The 10 Best Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses You Bridal Party Will Love

The 10 Best Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses You Bridal Party Will Love

For many, the shade orange is often associated with Halloween hence it is often classified as an autumnal color. When anyone think of the color orange, it is easy to imagine the bright colors of candy corn and pumpkin candy buckets of the Halloween. However, orange comes in dozens of shades such as rust, cinnamon, persimmon, burnt orange, peach, apricot, tangerine, coral and more. Orange can be vibrant and bright, pale pretty pastel shade or dark and moody. Wedding color trends come and go every season but there is one shade that is trending right and everyone is absolutely loving is none other than burnt orange. It is a shade that is lighter than tomato but darker than carrot.

This hue is a rich, deep, and warm shade that matches well with all the favorite fall neutrals such as camels, charcoals, khakis and they all all complemented the vibrancy of burnt orange. In the recent years when burnt orange was declared one of the trendiest colors of the season, it has liberated this shade past the spooky association. This stunning shade has been seeing a growth of over 90% since last year. Burnt orange is an incredible versatile color that fits seamlessly into any wardrobe and has translates well to winter too. As a matter of fact, burnt orange is a popular color for weddings no matter which season it is. This hue adds zest without overwhelming the decor.

For spring and summer, burnt orange exude warmth and its rosy vitality uplifts the daintiest pastels of spring and and the most saturated of summer shades. The best of all is that not only is burnt orange a versatile shade, it is an incredibly flattering one as well. If you are planning to have your bridal party in this warm citrus shade, they will undoubtedly be delighted as this shade is trendy and stylish. Did we mention that this shade is rich and has a luxe feel? Burnt orange bridesmaid dresses come in many different styles, including short and long dresses. They also come from different materials like satin or lace, cotton or silk fabric, also tulle or chiffon fabric. Wedding burnt orange bridesmaid dresses are a great neutral that bridesmaids can pair with any other color. They look gorgeous, youthful, and sophisticated.

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  • Short Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas For Your Wedding

Scroll down for some of the beautiful orange bridesmaid dresses in different styles for inspiration.

  • Short Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids who want something different from the usual often go for short burnt orange dresses. Depending on the length of the dress, mini or midi, they can pair the dress with flats or heels. The great thing about short bridesmaid dresses is that the length of the dress gives it more curves and shaping. This make the dress more sophisticated than the longer counterparts.

Short Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

  • Long Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

Long dresses are fabulous choices for the bridal party. Burnt orange dresses are a great way to add with traditioanl color palette. There is a wide selection of style and fabrics available for long bridesmaid dresses. You can find dresses in chiffon, tulle, silk, satin and lace. Long burnt orange bridesmaid dresses are ideal for brides who are looking for a little more formal ensemble.

Long Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses With Sleeves

Sleeved dresses are great for weddings because they add more drama and style to an otherwise plain outfit. Burnt orange dresses with sleeves can make any bridesmaid look more sophisticated. Dressing in sleeves is a great choice especially if the wedding is held during the colder months or outdoors as it offers more coverage. They also help to embrace a modest look so that your bridal party stay respectful yet stylish.

Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses With Sleeves

  • One Shoulder Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

A burnt orange bridesmaid dress in asymmetrical neckline like a one shoulder is perfect for any bridesmaid who wants to show off her individuality. The burnt orange bridesmaid dress highlights the beautiful curves and is very flattering. 

For example, if the wedding has a romantic and vintage theme, you might opt for a dress with lace detailing or a retro-inspired silhouette. If the wedding has a tropical beach theme, you could choose a flowing maxi dress in vibrant floral prints. Coordinating with the wedding's theme in a subtle and tasteful manner reflects your thoughtfulness as a guest.

One Shoulder Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

  • Burnt Orange Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Lace dresses add an eye-catching texture to any depth, unlike smooth fabric such as chiffon and satin. The gorgeous lace fabric comes in many different designs and it is highly versatile, timeless and great for any season. If you are looking for bridesmaid dresses that stand out from the rest, you may want to opt for burnt orange bridesmaid dresses adorned with beautiful lace. If you want a bridesmaid dress that feature subtle accent of lace, then this long burnt orange dress with lace on the chest is the right choice.

Burnt Orange Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

  • Chiffon Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

Chiffon is a popular fabric choice for dresses due to its beautiful drape and shimmery appearance. It has a beautiful drape and holds a bit of its own structure. This gives the fabric a nice character. A burnt orange chiffon bridesmaid dress displays the colors beautifully.

Chiffon Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

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