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What Dress to Wear to Wedding to Flatter a Tummy?

Sometimes I find that women who already have a gorgeous figure are still looking for dresses to hide their tummy. Children have tummies. But I understand that everyone wants to look perfect for a special occasion and some pregant women may want to draw less attention to their tummies. If you really want to cover your tummy and are having a hard time finding the right dress, here are some tips and dress styles that I hope will be a solution.

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Best Dress Styles that Flatter a Tummy:

  • Empire Waist Dresses

1. Empire Waist Dresses

Why Empire Waist is Flattering

Empire waist dresses have a high waistline that usually hits just below the breasts or a little lower. This style is perfect for drawing attention away from the tummy and elongating your figure.

empire waist midi dress from ever-pretty

Tips for Choosing Empire Waist Dresses

An empire waist dress can also be frumpy. To avoid this, it is important to find the right fit. Find a dress that cinches in snugly just below the bust, but not too tight around the midsection. Consider an elastic waist for adjustability. Fabric is also key; opt for chiffon, jersey, or crepe that will drape nicely over you.

2. A-Line Dresses

Benefits of the A-Line Silhouette

An A-line dress is universally flattering and can help conceal a larger midsection. This silhouette does wonders in balancing out proportions and disguising any tummy concerns.

sleeveless a-line maxi dress

How to Accessorize A-Line Dresses

A statement belt can help define your shape, creating a flattering hourglass silhouette. Look for wider belts that cinch in at the smallest part of your waist. You can also draw attention upwards by a statement necklace or embellished collar. This can help shift the focus away from your midsection and highlight your beautiful features.

3. Wrap Dresses

The Versatility of Wrap Dresses

Wrap or faux-wrap dresses are incredibly versatile and can be adjusted to fit perfectly. The wrap or faux-wrap style creates a natural V-neckline, which is flattering for all body types,sizes and helps to elongate the torso.

faux-wrap lace dress

Best Wrap Dress Styles for Weddings

For an upcoming wedding, choose a wrap dress in a luxurious fabric like silk or satin. Long sleeve maxi styles with subtle patterns or solid colours are also great as they provide more coverage and complement most complexion.

4. Peplum Dresses

How Peplum Styles Conceal the Tummy

Peplum dresses have an extra frill or layer of fabric around the waist, which can effectively minimize the waist and accentuate your hips. The point is to make sure the peplum top begins at the right waist region.


Choosing the Right Peplum Dress for Formal Occasions

Opt for a peplum dress in a rich color or with delicate lace details for a wedding. Keep the rest of your look simple to let the peplum be the focal point. The design is playful yet elegant in itself.

5. Shift Dresses

The Simplicity and Charm of Shift Dresses

Shift dresses are straight and loose-fitting, making them ideal for effortless vibe. Their simplicity makes them a versatile choice for various wedding settings.

striped midi shift dress

Perfect Shift Dress Materials and Cuts

Select shift dresses made from structured fabrics like cotton blends or light wool. These materials hold their shape well and provide a clean, polished look.

6. Dresses with Ruching

How Ruching Works Wonders for the Midsection

Ruching is a fabric-gathering technique that can camouflage a tummy by creating texture and depth. It distracts the eye and smooths out the silhouette.

Lipsy Floral Midi Ruched Dress

Picking the Right Amount of Ruching

Look for dresses with ruching along the sides or across the midsection. Avoid excessive ruching, which can add bulk instead of slimming.

7. Dresses with Patterns and Prints

Utilizing Patterns to Distract and Flatter

Patterns can be a great tool for minimizing the appearance of a tummy. Opt for prints that are evenly distributed and not too large.

Best Prints for Minimizing the Tummy Area

Florals, polka dots, and abstract prints are excellent choices. They create a visually busy look that can help to disguise problem areas.

Additional Tips for Hiding the Tummy

  • Shapewear: If you're not opposed to shape wear, try it. Shape wear offers support and smoothness, giving you a sleeker appearance.
  • Clutch Bag: A clutch bag might not be the most practical for everyday use, but it's a lifesaver for special occasions like weddings photo shoots. Plus, strategically holding it can draw attention away from the tummy.
  • Tuck in Your Tailbone: This one's a sneaky trick for photos. Just subtly tuck your tailbone in for a moment, and voila! It can make a noticeable difference in how your midsection looks.

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