1. Once your order has been shipped, we will not be able to cancel it.
2. Orders are shipped within 24 hours upon confirmation.

1. A full refund will be processed for defective, damaged, or mis-shipped orders.
2. “Proof of Damage” must be provided to validate the refund.

Finished gowns may vary by approximately one inch in either direction of specific measurement.

1. Different computer screens may alter the color of the pictures shown on our website, this does not mean the dress is defective or mis-shipped.
2. If you are positive the dress received is the wrong color, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible.

1. Most of our dresses are hand-crafted, situations like thread residue and folds after long-term international delivery as well as slight mark left by water erasable pen may not be verified as quality issues.
Thread Residue: use a pair of scissors to cut the threads.-Folds: iron the folded fabrics; for clothings that come with beading, embroidery or other embellishment please iron the dress inside out.-Slight marks: most of the marks are left by water erasable pen from the dress maker when cutting the fabric. Please rinse and gently rub the marked area, it should then be removed from the fabric.

Thank you