How To Identify And Dress For Your Body Type

Every woman deserves to find the perfect dress. But with so many styles and silhouettes to choose from, it’s not always clear which would best suit your unique shape. Luckily, some simple adjustments in details and silhouettes can take a look from just okay to red-carpet ready. Celebrate what makes you you and be ready for every occasion with a dress designed to flatter your body so that you look and feel amazing and one-of-a-kind.

Not sure where to start? We’re here to help! Here at Ever-Pretty, we know that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and on-trend, whether they’re going for a casual look or black-tie glam. Our collection of gorgeous and affordable dresses has you covered, with styles in every cut, color, and silhouette. Start off by identifying which category best describes your features, and let us handle the rest. With the right fit and style to suit your shape, you’ll be ready to rock the perfect look for any occasion.

From hourglass curves to athletic angles, every woman is beautiful in her own standout way. Accentuate and elevate your shape with an Ever-Pretty dress perfect for your features. Check out our handy shape guide below to find the styles that fit you best, then browse our incredible collection of dresses and separates to build a look that’s uniquely you.

Rectangle – Rectangular body shapes are defined by having a similar width for your bust, shoulders, and hips. Some people with rectangle body shapes may not have a defined waistline, but you can easily provide the illusion of one if you choose with the help of the right dress.

rectangle body typeHourglass – If your hip and bust are similar in measurement but your waist is strongly defined then you have an hourglass shape! Accentuate your waistline with dresses that hug your curves, or heighten the drama of your figure with a retro-inspired silhouette.

hourglass body type

Pear – If your hips are the widest part of your frame, you have a pear shape. Women with this body type tend to have narrower shoulders than hips, potentially with a smaller bust. Flaunt your curves and bring the eyeline to your upper half for a balanced and gorgeous finish.

pear body typeApple – Women with apple shapes usually have shoulders that are wider than their hips, sometimes with a less defined waist. Create a more emphasized waistline with dresses that flare outward, and fit closely to your upper body.

 apple body type

Once you determine which body type describes your shape best, it’s time to talk dresses! Flatter and highlight your unique figure with different cuts and styles. Whether you’re looking for a casual daytime sundress or a dramatic evening gown for your next big event, knowing which silhouettes will make you look and feel your absolute best is essential.

A-line and Fit-and-Flares - Dresses with a little bit of flare work for most body types, whether you’re apple- or rectangle-shaped and looking to create a more defined waistline, or if you have a more pear-shaped figure and want a cut that doesn’t fit closely to your lower half. A fit-and-flare cut can give the illusion of more dramatic curves for those with a rectangular figure, or draw attention to your waistline for an ultra-flattering finish for any body type.

 A-Line and Fit and Flare Dresses

Empire – Empire waistlines can be a perfect pick for both rectangle and pear shaped body types. The higher waistline lengthens your legs and draws attention upward to the bodice. For those with smaller busts, it’s an easy way to accentuate your upper half and bring more balance to your look.

 Empire waistline

Sheath - The next-to-skin style of a sheath dress is a dramatic and glamorous look, and is often perfectly suited for hourglass figures. Plus, the streamlined fit accentuates a narrow waist and allows you to show off your curves.

 sheath dress

Keep in mind that necklines also play a role in how a dress fits your shape – the shallower and wider the neckline, the more it will draw attention to your shoulders, versus a deep plunging V that brings attention to the center and toward your lower body. If you want to de-emphasize your shoulders, opt for something that softens your upper half, a delicate scoop neck. Can’t get enough of showing them off? Go for a strapless dress and bring all eyes to your neckline. Do what makes you happiest!

If you’re struggling to figure out what flatters your shape best, use this guide to find the ideal cut for your shape. No matter what style you choose, we know you’ll look and feel amazing. Celebrate what makes your body different and beautiful with a gorgeous and on-trend dress from Ever-Pretty, because you deserve to feel glamorous inside and out. Browse our incredible selection of dresses today to find a look that’s perfect for your one-of-a-kind glamour.