The Ever-Pretty Color Guide - What Color Should I Wear?

The search for the perfect dress usually involves quite a few factors. From the right cut, neckline, length and color, there are many elements to consider while shopping. Choosing the perfect hue can get tricky, so Ever-Pretty is here with a color guide to help you select the ideal tone for your next event.

The "it" shades of each season may be seen all over the red carpet and the catwalk, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the hot shade of the moment will be the best choice for you. Finding "your color" usually depends on your skin tone, hair, and eye color. Many may find that they love a certain color, but every time they've tried to wear it, the tone seems to "flush" out their complexion instead of adding warmth. It's essential to find the color family that brightens up your face, and allows your features to shine. If the color you are wearing seems to be the focus of your look, then the tone is taking away from your features instead of complimenting them.

The Ever-Pretty color guide is designed to help you narrow down your color options while shopping for your dream dress. While choosing from Ever-Pretty's extensive selection of fashionable dresses, "what color should I wear?" will no longer be the question you get stuck on.

The Ever-Pretty Color Guide

Determining your skin tone is the first step to discovering the hue that's right for you. You can most likely define your skin tone as ivory, light, fair, dark or tan. However, have you considered your skin's undertones? Undertones means exactly what it sounds like. The tones underneath the surface of your skin are referred to undertones. Picking the right color for your complexion depends on whether you have cool, warm or neutral undertones. You might already be familiar with this concept when buying foundation or other make-up.

Keep it cool - If you have red, pink or blue undertones then your skin could be described as having "cool" undertones.

Warm it up - Yellow, golden and peach undertones put you in the "warm" category.

Stay Neutral - Do you have a mix of warm and cool undertones? Then, "neutral" best describes you.

Determine your skin tone with Ever-Pretty

A quick way to determine your skin's undertones is by paying attention to the after effects of sunbathing. When you forget your SPF armor, does your skin tend to burn and become red, or does it turn into a golden tan? If you tend to turn red after soaking up the sun, you can define your undertones as "cool." Warm undertones usually mean you tend to walk away with a golden glow.

Jewelry is also a great way to identify your skin tone. If silver jewelry tends to compliment your look, than you most likely have cool undertones. If gold is usually your accessory of choice, than warm undertones describe you best.

Now that you've determined your skin tone, the next step is choosing which hue is the best match for you.

Fashionistas with warm undertones should opt for warm shades that include peach, corals, orange, and red dresses with orange tints. These warm tones will accentuate your features and brighten you up. If you've got warm undertones a dress like the Long Evening Dress with Queen Anne Neckline will be an ideal choice for your next event. For a look that's a little less formal, opt for a stunning coral like the Sleeveless Lacey Sheath Cocktail Dress that is sure to suit your skin tone.

For cool-toned beauties, fresh pinks, blues, bluish greens, and purples are the perfect match. The cool tones will compliment your skin tone and give you a vibrant look for your next event. A lavender dress like the Glamorous Purple Double V-Neck Ruffles Padded Hi-low Party Dress is the perfect pick for cool undertones.

And if you have neutral undertones in your skin? We have good news! You have a wide selection of colors to choose from, as most will suit you. However, if you have a little more 'cool' in your neutral mix, or a touch extra 'warm' in the balance, that dominant skin tone will be the most stunning choice for you!