Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses for Autumn Wedding

The Rise of Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses: A Hot Trend for Autumn Weddings

Burgundy is set to be the hottest colour for bridesmaid dresses this autumn wedding season. After several years of pastels and blush tones dominating wedding colour palettes, the rich and regal hue of burgundy is making a comeback for 2023.


From deep plums to lighter reds, shades of burgundy are perfect for complementing the warm tones of fall and adding a sophisticated splash of colour to your wedding party.

Why Burgundy?

So why is burgundy having such a major bridal moment right now? The colour has a timelessly elegant appeal that fits beautifully with autumnal colour schemes. As Pantone declared "Viva Magenta" to be its 2023 Colour of the Year, rich jewel tones like burgundy are expected to be big next year. Burgundy is also a flattering colour on most skin tones, adding a pop of colour while still keeping the look classic. Brides are looking for bridesmaid dresses that are stylish yet timeless enough to look back on fondly in wedding photos for years to come. Burgundy achieves that brilliant balance, ensuring your bridesmaids look and feel amazing.

Burgundy stands out against the traditional sea of blue and pink bridesmaid dresses without being too bold or overwhelming. It has a vintage, romantic feeling that invokes the rich fall season. But burgundy also looks incredibly elegant and sophisticated when done right. From short burgundy dresses to formal floor-length burgundy gowns, it is a colour that can work for a wide range of wedding styles.

Perfect for Autumnal Weddings

While burgundy works year-round, it is particularly ideal for fall and winter weddings. Deep burgundy complements the warm autumnal tones of fall foliage, pumpkins, and seasonal flowers. Adding burgundy bridesmaid dresses brings a rich pop of colour and vibrancy to your wedding photos. It also pairs beautifully with metallic accents and details like gold and rose gold.

Burgundy bridesmaid dresses are a great way to infuse autumnal inspiration into your wedding day style. Whether you are having a rustic barn wedding, an elegant vineyard affair, or a cozy indoor wedding, burgundy can work with your fall wedding theme and colour palette. Looking for inspiration? Here are some gorgeous ways to incorporate burgundy into your autumn wedding:

  • Choose burgundy dresses for your bridesmaids and groomsmen to complement fall foliage or pops of burgundy in your floral arrangements. Burgundy ties and pocket squares can also complement the look.
  • Incorporate burgundy tones into your fall wedding palette alongside neutrals like cream, gold, and brown. Burgundy pairs gorgeously with hunter green for a rich fall colour scheme.
  • Accessorize with burgundy shoes, jewelry, hair pins, or other accents to tie bridesmaid dresses into the overall wedding style.
  • Use burgundy ribbons around floral arrangements, cascading down a wedding arch, or on pew ends at the ceremony.
  • Select burgundy roses, dahlias, or other seasonal blooms for bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Use burgundy linens, napkins, table runners, or chair sashes to bring the colour into your reception décor.
  • Incorporate burgundy candles or lanterns for a warm, welcoming glow at an autumn evening wedding.
  • For rustic weddings, lean into rich burgundy tones with touches like burgundy check patterns.

Burgundy Dress Styles for Bridesmaids(15 Dresses)

From sleek satin column dresses to ethereal chiffon gowns, burgundy bridesmaid dresses come in an array of gorgeous styles. Here are some of our favorite dress styles and silhouettes to consider:

1.Satin dresses: Stunning burgundy satin dresses have a luxurious, romantic vibe perfect for formal autumn weddings. Satin reflects light beautifully in photos for a rich, eye-catching effect. Opt for a long column silhouette or wrap dress style.

satin burgundy bridesmaid dress

2.Lace dresses: Lightweight burgundy lace dresses have a delicate, ornate appearance for a vintage bridesmaid look. Use lace panelling mixed with chiffon or crepe fabrics. Knee length, long sleeve lace styles are ideal for fall.

lace burgundy bridesmaid dresses

3.Chiffon dresses: Flowy chiffon burgundy dresses have an ethereal quality perfect for boho or rustic weddings. Go for an A-line shape or softly draped Grecian style. Add illusion details like sheer bell sleeves.

chiffon burgundy bridesmaid dresses

4.Velvet dresses: For black tie winter weddings, burgundy velvet dresses look utterly festive yet sophisticated. Try a fit and flare gown or A-line dress in plush velvet.

velvet burgundy bridesmaid dresses

5.Metallic accents: Dresses with hints of metallic, like burgundy with gold foil accents, rose gold beading, or bronze sequins, add glam and shine for evening weddings.

metallics burgundy bridesmaid dresses

When selecting the silhouette, consider the formality of your wedding and the individual body types of your bridesmaids. A-line and empire waist styles tend to be the most universally flattering. Mixing textures like lace and chiffon can also help cater to different style preferences within your bridal party.

Don't forget to think about sleeves and necklines as well! Off-the-shoulder and strapless burgundy dresses can be gorgeous for warm weather fall weddings. For colder months, long sleeves add a cozy and elegant vibe. Scoop, v-neck, and sweetheart necklines all pair beautifully with burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

The Little Details: Shoes, Jewellery & More

The little styling details like shoes, jewellery, and hair accessories help tie your whole autumn wedding look together. Here are some tips for accessorizing your burgundy maids:
  • Gold, bronze or rose gold shoes are perfect for pairing with burgundy. Metallic brings out burgundy's luxurious side.
  • Statement earrings in ruby, garnet, or pearl add elegance. Go for art deco inspired drops or clusters.
  • Wearing your hair down helps highlight jewel tone earrings. Soft curls or a low side chignon work beautifully.
  • Adorn updos with crystal or pearl hair pins for a subtle sparkle.
  • Look for necklaces and bracelets featuring rich gemstones like ruby, garnet, and amethyst.
  • Burgundy wedding clutches with metallic accents are a smart finishing touch.
Don't be afraid to get creative and really amplify the autumnal elegance with metallic shoes, bold gemstone jewellery, or hair adornments featuring pearls, feathers, or flowers. Those special touches make for unforgettable wedding photos.

How to Pick the Perfect Burgundy Shades

Burgundy is a versatile shade encompassing red, purple and brown undertones. The depth of tone ranges from vivid oxblood and wine colours to more muted raspberry and marsala hues. How do you select that perfect shade of burgundy for your bridesmaids? Here are some handy tips:

Base it on your overall wedding colour palette - if you want a bold punch of colour, go for jewel-toned plummy burgundies. For a softer effect, try dusky mauve-tinged burgundies.
  • Consider hair colour and skin tone - avoid going too bold on fair, rosy complexions. Deeper burgundy shades pair best with darker hair.
  • Look at the undertone - blues and cool purples in the burgundy will complement cool-toned brides, while warm brick reds flatter warmer skin.
  • Think about formality - bolder oxbloods for black-tie affairs, softer blush-infused burgundies for daytime.
  • Lighting is key - some hues will look stark and vivid in bright daylight but take on an elegant richness by candlelight.
Don't be afraid to request fabric swatches to view colours in person. And your bridesmaids can always customize their dresses with different burgundy shades if you want to give them flexibility. From dark plummy purples to lighter mauves, the array of burgundy tones means you can find that perfect, personalized shade for your wedding.

Burgundy Dresses for All Seasons

While there's no denying burgundy is made for autumn, brides getting married in other seasons can still hop on this hot trend. Lighter, brighter burgundies work beautifully for spring and summer weddings. Go for breathable chiffon fabrics, shorter hemlines, and sleeveless styles. For winter weddings, deepen the shades and embrace luxurious velvet or satin fabrics.

Burgundy also pairs gorgeously with other colours for different seasonal themes:
  • Spring: Soft pink, peach, mint green
  • Summer: Navy, sage green, coral
  • Autumn: Olive green, burnt orange, mustard yellow
  • Winter: Gold, silver, ivory, black
Regardless of your wedding season, burgundy dresses lend an elegant, timeless vibe while still feeling current and on-trend. The colour is extremely versatile, enabling you to customize shades and styles to match your wedding vision.


Burgundy has re-emerged in recent years to become a major player in the bridal fashion world, and we think it's only going to increase in popularity for 2023 weddings and beyond. As vintage elements and darker colour palettes continue trending, burgundy satisfies the bride who wants a timeless yet modern aesthetic for her big day. Rich, romantic, and elegant, burgundy encapsulates so many of the visual styles brides aspire to.

Beyond being utterly gorgeous, burgundy bridesmaid dresses are also more likely to be re-worn compared to lighter colours like powder blue. The versatility of the colour and ability to be dressed up or down makes burgundy bridesmaid dresses a wise long-term investment. Brides want their bridesmaids to feel their most beautiful without breaking the bank. Choosing burgundy dresses means your bridal party can re-style their look and wear it again for years to come.

So embrace the allure of bold burgundy bridesmaid dresses this wedding season! Burgundy brings drama and sophistication to autumnal weddings while suiting a wide range of styles. Your bridesmaids will look timelessly chic while infusing your big day with that perfect pop of rich, vibrant colour. Trust us, you will be seeing burgundy everywhere in 2023!

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