Decoding Laundry Symbols! Ever-Pretty's Laundry Care Guide

When you find an Ever-Pretty dress you love, we want you to keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible. Many of us have learned about the importance of taking proper care of our clothing the hard way. With Ever-Pretty's product care tips, you can ensure that your favorite frocks look great and stay in tip-top shape for many events to come. If you've ever tried to understand the laundry symbols on clothing, you have probably noticed that the laundry care guide on clothes is written in an entirely different language. When you're looking to take the best care of your precious pieces, the confusing labels can lead to misunderstanding, frustration, and potential harm to your dresses. Ever-Pretty is bringing you a simple translation of the laundry symbols you'll find on some of your favorite dresses. We hope that our laundry care guide will lead you to taking the best possible care of your gowns.

Ever-Pretty's Laundry Symbols Guide

The laundry symbol labels on your prized Ever-Pretty dresses are trying to tell you something, and we are here to help you make sense of what they're saying. Simply put, product care instructions are made up of two parts: symbols and codes.

The laundry symbols stand for wash (the tub), bleach (the triangle), tumble dry (the square with a circle inside), iron and dry clean (the circle with a P inside). Once you take a mental note of these five symbols, you're on your way to understanding how to give your dresses the TLC they need. With these symbols, come codes that tell you whether or not you should wash, bleach, hand wash, tumble dry, iron and dry clean your clothes and at what level or intensity. The codes and symbols stand for suggestions like "tumble dry low," "wash in warm water on permanent press cycle" or "do not iron." For example, if an Ever-Pretty chiffon dress like the One Shoulder Black Lace Chiffon Long Party Dress is part of your wardrobe, then the laundry symbols will probably lead you to gentle care methods to take care of the delicate fabric.

You may want to keep the following tips in mind when trying to read the laundry symbols on some of your favorite pieces:

  • When you see an "X" over any of the symbols, this means, "do not" bleach, iron, machine wash, dry clean or tumble dry your dress.
  • The dots on the laundry symbols refer to heat and how much heat you should use when washing your garments. The more dots you see, the more heat can be applied. For wash symbols you may also see a specific temperature, which represents the maximum temperature for washing that garment.
  • Bars refer to how delicate you need to be when washing your clothing. More bars mean your dresses need more gentle treatment.