International Women’s Day Event

Here at Ever-Pretty, we’re the biggest cheerleaders for strong, confident women (like our founder & CEO, Anna Shi!) and want to do everything we can to help women look and feel their absolute best. That’s why it was such a blast to host an event this International Women’s Day to celebrate and salute women at our headquarters in Irvine!

On March 8, 2017, we were lucky to host some amazing attendees, including some Orange County influencers like According to Kimberly, Alexa Mae, Cassie Diamond, Living Out Loud LA, Gold Dust and Sugar Lust, Jen Hayden, Paige Lorentzen, Feast Fashion Faves, Fashion by Vicky, Chic Serendipity, and more. The whole day was gorgeous: we had fairy lights sparkling overhead and some incredible food (citrus chicken, truffle mac and cheese…we could keep going), as well as our own signature twist on a classic Cosmopolitan – yum!

Across the way, we had tons of sample dresses in every size, cut, and style as well as some fitting rooms so our guests could try on anything and everything they wanted to. And of course, after our attendees found their absolute perfect dress, we had them head over to our official Ever-Pretty red carpet to take some official event photos with our professional photographer! Our guests were sent home with their favorite one and we were so excited to help them find something they loved that was as unique and stylish as them. With everything from bold florals, totally on-trend crop top and skirt combos, and glittering sequined minis (like the one our CEO Anna stunned in), each of our fabulous attendees found something glamorous and perfectly suited for their one-of-a-kind style.

At Ever-Pretty, we’re on a mission to help every woman find the perfect dresses for her unique taste. Every woman isdifferent, and that’s what we love. That’s why we always have such a wide range of cuts, colors, and patterns for our customers to choose from. It was so fun watching this crowd of gorgeous and inspiring women try on and totally rock some of our favorite dresses from our collection while coming together for a truly magical day. We couldn’t believe what an amazing turnout it was, and loved having the opportunity to celebrate and give back to some of the incredible women in our community. Happy International Women’s Day to all and here’s to a lovely, glamorous, and fun-filled day made possible by our fashionable and talented attendees! 






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