can see from these real weddings, burnt orange bridesmaid dresses offer incredible versatility. The colour adapts beautifully to any wedding style and season. Here are some top tips for styling burnt orange bridesmaid dresses:

  • For a romantic look, go for off-the-shoulder or wrap-style necklines. Pair with curled loose hairstyles and delicate jewelry.
  • Play up the retro vibe with daisy crowns or victory roll hairstyles. Add groovy cat-eye makeup.
  • For formal weddings, choose satin, taffeta or lace burnt orange dresses. Style hair in updos and wear bold chandelier earrings.
  • For beach, garden or park weddings, pick lightweight chiffon, crepe or mesh burnt orange dresses with straps. Add floral accessories.
  • In autumn and winter, pair burnt orange with mustard yellow or olive green for a fall colour palette.
  • For spring and summer, complement burnt orange with shades of pale blue, blush pink or sage green.

Finish the look with bouquets featuring the season’s flowers. Orange roses, red peonies, daisies and babies breath all pair nicely.

The options are endless when it comes to styling burnt orange bridesmaid dresses! They allow your bridesmaids to look and feel their best while bringing a fun pop of colour to your wedding photos.


Hopefully these real wedding photos have sparked inspiration on how to style burnt orange bridesmaid dresses. From rustic chic to classic elegance, this on-trend hue can be tailored to match any wedding.

Browse our handpicked collection of burnt orange bridesmaid dresses to find the perfect fit and style for your wedding party. We offer a variety of fabrics, lengths, silhouettes and sleeve styles. Our online boutique has hundreds of options at affordable prices.

For advice and recommendations tailored to your wedding, contact our stylists. We’re happy to assist with picking burnt orange dresses and colours for your vision.

Let the style inspiration from these real brides help you narrow down that perfect shade of burnt orange for your bridesmaids. The warmth and vibrancy of this colour makes for showstopping wedding photos they’ll cherish.

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