5 Best Bridal Makeup Looks for Every Bridal Style

Mere booking an appointment to an expensive makeup artist is not enough that you will get a perfect look which you might have dreamt of. But you need to work on every detail that which colors suits you or what is the color of your dress and you have to go for the right makeup. Do you like a matte look or a shimmery face is attracting you? You need to know which type of look you want on this special day so that you may not regret seeing your pictures and having the wrong makeup look. So, instead of just deciding it by seeing on a magazine and imaging that it might suit you as well, it is recommended to give keen look to what suits you and which type of wedding makeup looks you want.

5 Best bridal makeup looks

As there are lots of styles in dresses in the market which may confuse you that which style may suit you and you have to put a lot of effort in choosing the perfect one. Same is the case with the makeup as there are lots of looks you can have for example, a subtle look, a bold look or a shimmery face etc. So, instead of just throwing the whole game in the hands of makeup artist that in whichever way he/she will represent you. You must have something in your mind when you visit there so that you won’t feel embarrassed on your event. Here are 5 best bridal makeup looks which are quite trendy this year 2020 and you will look different in it. Let’s have a look.

1. Natural look

Natural look

If you want to have a natural look on this big day then you need to keep few things in your mind. Well, you can’t go there without applying anything at all as it will make you look quite dull. There are certain ways in which you can have a natural look or you can also play with different colors as well.

  • Choose flawless foundation

To have a natural look on your wedding you need to ally loads of flawless foundation, which suits to your skin tone. In this way it will look like as if the glow is coming from inside and give you a blushing look.

  • Have fun with the lashes

If you don’t want to wear extra lashes then apply mascara on your lashes to have a natural look. Your eyes will stand out in a dramatic way and you will have a nice look.

2. Brown tone looks

Brown tone looks

If you like sophisticated looks on your wedding then go for the brown tone in your makeup. It will give you a different look but keep in mind that you will have a sober look in it. So keep it light shade because if the shade is too dark then it will make your look quite older.

  • Shimmer eye shadow

A shimmery gold eye shadow with brown corners will look fabulous and you can choose highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes as well. In this way your eyes will look fresh and pretty.

  • Matte look

You can choose a matte lipstick in light brown shade or you can contour your face as well. It will give you a subtle look but avoid overdoing it as it will look odd.

3. Pink tone looks

Pink tone looks

There is another look which is quite alluring and gives you a cute look. Try not to go for the darker tone lips and the eyes at the same time, as it will make you look quite awkward and also keep in mind the color of your dress as well.

  • Blush yourself

If you want to blush on your wedding so as to have a different look in an event, and then choose to apply light pink tone on your cheeks or you can apply gloss on your lips to have a sexy look.

  • Darker tones

If you like a girlish look on your wedding then you can apply dark pink lipstick but try not to apply too much eye shadow with this tone. But you can apply winged eyeliner so as to enhance your eyes.

4. Bold lips look

Bold lips look

If you love to enhance your lips on your wedding then you should go for the bold lipstick shade. Well, you must be thinking that this style is too old but to be very honest it is never out-of-fashion. You can have a tremendous look I it.

  • Choose red shade

As there are lots of shades in dark colors lipsticks but where red color stands no other shade can take its place. Whether you have a matte look or a glossy lips is your choice red lipstick will be the best and either you are wearing white or ivory on your wedding red lipstick will give your lips a bold look.

  • Subtle look

In order to keep the focus on the lips you need to give your skin a matte look and if you structure your brows then it will complete your look as well. If you use bronzed tone on your skin and eyes then it will carve out the shape of your lips.

5. Enhance your eyes

Enhance your eyes

If you want a look in which you can enhance your eyes then go for the dark shades on your eyes. You can use winged eyeliner and lashes extension as well. In this way your eyes will look bigger.

  • Pop highlighter

 The bride’s features will be defined softly if you pop some highlighter underneath your brows and on the apples of your cheek. It will give you a shimmery look.

  • Matte lips

When you are enhancing your eyes then it is better to keep your lipstick shade light in color so that you won’t look aggressive. Try nude lipstick with it to have a nice look.

What kind of theme do they suit?

Pick out the wedding theme and you can choose the styles accordingly. In this way you can present yourself in a better way. Here are some suggestions in related to themes and if you choose your makeup look accordingly then you will not look odd on this special event.

Romantic look:  If you want a romantic look then try soft look and flowers all around. Try not to put too much makeup lie bold lipsticks or dark eye shadows. Go for light colors like light pink or light purple etc. you can also enhance your eyelashes or your eyebrows as well.

Vintage look: If your choice is vintage style then go for matte eye shadow, winged eyeliner and bold lips, and you can choose antique looking décor as well.

Vibrant look: If you like outdoor wedding then with the green grass and flowers around go for the light makeup look, you can also use vibrant colors as well such as pink or red in your lipstick shade. You can also put shimmer on your cheeks to have an appropriate look.

Make a color scheme: If you have in your mind that what the bridesmaid will wear and which colors they will use in makeup then it will help you in selecting the right color as well for example if they are wearing light lipstick then you must go for dark shade so as to look prominent. Take a look which color the groom is going to wear and you can wear makeup or your eye color accordingly.

To sum up, instead of just focusing on the dress or accessory you must focus that which suits you. Don’t forget the color of your dress and the theme of your wedding and do the makeup accordingly so that you won’t look awkward.

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