6 Tips On Choosing Rustic Bridesmaid Dresses

6 Tips On Choosing Rustic Bridesmaid Dresses

Just like fashion trends that are always changing, wedding trends are the same as well. If you have always dreamed of a wedding held in a farmhouse or a barn, and decorated with burlaps on the table, wooden boxes, chalkboard decor and twines tied to chairs, then you may want to consider a wedding held outdoor in a farm or in the barn. There is just something charming and cozy about farm weddings. Exchanging vows at these beautiful rustic surroundings can be a totally unique experience for you and your guests, not to mention a great Insta-worthy backdrop.

In this article:

  • Why Choose Rustic Wedding Theme?
  • Pick Bridesmaid Dresses That Match Your Venue
  • What Are The Things You Are Working With?
  • Light Fabric Dresses For Rustic Weddings
  • The Colors of Rustic Bridesmaid Dresses
  • The Perfect Footwear For Rustic Bridesmaids
  • How To Accessorize?

Why Choose Rustic Wedding Theme?

On your wedding day, the venue that you are choosing will have a huge impact on the day itself. If you are wondering if farmhouses or barns is the perfect space for you to exchange vows, then do read on for reasons that you should choose this venue.

  • Farms, ranches and barns exude a low-key and laid-back vibe. As wedding planning can be rather stress-inducing, many couples are getting hitched in these venues because of the atmosphere.  A relaxed ranch-style wedding helps to put everyone at ease.
  • Barns look breathtaking especially when they are decorated for weddings. They are full of character and charming on their own. Barns can be a blank canvas that work perfectly with any color palette, decors or theme. It offers a magical experience and it can be transformed into an unforgettable venue with the right whimsical decor.
  • There are many outdoor spaces such as the courtyard and the gardens that are ideal for drinks and photography sessions after the ceremony.
  • Barns have personality and each one is different. What makes them unique are the details, features and special touches.
  • Everyone is housed under one roof to celebrate the wedding due to its spaciousness.
  • No matter if it is a bright summer wedding or cozy winter wedding, the barn and its surrounding are fantastic for weddings all year round.

barn wedding

Fast becoming one of the most popular weddings style, rustic and ranch-style weddings offer the opportunity to have your wedding in a beautiful location and you can also put a special twist on your nuptial day. Choosing your bridal party's dresses is no exception. You have to find something that works with the venue and at the same time, also pleases your bridesmaids. No one wants unhappy bridesmaids who are fidgeting in their dresses. Read on to find the best tips on how to choose rustic bridesmaid dresses for your perfect rustic wedding theme.

Pick Bridesmaid Dresses That Match Your Venue

All brides want their bridesmaids’ dresses to look right at home at the wedding venue. The best way to do this is to choose colors that work with the decor of the rustic setting. Dark wood shades work best with earthy, warm colors. Paler colors can also work but they tend to look a little icy against the wood decor. Bright colors like reds and neon also look great on the ranch so you can consider them. Another thing to consider is how your bridesmaids' dresses will look in the photos. They can be rather different from how they look in person. One good way is to check out photos of other rustic wedding styles to get an idea on which color palettes work best.

What Are The Things You Are Working With?

In order to choose a bridesmaids dress, you need to think other aspects of your wedding into account such as your wedding dress. Always choose your wedding dress before you start shopping for your bridal party's dresses. When you know the shade and cut of your dress, you will be able to pick out your bridesmaid dresses more easily. You may want all dresses in similar neckline or something that compliments the bridesmaid dresses by having contrasting design. The season of your wedding is another important consideration. Rustic weddings are beautiful but they are cold/hot in the wedding as it takes place outdoor. Therefore you may want your bridesmaid dresses to accommodate this as well.

You can choose a more vibrant shades compared to a traditional wedding pastel or you can have your bridesmaids dress up in lively prints that will look great under the sun at a ranch wedding.  If prints are not your type, then perhaps having bridesmaids in color palettes that compliments one another is amazing. This lets your bridesmaids some freedom to wear a shade they prefer. 

wedding color

Light Fabric Dresses For Rustic Weddings

Dresses made with light fabric such as chiffon are usually more suitable for rustic weddings. This is due to the fact that weddings are held at the farmhouses or barns that are outdoors. Therefore, keeping the fabrics lightweight and breathable will be comfortable and cool for your bridal party. 

The Colors of Rustic Bridesmaid Dresses

You or your bridesmaids may want something on trend like nude color gowns but they are not suitable for every skin tones. Choose darker earth tones like brown, olive, ivory or beige.  In order to blend in the colors of a rustic setting, choose tones that matches like wedding burnt orange bridesmaid dresses. There is a huge number of choices when it comes to choosing the bridesmaid dress colors for rustic wedding setting. Let your bridal party stand out in gorgeous rustic bridesmaid dresses. There is definitely some rustic flair that fit into any bridal style.

burnt orange bridesmaid dress

The Perfect Footwear For Rustic Bridesmaids

Choosing the bridesmaid dresses does not end with the dresses. It is also important to pair a dress with a unique pair of shoes that can give an added fun twist to the look. You may get your bridal squad to wear boots to embrace the ranch vibe. Boots are more comfortable than heels. Shorter pair of boots look great with long dresses. Your bridesmaids will thank you for this.

How To Accessorize?

Small details like accessories can tie the wedding look together so it is important to give some thoughts to it. Jewelry in turquoise is apt for western fashion as it is a bold shade and works well in small accessories rather than as a dress color for bridesmaids. Turquoise can add a vibrant touch to the softer tones without being too overpowering.

Having flower garlands is another way to give nod to a natural rustic setting and the plus point is that they look simple amazing. Adding flower garlands will make them look more at home in your wedding photos.

flower farlands

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