All You Need to Know About Holly Willoughby’s This Morning Dress

Holly Willoughby’s This Morning Dress

Holly Willoughby is a popular television presenter and host of This Morning. Together with her co-host Phillip Schofield, Willoughby has presented This Morning since 2009 and won legions of fans around the world.

With her appealing personality and hilarious interactions with the guests and other team members, Holly has become a beloved TV personality. Her frankness, honesty, and genuine warmth have seen her win over fans for over a decade, with This Morning now one of the UK's highest-rating daytime television shows.

Holly Willoughby's Dress On A Recent Episode Of This Morning

We all know that Holly Willoughby always looks fantastic when presenting on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, and last week’s episode was no exception! Holly wore a stunning puff-shoulders midi dress in an eye-catching mist green shade.

Description Of The Dress

Holly’s sophisticated but elegant style is the perfect addition to her show wardrobe, and the colour brings an element of freshness and fun to the show. It's easy to see why fashion bloggers have gone wild for it! Join us as we break down all the details of Holly's latest outfit, from her hair and accessories to the fabulous designer dress itself. It’s sure to leave you inspired!

Color: This dress is a dream come true! The vibrant green mist color adds an elegant touch, while the hand-painted primula print adds a playful look.

Fabric: The Viscose/Rayon fabric is extremely soft and comfortable, allowing it to gracefully glide across the body.

Length: The midi-length hem perfectly frames the dress, providing an aesthetically pleasing shape. With this dress, she became the talk of the town. The fabric and pattern make this dress a definite wardrobe staple that was pleasing to the eye.

Why Did The Dress Stand Out And Was so Notable?

We were absolutely obsessed with Holly Willoughby’s outfit on this morning's episode of This Morning! Her gorgeous dress caught everyone's eye and we can't stop raving about it! The flowy floral design gave a refreshing summer look and featured a ruffled skirt that danced in the wind. The pastel green colors blended together perfectly and looked oh-so-stylish!

Even though the dress is casual and lightweight, the intricate design definitely gives off a powerful statement. We can't wait to dive deeper into the details of this beautiful ensemble. Get ready to take notes, because Holly Willoughby knows how to look great no matter the occasion.

Designer And Cost

The stunning Holly Willoughby recently appeared on an episode of This Morning and she looked nothing short of fabulous in a pretty mist green dress! The lovely A-line dress hugged her curves and accentuated her delicate figure in the most elegant way.

holly willoughby dresses worn on Feb 20th

The Green Jacquard Print Midi Dress was designed by LK Bennett London. The designer is known for creating dresses that flatter all body types. This stunning mid-length dress has a jacquard design on the bodice and a spot primula print on the skirt. It is also lined with a silky fabric for comfort. This dress is perfect for any occasion, from an evening dinner to a wedding.

LK Bennett London has put in attention to detail with this dress and it shows. The green color is refreshing and flattering. The quality of the fabric is superb and makes the dress look and feel luxurious. The cost of this exquisite dress is around £459. This is a great option if you're looking for a stylish, unique, and comfortable dress.

Reactions On Social Media

The dress was the talk of the town! There were countless comments, with people clamoring to get their hands on a similar piece! The mist green dress became an instant hit and was a great example of timeless elegance.

Her social media channel went wild when Holly appeared on This Morning wearing a gorgeous mist green dress! Reviews were highly positive, with people complimenting her about great fit and how beautiful the color was. There were some negative reviews, with some fans expressing dislike for the color and find it expensive. However, these critiques were overshadowed by the overwhelming appreciation for the outfit!


  • Best party or wedding dress
  • It's designed with soft fabric for higher comfort and quality material.
  • The spot primula print on the skirt flatter your curves


  • Color may look a little dull on certain skin tones
  • This style of dress will be too short especially for longer legs
  • A bit expensive

The positive comments indicate the dress has a sophisticated and attractive look, great for formal events such as weddings. People also expressed joy for Holly Willoughby’s comeback. Overall it is a good pick for an evening party or wedding.

Holly’s Fashion

  1. Holly Willoughby's fashion on This Morning is always stylish and fashionable. Her bright colors and intricate designs make her stand out amongst the rest. Every look she wears is unique, combining classic silhouettes with bold, contemporary trends. From sophisticated jumpsuits to beautiful dresses, she knows exactly how to show her best assets in each outfit. Her vibrant and tasteful style is sure to brighten up any room!

Her fashion choices have come a long way since she started in television. Over time, Holly’s signature look has gone from classic to boho chic and playful, incorporating colorful prints and soft textures. Nowadays, she can be seen experimenting with more edgy, contemporary looks as well, always keeping her classic charm.

Throughout years of presenting This Morning, Holly has continuously wowed us with her sense of fashion and the fact that she loves to play with styles, from classic and elegant looks to fun, modern pieces. No matter what she wears, we can't help but admire her inspiring wardrobe choices! From its mist green color and pleating at bust, to its striking puff shoulders, this dress was a beautiful reflection of Holly's chic, feminine style. Her trademark figure-hugging fit made sure she oozed confidence and looked absolutely stunning.

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