International Women’s Day 2020: Activities to Celebrate it

This coming March 8th women (and everyone in fact) celebrate International Women’s Day 2020 all around the world. Why? This special annual day is dedicated to honoring all women’s achievements all throughout history and all around the world. It´s a classical day in which women from a great variety of different cultures, societies and backgrounds unite together to fight for gender equality and, of course, women’s rights.

Women’s Day is all about flowers, chocolates and other types of gifts, but have you ever felt like really celebrating your day? After all, you’re a woman, and it’s your special day. Interested? This guide will give you some amazing ideas of ways in which you can celebrate your day, with women’s day activities for both day and night with your boyfriend, husband, or of course, friends!

Activities to Celebrate International Women’s Day 2020

As we mentioned above, choosing an activity you really enjoy is the best way to celebrate your life, your achievements and your pride for being a woman. Here’s a list of 6 different and unique activities you can engage in to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020.

  1. Go to the cinema: isn’t there a movie you’d really like to watch at the cinema? You can go with your partners or with friends, but bear in mind this: if no one wants to go, remember you can always go alone, after all, watching a movie is a not a chatting activity.
  1. Organize a women’s meeting at home: call all your beloved girlfriends and get together for tea or, why not, dinner! You can start organizing this in advance so that everyone saves the date. Don’t feel like cooking for everyone? You can order some food or better, you can ask each of your friends to bring something and you all share everything.
  1. Attend a wine tasting: wine lover? Why not attending a wine tasting? This sophisticated activity is always a good option if you like wine. You can enjoy tasting a variety of wines which are often accompanied by some delicious cheese or snacks. Call your partner of best friend and go ahead!
  1. Register at a spa hotel: call your friends to see who wants to join and book a night at a nice spa hotel. You will feel totally relaxed as they pamper you with some massages and beauty sessions. If you have a free day, this is absolutely a great option!
  1. Take a weekend trip: travelling is always an appealing activity to almost everyone. Having a free weekend and feeling like escaping the world? Call your partner-in-crime, choose a relaxing destination and make your bags!
  1. Dinner at a luxurious restaurant: have you ever seen a luxurious, eye-catchy restaurant while you’re walking down the street as you rush to a doctor’s appointment or to work? When you saw it, you probably though wow, I wish I could have dinner here! Well, good news, lady! You can. One dinner at an expensive restaurant will not break the bank, right? Go ahead and pamper yourself by making a reservation at that lovely place you’ve been wanting to go for a long time.

As you can see, there are many different, out-of-ordinary things you can do to celebrate your life as a woman. Whichever activity you choose; you need to dress to impress! But don’t panic, don’t get stressed: we’ve got it covered. Below you’ll find a list of 5 different dress ideas you can choose from depending on the type of activity you chose to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020. Go ahead and make your choice!

  1. Sexy Deep V-Neck Dress

Call the firefighters! This red mini dress will make you set everything on fire as you pass by! If you’re not shy and want to choose a bold design you can go for this killer design that screams confidence at all times. With a tailored deep V-neck and an asymmetrical petal skirt, this versatile dress will make your day whether you wear it on a date, a night out with friends or a cocktail at night.

responsive image demo
  1. Sexy V-Neck Floor-Length Dress

With a deep V-neckline and delicate thin straps this black sexy night dress is the perfect classical dress you’ll like to have in your closet. It features a delicate fishtail skirt and a ruching in the waist, both creating a silhouette-flattering effect. If you want to look sexy but maintain a classic look, this dress is for you to wear at any night activities you have!

responsive image demo
  1. Chic Ruffle Sleeve Cocktail Dress

This absolutely stunning A-line short dress features a deep V-neck, elegant ruffle sleeves, an elegant belt in the waist line and a flowy midi skirt that completely flatters your figure embracing your waist in a subtle way. The shimmery fabric catches everyone attention and makes it a good option both for day and night activities. Choose this gorgeous design for any formal occasions you have!

responsive image demo
  1. Elegant V-Neck Floral Print Maxi Dress

This floor-length V-neck floral print maxi dress is another excellent choice both for informal activities during the day as well as night. With a sweet, warm weather print, a vintage flair abound in this design. It has a concealed zipper up the back for you to put it on easier. Chose this dress for your lunch out or why not, a dinner with some friends!

responsive image demo
  1. Elegant Pleated Dress

This is the queen of pink elegant day dresses. Feminine and chic, this knee-length design features a vertical pleated bust and ¾ length sleeves, which makes it totally comfortable without losing style. Looking for a youthful vibe? Go for this amazing design which can be worn at the office or during any day-time activities you may chose.

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