The Perfect Prom

The most important night of your high school career is just around the corner! Prom is the one night to celebrate a great year of high school with your friends and even romance a little bit with your date. When it comes to preparing for prom, the hype can be a little unnerving. Your friends talk about it everyday, discussing outfit themes, prom dresses, who they plan on going with, even down to the smallest details, like mani-pedi dates. The proposal? Hands down, the most vital start to your prom journey! You can’t go wrong with a perfect “promposal” if you plan it just right, with the right person in mind!

Unsure of where to start when thinking about prom? Does selecting your style, the perfect dress, a fashionable hairdo, transportation and everything else become overwhelming? Luckily, we have the answer! Choose from the top trending prom ideas to perfectly match your personality with Ever Pretty’s infographic, “The Perfect Prom!” Here you will find a variety of options to choose from, some fun ideas and helpful tips, all with Ever-Pretty’s signature touch of glamour. Shine brightly as you dance the night away with confidence, smile all night long, sharing the fun with friends as you end your high school career with a bang.

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