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30+ Father's Day Gifts & Present Ideas to Make Dad's Day in 2024

Father's Day 2024 is just around the corner, and you know what that means - it's a day to show our fathers how much we love them and how much they mean to us. What gift to choose? They often claim they don't want anything or that they already have everything they need. Keep reading this article to get some inspiration. We also wrote an article about Father's Day Message ideas, if you're interested, you can check here.

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  • When is Father's Day 2024?

When is Father's Day 2024?

Father's Day in 2024 falls on Sunday, June 16th. Plan something awesome gifts for your beloved dad now!

16th June

First, Who Is This Gift For?

Before we talk about specific gifts, let's figure out who you're shopping for. The perfect gift may depend on whether it's for a new dad, a beloved grandpa, an awe-inspiring stepdad, or that classic father figure you'll never forget. Here are some ideas based on fathers:

First Father's Day Gifts

If this is his first Father's Day as a new dad, make it extra memorable with:

  • A personalized dad &baby matching outfit set
  • A dad-themed bobblehead with the baby's birthdate
  • A daddy diaper bag fully stocked with new dad essentials
new dad

Father's Day for Grandad

Grandpas love gifts focused on family. Consider:

  • A custom etchedfamily tree picture frame
  • A grandparents' brag book to showcase pics of the grandkids
  • A personalized outdoor glass ornament with grandkids' names

Gifts for Step Dads

Celebrate the bond with a thoughtful gift like:

  • A personalized stein or pint glass with a touching message
  • A grilling spatula or BBQ tool set with his name engraved
  • A classy pocket watch or money clip engraved with a meaningful date
step dad

Gifts for Classic Dads

For the dad who has everything, go with classic ideas he'll actually use:

  • A premium tool set or power tool upgrade for his workshop
  • A high-end outdoor grill set or smoker
  • A solo stove or backyard firepit for making memories
classic dad

What Kind of Gift Do You Want to Buy?

If you have a kind of gift in mind, it can help you do the shopping easier:

Simple Father's Day Gift

Not every dad wants or needs some wildly extravagant gift situation. Sometimes simple is the move: 

  • A new wallet and money clip set
  • A soft,plush robe to relax in
  • His favorite snacks or a gourmet food basket

Unique Father's Day Gift

On the flip side, maybe you want to go totally off the beaten path with a unique gift he'd never think to buy himself.

  • A personalized, 3D-printed selfie sculpture
  • A monthly craft beer club subscription box
  • Sports tickets or a portable radio to take anywhere
beer subscription box

Personalized Father's Day Gift

You know what makes a gift instantly 100x more awesome and meaningful? When it's completely personalized and one-of-a-kind.

  • A custom photo blanket showcasing kids/family pics
  • A soundwave art print visually depicting a recording of your voice
  • personalized golf ball

Cool Father's Day Gift

Does your old man fancy himself a pretty modern, hip and on-trend kind of guy? Then: 

  • A high-tech grill or smoker with wifi/app capabilities
  • Wireless headphones or portable speaker
  • A GoPro camera or drone for adventuring

Meaningful Father's Day Gift

You know what makes a gift instantly 100x more awesome and meaningful?

  • A charitable gift made in his name to an organization he cares about
  • A photo book highlighting cherished family memories
  • A customized birthstone necklace/ring with kids' birthstones

Funny Father's Day Gift

Dads are notorious for their epically terrible, cringeworthy jokes. Why not fully lean into that with a hilarious gag gift that'll have him laughing till he cries?

  • A gag gift like dad joke popsicle sticks or dad pun socks
  • A tacky yet hilarious "Dad" tie or polo shirt
  • A toilet golf game to poke fun at his obsession with the sport

Sentimental Father's Day Gift

Of course, even the toughest, most macho dads have major soft sides that they constantly deny (we see right through you, old man!).

  • A hand stamped keychain with a meaningful message
  • A DIY craft like a framed tie applique
  • A custom-made kids' handprint/footprint art piece

    Happy Father's Day 2024!

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    And here in Pakistan, we wait for Eid to hug our father.

    And here in Pakistan, we wait for Eid to hug our father.

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